The Weekend Edition Oh What A Beautiful Morning Edition

Five shutouts. Five one run games. Two blowouts. Back to reality in the AL East. Utopia in the AL Central. Oh what a beautiful morning.

Brewers 7 Cubs 0

The Brew Crew have won seven straight are in a virtual tie with the Cubbies in the NL Central. Looks like the shutout may have been on the shaky side as the Brewers need six pitchers to complete it while allowing seven hits and four walks and only striking out five. Braun goes yard.

Angels 8 Orioles 3

Mr. Trout goes yard. Chris Davis hits his fourth. It wasn’t that long ago that he broke his season opening hitless streak was it? Has he morphed back into the Chris Davis that got the gamungous contract?

Blue Jays 4 White Sox 3

The Jays take the lead in the first, score what turns out to be the winning run in the second and are done scoring for the rest of the game. Looks like Vlad Jr is struggling. He goes 0 for 4 and his to date average falls to .146 with a OPS of .393.

Red Sox 14 Mariners 1

Back to pre season expectations for both teams. The Red Sox climb one over 500 while the Mariners fall one under. The Mariners did get eight hits but were one for eight with runners in scoring position while the Red Sox went seven for sixteen. Reality bites.

Yankees 4 Rays 3

The win brings the Yankees within half a game of the Rays. The Rays out hit the Yankees eight to seven and go yard twice while keeping Yankee hitters in the yard for the entire game. But the Yankees win it with an unearned run. Disgusting.

Mets 11 Marlins 2

The Marlins get ten hits but none of them are homers. The Mets get fifteen hits and three of them are homers. The Marlins starter Lopez gave up ten runs, eight of them in the first, and all three of those homers. The Marlins need to sign Dallas Keuchel.

Twins 6 Tigers 0

Twins catcher Mitch Garver, having a breakout year hits his eight dinger of the season, as does Sexy Maxie. Jake Ordorizi, last weeks AL player of the week, throws seven scoreless as the Twins roll on.  This is no lucky hot streak folks. The Twins are top five in a bunch of stuff like team ERA, team OPS, run differential, etc.. My apologies to Historio and Sparty for Buxton stealing that double in the first. If he brought any pot back from Toronto I’ll suggest that he share it with whichever one of your guys who’ve I never heard of that hit it.

Twins double header today!

Astros 3 Rangers 0

The Astros score three runs on three home runs. Verlander throws seven scoreless allowing only one hit while fanning eight. The Stro’s are good.

Royals 5 Phillies 1

Did you know that the Royals run differential (minus eight) is better than the Indians (minus ten). The Royals starter must have done pretty good. Let’s see, well not that good. Four hits, three walks, one run, only five innings. The Royals Gordon goes yard twice.

Pirates 2 Cardinals 1

Nineteen hits and only three runs? Well only three walks so I guess. The Cardinals Wainwright goes seven only allowing one run. The Pirates Williams goes seven only allowing one run on nine hits. How did that happen? Oh yeah – no homers.

Rockies 12 Padres 2

The Rockies right fielder Blackmon went three for three with two walks and scored three runs. That’s a nice evening. As you might guess the Padre starter got killed – three innings – eight runs. You gotta feel for the young man so I won’t name him.

Athletics 4 Indians 3 (12 innings)

What a wonderful game. Not only do the Indians lose they lose in an extra inning walk off. Not only do they lose, they have to use eight pitchers. Did you know that if the Indians wins / loss percentage matched their runs allowed / runs scored percentage their record would be 17 – 20 instead of 20 – 17 and they would be in third place in the AL Central (behind the Royals if their record also matched their run differential!) and would be 7 1/2 behind the Twins instead of 4 1/2? If anyone’s been lucky so far this year in the AL Central it’s been the Indians.

Braves 2 Diamondbacks 1

Very good game by the Braves staff. Teheran allows just one over six and the bullpen takes the last three only allowing one hit. Zack Greinke only allows one over seven but his bullpen coughs up the winning run.

Dodgers 5 Nationals 0

Maeda was good for the Dodgers – six scoreless. The Nats Sanchez – not so much – 4.1 innings – three runs.

Reds 7 Giants 0

Another shutout. The Reds Castillo throws six scoreless even though he walked five guys. Tch Tch.

Have a wonderful weekend.


2 thoughts on “The Weekend Edition Oh What A Beautiful Morning Edition

  1. Feesh lost again to the Mutts tonight, 4-1, and are now 10-29 and one game away from being twenty under the you-know-what before the middle of May. This team could lose 120 games. I wish Beep Beep luck reconstituting the fan base when this unwakeupfromable nightmare finally ends, if it ever does.


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