He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 5/2/19

Prof: It’s Girl Power Friday! I’m picking some songs that empower me and I hope you feel that vibe, too, to carry you into the weekend. And if you don’t? Well, as Beyonce likes to say, “Boy, bye… No, no, HELL NO.”

Red Sox 4, White Sox 6Scouts: In a game of dirty laundry, the Sox without color outlasted the reds.  Ok, that wasn’t nearly as clever as I had hoped, but you all will just have to deal with it.  Kind of like how the Red Sox have to deal with the fact that the White Sox came back from behind and scored 3 in the 9th to walk it off against them.  If only there was some pitcher available who could enter the game in the late innings with a small lead to secure a victory…


Cardinals 1, Nationals 2Prof: Fun fact – Stephen Strasburg is the fastest pitcher in MLB history to reach 1500 strikeouts. Stras also struck out nine. Sean Doolittle (who doo-a-lot) gets the save.

Reds 0, Mets 1Prof: This game was all about the God of Thunder. Thor didn’t go with the hammer; he went all out with the axe. Syndergaard hit a home run, had a complete game, struck out ten. He did it all, and he didn’t need anyone else. Literally.


Rockies 11, Brewers 6Prof: Another day, another dismantling of Milwaukee by Colorado. I think part of the problem is that Yelich isn’t available. Another problem is that the Brewers’ pitchers are getting tired. Regardless, there were a lot of home runs hit by the Rox, including multi-run affairs from Nolan Arenado and David Dahl.


Rays 3, Royals 1Scouts: Tampa gets back on the winning track, avoiding the sweep thanks to a pair of runs in the top of the 9th.  Brandon Lowe went yard scoring himself and Daniel Robertson, and Diego Castillo entered to pitch a pretty much perfect 9th to close it out.

Padres 11, Braves 2Scouts: It looks like Prof left this game for me to recap for her own sanity, probably to lower the cursing count around here.  If only it wasn’t me writing this recap.  Holy SHIT Atlanta what is going on with you guys?  The Braves allowed San Diego to pile up 5 runs in back to back innings and just absolutely embarrassed them.  Atlanta is now 1 game behind .500.  Dude, you were the chosen one!


Astros 2, Twins 8Scouts: Dang y’all, is the Twinsies really the bestest team in the league?  They dismantled Houston once more, thanks due to a 6 run 4th inning that included singles, doubles, triples and sac flies.  Oh don’t worry, they also homered.  Brad Peacock didn’t make it out of that 4th, allowing 7 runs on 8 hits in 3.2 innings.  Woof.

Blue Jays 2, Angels 6Scouts: Mike Trout went deep, Tyler Skaggs went long, and the Angels swept the Jays ahead of a 4 city tour that has them visiting Mexico, Detroit, Baltimore, and finally Minneapolis.


2 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 5/2/19

  1. Stras did indeed set the record for fastest (by innings) to 1,500 Ks last night, in a game in which only four of the Nats’ eight opening day starting position players played; Rendon, Turner, and Zimmerman are on the IL, Soto out for the 2nd straight day with back spasms. This was the second straight night for the Nats to run such a depleted lineup out there, and the Cards responded in kind by resting half their regular starters, too.

    To add to the fun, the game was delayed over two hours due to rain before first pitch, and then after the game, the Nats announced that they’d fired pitching coach Derek Lilliquist, who really hadn’t done much over his year and change with the franchise. Seriously, unlike Mike Maddux, I don’t even know what Lilliquist looks like, and I’m a regular viewer of Nats games. Whether that’s a function of more limited mound visits, or general circumstances, or just Lilliquist being lazy as some claim, I can’t say.

    He’s being replaced by Paul Menhart, who’s been with the organization since 2006 and was the minor league pitching coordinator for the last five years. Rizzo says Davey’s not in danger, but I gotta think his seat just got a little warm.

    13-17, 4GB of Philly, and the Ten Game Road Trip of Death(tm) begins tonight. If they manage to go 5-5 on this jaunt through Philly, Milwaukee, and L.A. I’ll be happy, but stunned all the same, as their 4-9 stretch leading up to this trip doesn’t fill me with confidence.


  2. Alright, which one of you put LSD in my coffee? You better hope it wears off before I do the Weekend Edition!


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