The Weekend Edition Please Don’t Wake Me Up Edition

As I finish this up the Twins are up 7 -3 going into the bottom of the ninth in Yankee stadium, proving that last nights game was nothing more than the futile last gasp of the Damn Dirty Gods because the Twins are the best baseball team on the planet, perhaps even the galaxy. Don’t believe me? Just keep watching

First Yankee hitter out on three pitches

Second Yankee hitter out two pitches

Yankees down to their last strike

The Borg have been neutralized

Here’s the replay

Cubs 4 Cardinals 0

Kyle Hendricks pitches a complete game shutout, only needing 81 pitches. No walks, only four hits, but only three strikeouts. Go figure.

Athletics 14 Pirates 1

Well Pirates fans it must have been at least numbingly boring for you. The Pirates start out by taking the lead in the first and are down by 10 by the end of the fourth.

Yankees 6 Twins 3

I don’t care. The Twins just took a 2 run lead over the Borg and I’m going back to sleep.

Rays 7 Orioles 0

The Rays got some serious pitching going on. Glasnow goes seven, the Rays need just one reliever to finish it up. Game totals – five hits, zero walks, ten K’s. Why is the smartest teams in baseball the poorest one?

Phillies 4 Nationals 2

Looks like Ryan Hoskins was the hero here with a three run homer in the sixth.

Braves 7 Marlins 2

The Marlins are on pace to lose 115. I wonder what the record is. 7,198 Marlins fans pay good money to watch the Braves.

Giants 12 Reds 11 (11 innings)

Unlike Pirates fans Reds fans have to be tortured by this one because how could they look away. The Reds are up by eight at the end of the third against a sub five hundred team and wind up losing in eleven, in front of their home town fans. Twenty one walks, twenty six hits.

Indians 2 Mariners 1

The Damn Indians only get four hits but walk it off in the bottom of the ninth. The Mariners get eight hits but only one run. The Mariners should file a complaint.

Tigers 4 Royals 3

Looks like the Tigers got something in Matt (sparty, historio that is his first name isn’t it?)  Boyd. Seven innings, two runs, nine Ks. I see Cabrera went three for four. I hope Tiger fans enjoyed that. The Royals make a valiant come back but fall one short in the ninth. Looks like it was a very nice game between are Central division friends.

Blue Jays 1 Rangers 0 (12 innings)

One – nuttin – twelve innings?! No walks by either team in twelve innings. But how do the Jays only get one run on eleven hits? Looks like Drury was the hero going two for five and scoring the only run.

Red Sox 6 White Sox 1

Maybe Chris Sale has found it. Six scoreless, ten K’s.

Brewers 3 Mets 1

Good game for Ryan Braun – three for four, homer, two RBI’s Keep it up Brew Crew. If you can get there you know it will be a Greyhound world series.

Diamondbacks 10 Rockies 9

T Anderson – the Rockies starter has an ERA of 11.76 which might explain some of this. A back and forth slugfest. The Rockies rally for three in the ninth but come up one short. Misery needs company Royals fans.

Dodgers 4 Padres 3

A heart breaker for the home town fans. The Padres jump out by three by the end of the third. The California millionaires club comes back a run at a time and takes the lead for keeps in the ninth.



6 thoughts on “The Weekend Edition Please Don’t Wake Me Up Edition

  1. Less than 2 hours after he crapped the bed, the Tigers designated VerHagen for assignment. Sigh


  2. Barves sweep the Feesh. Do tell. They’re last in just about everything, including attendance, with the exception of a few pitching metrics.They might as well redecorate the basement since they’re going to be living there until October 1.


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