He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 4/4/19

Is everyone hype for Avengers Endgame?  Tickets are selling out QUICK! quicker than any movie I can think of in recent memory.  I would at this point be shocked if it didn’t break 99 kinds of box office records.  Tickets sold out so hard it crashed multiple ticket broker websites.  Is there anyone in/near New York/California/Chicago area that is planning on attending the AMC 22 movie marathon?  2.5 days of nothing but Marvel movies can’t be healthy for the human body.  But I still really want to attend.


Cubs 4, Braves 9Prof: Max Fried had a no-no going until the sixth inning. Y’all, when I tell you that I feel like a proud momma… Max Fried has been my favorite of all of the young Braves pitchers for years now, and last night was essentially his debutante dance. What a beautiful moment, and vindication for your friendly neighborhood Prof, who has been driving this bandwagon for a long time.


Royals 4, Tigers 5Scouts: Both starters Jacob Junis and Spencer Turnbull lasted 6 innings and allowed 3 runs, with Turnbill only getting credited with 2 earned.  The difference in this one was the bullpen where Kyle Zimmer was unable to record an out, walking 3 and allowing 2 to score.  Not exactly the most exciting game, so let’s just move on to the next recap shall we?

Nationals 4, Mets 0Prof: Well, well, well. This was an interesting duel between two very capable pitchers. Thor went six innings, had six strike outs and two earned runs. Not bad, not bad at all. However, Stephen Strasburg also went six innings, but had nine Ks and no earned runs. So, yeah. That’s better. The Mets had a long night coming home to their home opener – two Mets had random drug tests sprung on them and one of them had to drink several pints of water to actually perform the test. But in the meantime, the rest of the team had to wait. And wait. And wait, a full hour after they were supposed to have left, and still waiting for their teammate to take a urine test. No wonder the team seemed sleepy. They probably were!


Yankees 8, Orioles 4Scouts: Everything was going well for the O’s in their home opener, they were up 4-1 thanks to a solo homer, a balk witht he bases loaded, and a wild pitch.  Then Mike Wright came in.  Honestly, I know they are desprate for arms, but I really don’t understand why he’s still on the team.  Every-time I see him he’s give up runs in bunches.  Anyways, Gary Sanchez homered, Gleyber Torres homered, and Luke Voit homered, and that they say was that.  Chris Davis went 0-3 with 3 strikeouts and was lifted for a pinch hitter in the 8th, who promptly singled.  Davis is now 0-17 with 11 strike outs on the season.  His OPS is .190.

Red Sox 3, Athletics 7Prof: Stephen Piscotty went 4-4 against Boston, including a three run homer in the third inning. Oakland is now 6-4, while the struggling Red Sox are 2-6 with a bevy of starting pitchers who can barely make it out of the third inning without double digit ERAs.

Blue Jays 1, Spiders 4Prof: Noted drone enthusiast Trevor Bauer was your winning pitcher of record in this match. The well known Twitter troll was pulled after seven no-hit innings because he was 117 pitches in. The Magical Land of Cleve was aiming for a combined no-no but it was broken up in the ninth inning. While Cleveland was unable to keep the no-hit bid, they did secure the win, which ultimately is more important.


Reds 0, Pirates 2Scouts: Jordan Lyles pitched 5 shutout innings but was unable to qualify for the win despite taking part in a shutout.  The Reds fall to 1-5 and don’t really seem to have a lot going for them at the moment.

Rangers 11, Angels 4Scouts: Boy, the Angels sure are having a rough go of it this year.  Clearly it’s still early, but they aren’t just losing, they are getting smacked around.  Texas scored 5 in the first to kick off the game and it was all rear view mirrors from there.  Almost every starter had a hit, with Rougned Odor being the sold exception, and only two home runs were hit, meaning it was quite the hit parade.  Matt Harvey took it on the chin to the tune of 10 hits, 8 runs over 4 innings.  Yikes.

Mariners, White Sox and Padres, Cardinals – PPD – makeup date 4/5

13 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 4/4/19

  1. If I were in charge, teams that travel after a night game would have the next day off, period. It shouldn’t be hard to implement:

    • Traveling after Sunday night baseball? You get Monday off.
    • Traveling after a three game series ending on Wednesday night? You get Thursday off.
    • Traveling after a series ending on Thursday? Start the game at 12:30PM/1PM latest; we’ll call it, I don’t know, “Getaway Day”

    To do otherwise is to have situations like yesterday, where the Nats (traveling from DC after a day game) got to NYC long before the Mets (traveling after a night game from FL) did. I’ll take the win, but I think it sucks.

    Yesterday’s game was the proper application of the winning formula that we Nats fans were expecting to see this year: Strong starting pitching, just enough offense, and a successful building of a bullpen bridge from the starter to the closer. (Trevor Rosenthal, the presumed setup man, didn’t pitch, so he still hasn’t retired a batter this year.) If the Nats can manage to do what they did yesterday three times out of five, I’ll take it.

    Scheduled day off today, which is just as well because it’s soggy on the East Coast, and then a couple of day games this weekend in NYC before a bus trip to Philly.

    Enjoy your weekends.

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    1. Read somewhere that Rosenthal has an “infinity” ERA and I thought about tagging you on Twitter to see what you thought but remembered it’s baseball season now and that’s what the blog is for lol

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      1. I saw a tweet from Tim Kurkjian about Chris Davis’ execrable start to the season, where he’s batting .000 with 50% Ks or something, and someone replied with “I wonder if Rosenthal could get him out?”

        My immediate thoughts were “What did Ken do to get involved in this thread?” because Trevor Rosenthal doesn’t immediately register with me as a guy who pitches for the team I root for.

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  2. Back to back games with 10 or more K’s by Tigger starting pitchers. Turnbull’s 10 K’s are the most by a Tigger in the home opener since the legendary Jean Dubuc posted 10 in 1914. After his playing days were over Dubuc did some work as a scout and was responsible for Hank Greenberg signing with the Tiggers.

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  3. Scouts do you find Davis to be tortuously bad or hilariously bad? I hope it’s the latter.

    Any talk in Oriole land of how much longer he can be allowed to take up a spot in the lineup, or even the roster?


    1. I have moved on to the acceptance stage, so now I find it hilarious. I hope they never bench him, as I’ll lose my favorite bit of 2019.

      Also, I don’t see how they will ever cut him loose as he’s owed somewhere around 92 million, and it’s not like he’s costing them any games they care about anytime soon. I say setup a booth and let people throw pies at him.

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  4. WTF Mets trainer! Presumably to reach such a high level of athletics a player has learned the importance of hydration. But in case he did not, THAT’S WHAT TEAM TRAINERS ARE FOR.

    Or maybe he had performance anxiety. I was catheterized for surgery a couple years ago, and after the catheter was pulled, they said “you can leave if you can urinate.” I felt like a dog being walked- the nurse kept coming back to check, I had real performance anxiety.


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