Weekend Edition Season Forecast Edition

I got the projections below from Bleacher Report and  have no idea how well reasoned they are but do know that the graphics were easy to copy and paste and their projection for the Twins is one of the more optimistic ones so I expect that they’re as good as any.  I don’t think they account for the Machado and Harper signings so I suppose we should add 4 -6 wins for the Padres and Phillies.

If you want to read the accompanying explanations, which I didn’t, you can find them here


AL East

Looks like the AL East won’t be as boringly dominant this year and that the fightin O’S will vastly improve. Wowzie!!!

Team Record W +/-
Boston Red Sox 101-61 -7
New York Yankees 100-62 +0
Tampa Bay Rays 88-74 -2
Toronto Blue Jays 68-94 -5
Baltimore Orioles 57-105 +10

AL Central

Looks like the AL Central will be considerably less bad this year but sorry Historio and Sparty the Spreadsheet Gods have spoken.

BTW the way Sparty both our teams made the sweet sixteen. Epic collision course?

Team Record W +/-
Cleveland Indians 95-67 +4
Minnesota Twins 87-75 +9
Chicago White Sox 74-88 +12
Kansas City Royals 63-99 +5
Detroit Tigers 62-100 -2

AL West

Good to see the Astros still on top

Team Record W +/-
Houston Astros 99-63 -4
Oakland Athletics 84-78 -13
Los Angeles Angels 82-80 +2
Seattle Mariners 74-88 -15
Texas Rangers 64-98 -3

NL East

There you go Prof and the Nats are better without Harper.

Team Record W +/-
Atlanta Braves 95-67 +5
Washington Nationals 91-71 +9
New York Mets 87-75 +10
Philadelphia Phillies 82-80 +2
Miami Marlins 55-107 -8

NL Central

Damn! I want me some Brew Crew in the playoffs. I imagine spoiled Cardinal fans don’t like this. Histrio please let Paper know he’s being trolled.

Team Record W +/-
Chicago Cubs 90-72 -5
St. Louis Cardinals 88-74 +0
Milwaukee Brewers 83-79 -13
Cincinnati Reds 81-81 +14
Pittsburgh Pirates 75-87 -7

NL West

Wouldn’t it be nice if somebody besides the Dodgers win the NL West

Team Record W +/-
Los Angeles Dodgers 95-67 +3
Colorado Rockies 86-76 -5
Arizona Diamondbacks 81-81 -1
San Diego Padres 77-85 +11
San Francisco Giants 66-96 -7

For those of you whose team’s prospects are on the darker side let’s see those delusional thinking skills you’ve been working on this spring.

Although not directly related to baseball I found this helpful. Perhaps you will too.

Per the Twins, they made some nice additions, Buxton and his pals in the outfield looked good this spring, not so sure about everybody else, but all in all I think it’s likely that I’ll have meaningful games to watch until about the middle of September.

If the Twins do have a playoff season it will probably have to include a big bounce back year from their DSA (Designated Sexual Assailant / Designated Strikeout Artist) Miguel Sano. He’s stating the year on injured reserve having cut a tendon or something during a celebration of the Dominican League championship this winter. It’s not hard to imagine the stupidity that must have been involved. If he does have a big year I’ll have to trade in my cheap ass big ass TV for a smarter than me one so I can make him look like Harmon Killebrew.

However, I do confidently predict the completion of many a warm summer day in front of a baseball game for all of us.


8 thoughts on “Weekend Edition Season Forecast Edition

  1. Those weren’t the gods you heard laughing. Those were the Old Ones, who created life on Earth as a joke and designatedhitterball as the punchline. Read your Necronomicon, Twinkles!


  2. Happy, don’t think the 4th meeting of our teams in the short pants tournament is going to happen. I see Gonzaga taking out your boys and if we get past LSU I don’t see us beating either the Hokies or the Dookies. Too bad Duke slid by UCF tonight, I wanted to see more Tacko Fall.


    1. Gonzaga is that some new breakfast cereal? LSU and the Dookies? Does that scare Michiganders? Tacos? Love em.. Heading for my nightly sliders with jalapeno’s and horseradish sauce now. See you soon.


  3. I was down in Scottsdale last weekend, caught 3 games. Giants looked pretty good and won all three. Then I looked at the overall record – not so hot.

    I originally had hopes for a .500 team or thereabouts, some level of improvement. But they have a piecemeal outfield that is still nowhere near finalized, a catcher with a suspect hip, a first baseman with a suspect head, a second baseman with a suspect back, a shortstop with a suspect bat…

    Unless several players have career years at the plate, that 67-win prediction looks about right. I hate it when the honeymoon period expires before Opening Day…

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