He Said, She Said: Scores and Highlights for 4/10/19

Scouts: Boy it’s been a long week, and I’m 100% ready for the weekend.  I really wish I had something more interesting to say here, but I just…don’t today.   We will just mark today down as my first 0-4 day with 4 strikeouts.  Maybe one of you in the comments can pick me up.


Mariners 6, Royals 5Prof: Another day, another Seattle win. This was tied up going into the ninth, but Mitch Haniger hit a dinger to win it.

Rangers 5, Diamondbacks 2Scouts: Texas scored all 5 of their runs in the final 4 innings of the game

Brewers 2, Angels 4Scouts: After a slow 1-6 start LA has won 6 straight games including a sweep of Milwaulkee.  LA scored all 4 runs in the 3rd on a pair of singles and a fielders choice.

Spiders 1, Tigers 4Scouts: Detroit keeps on rolling, now 4 games over .500, which is pretty impressive considering they’ve only played 12 games.

Rays 9, White Sox 1Scouts: Tyler Glasnow had to wait 99 minutes to get this one started, but it was worth it after he racked up 11 strikeouts over 6 innings.


Padres 3, Giants 1Prof: The winner of record for this game was a young man named Nick Margevicius. I’ve never heard of him. Then again, I honestly don’t think I could name a Padres pitcher, nor have I been able to since roughly 2007. Regardless, you don’t think of great pitching with San Diego, you think of heavy bats. Manny Machado brought the lumber in the sixth inning with a solo homer crushed to right field. For San Francisco, new Giant Kevin Pillar scored the Giants’ only run of the night.


Marlins 1, Reds 2Prof: Every run was a solo homer, and Cincinnati had more than Miami. Left, right, and center. Both teams only connected three times all game. This would have been a bit of a snoozefest if I’m honest, because the Reds didn’t even score until the eighth inning, cruelly ripping away victory from the woebegone Feesh.

A’s 10, Orioles 3Scouts: At least one Kris Davis was able to have a good night.  As Chris Davis continued to watch from the bench, Kris Davis went 3-5 with 4 RBI’s and a pair of homers.


Nationals 15, Phillies 1Prof: OUR NATIONAL(s) NIGHTMARE IS OVER! Trevor Rosenthal has finally recorded an out! It’s a damn miracle. No longer is his ERA roughly infinity; it’s now merely 72.00. Anyway, weep no more, SomeGuyinVA, weep no more. Big City Matt Adams drove in four runs and Adam Eaton went 3-4 with two RBI of his own in this monster rout of their NL East division rivals.

Twins 6, Mets 9Prof: I sometimes think that the Mets just have something against Jacob deGrom, because he never gets run support. Whereas the winner of this game, Noah Syndergaard, generally has a least a couple of hot bats on his side. Last night, it wasn’t hot bats but a hot mess, namely Minnesota’s bullpen. Thor went a good seven innings, struck out seven, and was even part of the fifth inning free-for-all scoring bonanza in which Brandon Nimmo was hit by a pitch with the bases loaded, then three consecutive Mets were walked.

Yankees 6, Astros 8Scouts: Jose Altuve continues his tear smoking a pair of homers that ended providing the difference against the Yankees.


Dodgers 2, Cardinals 7Scouts: Apparently there was a lot of concern about Yadier Molina’s slow start to the season.  Hopefully Molina helped slow those concerns last night, lifting his first homer of the year, a 3 run jack in the 6th.  Meanwhile Jack Flaherty silenced the white-hot Dodger bats for the first time in what seems to be all season, limiting them to 3 hits over 6 innings.

Pirates 5, Cubs 2Prof: Woof. I wonder if Yu Darvish is ever going to recapture that magic that he had in Texas? Just seems like since he left the Lone Star State, his personal star has dimmed. The Cubs had to fight off both a bad outing from Darvish, but also an error from a reliever that allowed a run in the sixth inning. All is not lost in Chicago, however; Jason Heyward has come into a bit of a renaissance. He’s currently sitting pretty at .371 and his defense is just as pretty as it ever was. I sure hope he’ll be able to keep it up for a while. J-Hey is one of the good ones.

Braves, Rockies – PPD (blizzard)


11 thoughts on “He Said, She Said: Scores and Highlights for 4/10/19

  1. Rosenthal did indeed get a guy out last night; three of them, in fact. He also walked three, and allowed the Phillies’ only run on a bases-loaded ground out to first, so while he’s over the initial hump, he’s still got a ways to go.

    So long as the Nats can produce a couple of low-leverage situations a week for the time being (and hopefully be on the right side of them), then he’s got a chance to work his way into the 8th inning setup role that was envisioned when they signed him.

    Nick Pivetta started the game for the Phils last night; he’s the guy the Nats traded to Philly for the DC Strangler (Papelbon) back in 2015. Pivetta has faced the Nats eight times in his career, and the Nats own an OPS of 1.150 against him, so I’d say the Nats won that trade.

    Day off today after a 4-2 road trip through New York and Philly. Pirates are in town for the weekend, and there’s some question if Scherzer will be able to make his scheduled start on Saturday; he got hit in the ankle with a line drive on Sunday, and it’s still causing him some discomfort. Of course, any other man would’ve had both legs amputated by now, so we’ll see what happens.


  2. I’m not going to drone on and on about how the Tiggers beat Trevor Bauer, just wanted to note that they are once again hovering over the rest of the AL Slumtral. If you had Matt Boyd leading MLB in K’s after 3 starts, you may want to go buy some Mega Millions tickets.

    With 3 teams over .500, the division may earn back their Central designation if they keep it up. Meanwhile, the AL East might have to be referred to as the AL Least with 4 out of 5 teams being under .500. The Rays’ team dentist must also be the one that didn’t recommend Trident.


      1. Take your pick: Trying to avoid the colder evenings early in the year? Evil plot to make it harder for kids to attend, insuring a reduced future fan base? Trying to become Cubs East? AOC eliminated stadium lighting in the new green deal?

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        1. Oh, I just thought it was a conspiracy to force me to watch Paper’s game every night. Sidebar: Tim McCarver sucks.

          Liked by 2 people

  3. Things could be worse. My neighbor to the north side of my house shoveled that side of my front walk leaving me only the south side of it to do. And I fell asleep before last night’s 5th inning walkathon.


  4. I came across a story about MLB food, items from all 30 stadia, available on a traveling tour starting in LA (the real one, not the faux LA in Anaheim). What caught my eye was the Diamondbacks’ entry. A churro dog (doesn’t that sound disgusting?), which looks like a churro (that’s the dog) on a twinkie (the bun) with whipped cream. I thought of Gator as I was strangely attracted to the thing. Coming to your town soon!

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    1. Having sat through (but not necessarily learned a lot) of 2 years of Latin in high school, I commend you on the use of the correct neuter plural “stadia”. Magistra Miller would be proud of you, angelsCXXXIV.


  5. I’d have to point out that for years Trevor Hoffman was a Padre. The two years I lived in San Diego included most of the 1998 season, after which Trevor was second in the Cy Young race. That year the Fryers put Hoffman, Tony Gwinn, and Wally Joiner on the field.

    Joiner, as a California Angel, had finished second in his rookie year to ROY Jose Canseco. Canseco took the prize with many more HR, RBI, and SB, but was behind Wally in WAR and OPS. Anaheim Stadium was renamed Wally World that year of 1986. A fledgling Angels Fan was still mostly a True Blue-er in those days, yet to correct his youthful stupidity.


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