He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 4/7/19

Prof: Another Monday, another week of work to get that green stuff. I have an interview for a second job this evening, so I would appreciate your positive vibes. We aren’t all out there living our best Bobby Bonilla lives. Shoutout to our retired homies; living the life! Today’s musical selection is all about the Benjamins.


Twins 1, Phillies 2Scouts: Apparently “Barreldelphia” is becoming a thing now.  Maybe I’m out of the loop on this one, or I’m too much of an old man, but I don’t really understand it.  It started with a tweet from Andrew Knapp, then Jake Arrieta made up T-Shirts, and now Rhys Hoskins is using it while describing his 2-run home run that won the game in the 6th.

Marlins 3, Braves 4Prof: Freddie Freeman started the party off right with a two run homer, but the day belonged to Dansby Swanson. Yes, the impeccably styled, ridiculously handsome, and winner of the “Best Civil War General Sounding Name Award” shortstop was the difference maker in yesterday’s contest. Dans hit a solo dinger in the fourth and hit the walk-off single that scored FF5 and defeated the floundering Feesh.

Cubs 2, Brewers 4Prof: Christian Yelich and Josh Hader continue to be among the best of the best in the National League. Yelich went 2-3 with a home run, while Hader went 2 and 3/4 innings for his fifth save of the season. For Chicago, Kyle Hendricks was only able to last four innings, and the abysmal Cubs bullpen took over. Not so fun fact – there wasn’t a single Cubs pitcher who took the mound yesterday whose ERA was under 5.00. Yikes!


Rangers 2, Angels 7Prof: Mike Trout has hit a homer in four straight games now, so basically he is just doing Mike Trout Things™. Texas’s Joey Gallo is also out here reminding folks that he, too, likes to drop bombs. The really notable thing about this matchup was that there was a bee swarm delay of game of about five minutes or so. Even nature wants to be a witness to the GOAT.

Yankees 15, Orioles 2Scouts: I’m pretty sure Gary Sanchez and the Yankees can be tried for war crimes after Sunday’s abusive beatdown of the pathetic Orioles.  Sanchez hit three homers, and was going for a 4th in the 9th.  Also going yard for the Yankees is Austin Romine, Clint Frazier, and Gleyber Torres.  Chris Davis went 0-4 with 2 strikeouts and is now 0-23 on the season.  Davis is now on a 0-44 streak.  Davis is two at bats shy of tying the record, so there’s that.  There are no words.


Royals 1, Tigers 3Scouts: Detroit continues to win, win, win holding KC to a single run in the first.  Tyson Ross settled down after the first to pitch 7 strong, 5 hit innings.

Blue Jays 1, Spiders 3Scouts: Mike Clevinger struck out 10 in 5, and was pulled for upper back tightness after just 75 pitches.  Terry Francona says they were just being overly cautious, but that won’t stop Spider faithful from worrying.

Nationals 12, Mets 9Prof: It’s hard to believe that this game was Max Scherzer’s first win of the season. I mean, by rights Mad Max ought to be 3-0 on the season, yeah? Anthony Rendon is doing his best to make the Curly Dubs forget that old dude who used to play outfield for them. Bryce Who? Rendon scored on a wild pitch, and also hit a three run homer. I feel really bad for the Mets, to be honest. This is probably one of the better games they played thus far and it still wasn’t good enough. Shoutout to my dude Michael Conforto who hit a three run homer of his own in a losing effort.


Reds 5, Pirates 7Scouts: We had a little dust-up in the 4th that lead to a little bit of fireworks and a handful of ejections.  It all started when Derek Dietrich pimped a homer in the 2nd inning.  That clearly didn’t sit well with Chris Archer who claimed to “yank” a 93 mph fastball directly behind Dietrich’s hip on the very next pitch two innings later.  When warnings were issued, Cincinnati manager David Bell came out to argue that Archer was not ejected and Yasiel Puig lost his temper once again.  The benches cleared, a lot of pushing and shoving occurred, but Puig was clearly out of control, being held back by both Joey Votto and Melky Cabrera.  Puig eventually got away after things calmed down, and it all started up once more.  Puig, Bell, and Amir Garrett were ejected for the Reds, while Keone Kela, and Felipe Vazquez were all tossed for the Pirates.  In the end, everyone looked terrible.  Dietrich had to know he would piss people off as he didn’t leave the box until after the ball landed.  Archer shouldn’t be throwing at anyone, and despite his lies that it was accidental, at least he threw behind Dietrich.  David Bell seems to be overreacting, and his actions only further riled his players up, and Yasiel Puig really needs to get control over his temper.  I’m expecting a few suspensions after this one, Puig will almost certainly receive multiple games due to his history of getting into the middle of these sorts of things.


Athletics 8, Astros 9Scouts: Houston picked up a much needed win on a Jose Altuve 4 pitch, walk-off walk against Blake Treinen.  It was Altuve’s second walk of the game, who also managed to go 3-4 on the night.  Pretty good performance I’d say.

Mariners 12, White Sox 5Prof: Who is Daniel Vogelbach? The Seattle designated hitter went HAM against Chicago, hitting two homers and a bases-clearing double. He finished the game with a career high six RBI. The Mariners are hot, hot, hot! They are off to the best start in franchise history – 9-2. Let’s see if they continue to be the jewel of the AL West.


Padres 1, Cardinals 4Prof: Adam Wainwright was in rare form yesterday. I think he found Doc Brown’s DeLorean, because he was pitching back to the future if you know what I mean. Waino went six full innings, allowing only one earned run while punching out nine. St. Louis avoids a sweep.

Rays 3, Giants 0Scouts: Yandy Diaz belted a lead-off homer and the Rays never looked back.  San Francisco was shut out and managed just 5 hits.

Red Sox 1, Diamondbacks 0Prof: The Red Sox are 3-8. What? It didn’t matter in this game, though – Boston drowned the Gritty Snakes in that dirty water. Mitch Moreland hit a solo homer in the seventh inning.

Dodgers 12, Rockies 6Scouts: Man, LA has come out looking super human so far.  They can’t keep this up all season can they?  The Dodgers completed a series sweep scoring 12 runs on 12 hits and Cody Bellinger picked up his 7th homer on the year, one more than Gary Sanchez who is only that close due to hitting 3 against the O’s earlier in the day.





12 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 4/7/19

  1. Yesterday’s Nats/Mets contest featured 21 runs, 19 hits, 14 walks (12 by Mets pitchers) and 5 HBPs, because why not?

    Scherzer took a 12-1 lead into the 7th, gave up a run and a couple more baserunners, and left after 6 1/3 with a 12-2 lead, and here came the Nats’ bullpen to pour gasoline all over the place.

    In order, we had:

    • Matt Grace, who allowed both inherited runners to score and gave up a home run, too, but got out of the 7th with the score 12-6
    • Trevor Rosenthal to start the 8th in a low leverage situation; he threw a strike, hit a guy, walked the next guy on four pitches, and was yanked. He’s now faced nine hitters and retired none.
    • Wander Suero to clean up the mess, getting out of the 8th with no damage.
    • Joe Ross, who flew a red eye from Fresno to New York by way of Chicago and got to the ball park about two hours before game time, to start the 9th. He was overthrowing, walked two guys, gave up a loud fly out and an even louder home run, making it 12-9.
    • Sean Doolittle to get two outs that didn’t qualify as a save per the rules, but sure as hell saved the game for the Nats.

    All this came on the heels of the bullpen gagging away a 5-3 lead in the 8th on Saturday, and so even though the Nats won two of three over the weekend, it still kinda feels like they lost both games Saturday and Sunday.

    Rosenthal keeps telling the media that he’s 100% healthy, so the prospects of an “injury” followed by a stint on the IL and then a rehab assignment to get right seem remote. He’s out of options, so a straight demotion wouldn’t work, and I have no doubt that a DFA would result in a claim by some team without post-season aspirations, because the Nats would still be on the hook for his $7MM salary, so why not take a chance when it’s free?

    Beyond him, it ain’t like there are a lot of shutdown arms ready to walk through the clubhouse door, so they’re either gonna figure it out or they’re gonna finish fourth at best in the NL East.

    Three in Philly starting tonight – Sanchez, Strasburg, and Hellickson, so here’s hoping for one win out of three.

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    1. Thanks Sparty. I was rooting for y’all in the NCAA tourney since my Badgers went down, Big Ten brotherhood and all. Sorry your season ended so soon.


      1. Thanks Prof. Texas Tech played great and earned that win. I can’t feel bad about a season where we win the regular season and conference tournament championships, win all 3 games against the team from Ann Arbor (hi Happy), beat the Borg of college hoops (Duke) and get to the Final Four.

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  2. So the conversation in the office this morning, ‘twixt my fellow Jays fans and I, went something like this (with condolences to Scouts):

    “The bats so far are abysmal… can we at least try to find someone who can hit?”

    “Could be worse, we could have Chris Davis…”

    “If you mean Khris Davis — the one with a K — I’d take him.”

    No, I meant the other Chris Davis — the one with LOTS of Ks.”

    “OK, our bats are not THAT bad, then.”

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  3. The Orioles are playing at home tonight. Davis just needs two more outs to tie the record of consecutive at bats without a hit and three to break it. Will Oriole fans give him the standing O he deserves should he cross these historic thresholds? Will the scoreboard flash “WOAT!!!”

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  4. Boston fans being what they are — as fickle and as “what have you done for me lately” as New York fans, IMHO — it didn’t take long after the World Series rings presentations for the Beantown Boo Birds to make their presence known yesterday.

    Not that Chris Sale, with his 9.00 ERA, 48 ERA+ and 2.00 K/BB ratio is deserving of many cheers right now, but at least he isn’t Trevor Rosenthal. That said, allowing the straight steal of home to Gurriel Jr. doesn’t help his cause much, but them’s the hazards when you are a lefty with a big leg kick and you don’t pay attention to the speedy kid on third base.

    Poor Rosenthal seems to be one of the “standards of suck” this season… no matter how bad a pitcher is scuffling, he can look at Rosenthal and feel better about himself. Struggling hitters can do the same thing with Chris Davis, at least for now.


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