He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 4/22/19

Prof: I know we’re really only a month into the season, but it might not be too early to call the NL MVP horse race. I wouldn’t be too surprised if it comes down to Cody Bellinger of the Dodgers and Milwaukee’s reigning MVP, Christian Yelich. When they aren’t hitting home runs, they are stealing homers from each other. Kind of a cool thing, really. It’s exciting when young players come into their own. I can’t wait to see these two duke it out all year long.

Phillies 1, Mets 5Prof: Friends, you know I am no fan of either of these teams, and I am especially no fan of Bryce Harper, but I am giving props where props are due. Harper had the guts to stand up for his teammates against home plate umpire Mark Carlson and his questionable strike zone. Now, of course Harper was ejected for his troubles and had to be held back by three Phillies to avoid further conflict with the ump, but he still did it. Philadelphia would not have won this game with or without BHarp, so the ejection did not turn the tide as far as that goes. However, the Phillies should take to heart that their highly paid hired gun does actually have his teammates’ back, putting to rest that oft-whispered, nasty rumor that Harper is selfish clubhouse cancer. Oh, and Steven Matz pitched an effective game for New York, if that matters [6.0 IP, 1 ER, 6K].


Diamondbacks 12, Pirates 4Scouts: It took a little while, but the D-Backs finally woke up.   Arizona had themselves a hell of a time in the 7th, and 8th innings, putting up 7 and 4 runs respectively.  Adam Jones continues to mash, picking up a pair of RBI’s and a pair of hits, and Christian Walker managed to pick up a few on a homer himself.  Starter Zach Godley was chased after 4, but the bullpen was able to hold on long enough for the lineup to get to work.


Rangers 1, Athletics 6Scouts: Oakland’s hit a bit of a rough patch, so Chris Bassitt making a stellar 2019 debut was just what the doctor ordered.    Bassitt allowed just 2 hits and 4 walks across 5 shutout innings, and the bullpen was able to hold on the rest of the way.

White Sox 12, Orioles 2Prof: David Hess isn’t very effective on the bump for Baltimore. But then again there’s not many in Orange and Black who are these days. Trey Mancini tried, bless his heart, but was only able to provide an RBI double for his efforts. This was all Chicago; Jose Abreu had five RBI while James McCann had four.


Royals 3, Rays 6Prof: It seemed that Kansas City had this one in the bag – three solo homers by the sixth inning had them up by three – but the Tampa Bay Sea Creatures came roaring back. Mike Zunino hit his first Rays homer back from paternity leave for a two run RBI that broke the tie and put TB over the top.

Brewers 5, Cardinals 13Scouts: Another high scoring affair, the Cardinals like the team from Arizona, had themselves a 7 run 7th to remember.  Dexter Fowler had himself a day, with a 2 run homer and 2 additional hits, driving in a total of 4.  Paul Goldschmidt also enjoyed a good day at the plate, driving in 3 on 3 hits.

Twins 9, Astros 5Prof: Tough night for both Stex and Happy, but Happy’s Boys nabbed the W. Good job of Jake Odorizzi shutting down guys like Alex Bregman and George Springer. For Minnesota, Jorge Polanco went 4-5 and had four RBI – including a two run dinger.

Nationals 5, Rockies 7Prof: It took a little bit, but Colorado finally got there. Washington struck first; Brian Dozier hit a three run homer in the fourth to take a three-run lead, but no lead is safe when noodle arms strike. And sadly, noodle arms made an appearance. The victim was starter Jeremy Hellickson; in the fifth inning Hellickson suddenly gave way and gave up both an RBI single to Trevor Story and a two run homer to Mark Reynolds. Suddenly, both teams were tied and it was good night Irene (er…Jeremy). Nolan Arenado broke the tie in the seventh with a solo shot to left center and Colorado never looked back.


Yankees 4, Angels 3 F/14Scouts: New York is starting to turn things around, now two games over .500 after a very late 14 inning marathon.  They thought they had it won in the 12th, but Brian Goodwin singled in the tying run.  It wasn’t until the 14th that Gio Urshela singled in Gleyber Torres that finally ended it.  Aroldis Chapman picked up his first blown save on the season, and Jonathan Holder nabbed the win after two shut down innings.

Tigers, Red Sox – PPD – rain



8 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 4/22/19

  1. Jake Arrieta would like to respectfully beg to differ with your take on Harper’s actions last night helping the team, Prof:

    As for the Nats, their tour of 1993 NL expansion cities now has them at 1-3. Hellickson’s start last night was his first ever in Denver, and he wasn’t great, but he wasn’t as bad as a pitch to contact soft tosser could’ve been.

    The Nats were mainly undone by their going 0-13 after Dozier’s home run, which was his fourth of the year, and first with men on base. The three run shot pushed his season RBI total to six, and I can’t wait till I have to take off my shoes to count his RBIs.

    10-11, so they’ll probably win tonight.


  2. I understand the Feesh played Sunday’s game with the roof open so He wouldn’t bonk his head while rising….fat lot of good it did them. No good deed goes unpunished.

    Tonight they play Cleveland….zzzzzzzzz…..


  3. I saw a pretty good baseball game last night. A pretty good team happened to beat a very good team. That happens in baseball.

    So far watching the Twins this year I get the feeling each night that yeah they can very easily lose but more likely than not they’re going to win, because they’re pretty damn good and may turn out to be very damn good.

    The Twins led off tonight’s game with their so so hitting catcher (one of three) and guess what he got on – oh Christ a three run homer as I’m typing.

    I know this is pretty maudlin, but if this summer is my last I will depart with no complaints about my favorite baseball team.

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  4. So, my claim to fame is that I used to carpool to school with Ryan Tedder, the lead singer of OneRepublic. Their family lived around the corner from us and his mom used to drive us to school. He was younger than us, and all I really remember of him is him throwing cereal in the car. He looks exactly the same now. My sister babysat him too. It’s pretty funny to see him as a rock star. His step sister was in my sister’s class at school and her son now plays on studio recordings for Tedder. Anyway, we always refer to him as little Ryan Tedder still.

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