He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 5/1/19

Scouts: Oh boy did we have a busy day yesterday.  Looks like every team played, and several decided to go ahead and play two!  Hope you are in a comfy chair, this is gonna be a long one!

Rockies 11, Brewers 4Prof: Bookend bombs from Nolan Arenado capped off an evening of straight up murder in Milwaukee. Trevor Story also hit a three run homer in the victory.


Tigers 3, Phillies 7Prof: Philadelphia scored four in the seventh inning, Rhys Hoskins hit yet another home run, and the Phillies improve to 17-13.

Orioles 5, White Sox 4 (Game 1)Scouts: What’s that, a comeback?  How did the White Sox allow the Orioles to rally from down 4 to score 5 unanswered runs?  Well Carlos Rendon only lasted 3.2 innings for one.  And while the bullpen wasn’t horrible and was probably asked to do too much, giving up two late runs wasn’t exactly what management had in mind.

Orioles 6, White Sox 7 (Game 2)Scouts: A good way to forget about blowing a lead in Game 1 of a doubleheader is to come back from behind yourself in game two!  Yonder Alonso singled in a pair in the ninth to send ’em home happy.

Reds 1, Mets 0Prof: May 1st is the birthday of my small child, the extra precious Ryan “Scooter” Gennett. He’s on the IL so he couldn’t contribute to the team, but his homies had his back and gave him a pretty rad b-day gift of a victory over New York. Scoreless until the ninth inning when Jose Iglesias hit a solo homer, and that’s all she wrote.

Dodgers 1, Giants 2 – Scouts: It isn’t easy holding the Dodgers to just one run, but that’s just what Bumgarner did, allowing just 4 hits over 6 innings, and buying time for Buster posey to single in Steven Duggar in the 9th.  The most interesting part of this game actually happened in the stands where a fan failed twice to catch a foul ball, losing food both times.  Dude did not impress his lady friend.


Blue Jays 3, Angels 6Scouts: Did you know that Mike Trout has reached base safely in all 28 games he’s played in this year?  I didn’t.  I guess it’s some sort of Angel record.  I imagine he’s going to hold quite a few of those by the time he finally hangs them up.  Trout set the record in pretty spectacular fashion, a three-run double that broke the game wide open.

Pirates 7, Rangers 5Scouts: A little timely hitting is all Pittsburgh needed to complete a two-game sweep in Texas.  While the Rangers opted for the long ball, Pittsburgh was able to string a bunch of hits with men on to overcome.


Yankees 2, Diamondbacks 3Prof: I was sad that I had already gone to bed by the time Tuesday’s NY/AZ contest was completed because as you know I have mad love for Zack Greinke and nothing but respect for CC Sabathia. Last night’s game was also very close. Ketel “20 Hits by the Original Artists” Marte homered and Tanaka lost yet another matchup. Greg Holland has his seventh save of the season. I’m kicking myself because the Gritty Snakes picked him up so cheap when pretty much any team in the NL East needed him, too.

Cubs 11, Mariners 0Prof: This was gangland violence but on a baseball diamond. Jon Lester and the Cubs bullpen had a combined one hitter game, while the Cubs’ offense did nothing BUT hit. Chicago had six runs in the second inning alone. It was so bad that Javy Baez was able to bat twice in the inning (and contributed to the score both times). Kris Bryant and Ben Zobrist both were walked with the bases loaded. Whew, y’all.

Cardinals 5, Nationals 1Prof: Max Scherzer got his cage rattled in the first inning, when he allowed three runs, and the Red Birds never looked back. Miles Mikolas looks like a member of Franz Ferdinand and Old Hoss had an ugly baby, but he sure can throw a mean pitch. It might not have been the prettiest baseball, but he beat Mad Max, and that’s really all that matters.

Spiders 2, Marlins 4Prof: Bad news coming from the Magical Ballteam from Cleve – the Klubot was hit by a comebacker last night and has been preliminarily diagnosed with a cracked arm. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway – Kluber was already struggling before the incident. Rosell Herrera (who?) had three RBI.

Padres 1, Braves 5Prof: Max Fried? More like MAX POWER, amirite? The nascent Atlanta ace went seven innings, struck out seven, and only allowed one run. I look at young master Fried and think Steve Avery. God, we can only hope. Dansby Swanson, he of perfect hair and antebellum sounding name, hit a two run homer in the seventh.

Astros 2, Twins 6Scouts: Martin Perez held off the offensive heavy Astros for 8 very strong innings, striking out 7, allowing no runs on just 4 hits.  Jonathan Schoop reminded us he can still smash a baseball, with a moonshot to center.  Nelson Cruz is still doing what Nelson Cruz does, going 2-4 with a pair of RBI’s.

Athletics 3, Red Sox 7Prof: Mitch Moreland went oppo as Boston swept Oakland.


Rays 2, Royals 3 (Game 1) – Scouts: Jakob Junis was able to shut down the Rays allowing just a pair of runs in the opener of the doubleset.  Tampa attempted to go with the opener strategy and it backfired, when Ryne Stanek gave up 3 runs, including a walk and a homer in the first inning.

Rays 2, Royals 8 (Game 2) Scouts: Another terrible performance by Tampa, who managed just a total of 4 runs across the double header.  Blake Snell allowed 7 runs in 3 innings and the sweep was on.

11 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 5/1/19

  1. Even Marcus Stroman, who has held Mike Trout to a lousy career BA of .500 against him, had nothing but praise:

    “Mike Trout’s the best baseball player ever, I think,” Stroman said. “I think he’ll go down, truly, as the best baseball player. He doesn’t have any holes in his swing. He’s got a great approach, lays off balls pretty much out of the hand, and his in-zone judgment is crazy. He really zones the ball up and only swings at strikes.”

    If you gotta get beat, it might as well be by the best player in the game. FWIW, heading into this game, Stroman had a league-leading 1.43 ERA despite the 1-3 record.

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    1. Dale Murphy had high praise for Trouty recently, too. To ignore how Trout is already in that legendary realm of ballplayers is to not really pay attention to baseball. It’s not a slight to the greats and it’s not watering down the game. It’s acknowledging the greatness of a once in a lifetime talent.


  2. Oh you Damn Dirty Gods, why do you toy with me so?

    I awaken this morning to see in your ordained standings that the Twins have the best record in the American League.

    You cause me to remember that last night the Twins number five starter held one of the best offenses in the league scoreless for eight, and that their number three starter did the same for seven game before last. That the Twins are on pace to break the MLB team record for season home runs of 267 with about 310.

    Last night your hand pulls away the Twins only plausible division competitor’s best starter while also handing them a loss at the hands of the worst team in baseball.

    But nay you shall not delude me. I verily say, Cleveland still has a chance!

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      1. The Injuns don’t have the money. They’ll stand pat and see if they can get on track or to see if the Twins get off track. If things don’t go their way they may well be sellers at the trade deadline.

        On the other hand the Damn Dirty Gods may whisper into the Twins ear “the door is open. You only need walk through. Call Craig Kimbrel” – before they enlist their evil compatriot the Strange Attractor.


        1. From what I saw of Ennuiland last night, they ought to be setting up an eBay account to unload some of their stiffs right now. Unless the Twinkies are wiped out in a bus accident, I don’t think they need to worry much about the most boring team in the game. Their biggest challenge will be staying awake when they play the Injuns in their own park.


  3. Scherzer was victimized by his own fielders in the first inning; Robles misjudged a fly ball, and Kieboom misplayed a grounder.

    Max’s ERA this season is 4.08, but he leads MLB in FIP (2.14) and leads the NL in strikeouts (62); despite Max being Max, the Nats are 1-6 when he starts.

    It ain’t quite Steve Carlton and the 1972 Phillies, but this is still a great pitcher on a bad team.

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