Thank you, Jobu, I am watching beisbol!

There are remnants of snow along the street outside my window, and I am listening to baseball!


Thank Jobu, we have made it through the annual Dark Times.

Spring is coming!

There are Tigers I’ve never heard of running around the green, green fields of Florida, and I’m so happy I could cry.

Due to technical difficulties, I’m having to listen to the Jays’ broadcast, and, Dog help me, they’ve got me excited for Vlad Jr.

The Tigers are up 4-0 in the 5th, but the Jays have turned three sweet DP’s so far.

OMG, I had no idea how cold my soul had gotten until the warm beams of baseball shone on me.

Let us all rejoice!

18 thoughts on “Thank you, Jobu, I am watching beisbol!

  1. I just saw a photo with alleged ice on the field in Scottsdale this morning. It was suspiciously distributed however (all in one area—coincidence, or conspiracy?). And Flagstaff—just two hours away from S.T.—got a record three feet of snow yesterday. Just sayin’.


    1. Do not doubt it. I’ve been in Albuquerque all week – just returned to my own private global warming experience – where we had a couple of snowstorms, overnight temperatures in the low 20s and middays in the low to mid 40s, while Santa Fe and Taos higher up, to our north, got more snow than we did. I feel that experiencing snowfall once every two or three years for a day or so, even driving in it, is humbling and helps restore a tropical’s perspective. Aside from that, snow can go to hell.

      I haven’t watched any baseball so far; I was too busy this week and also disconnected from the Feesh audiovisual network. However, they got sheschmettered by the Cardinals ad the Pirates on successive days, 11-1 and 10-6. The season already has a lean and hungry look about it.

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  2. I appreciate the offering to Jobu, and feel the need to make a gesture of my own to assure goo fortune for the Astros. But I really hate dark rum. Do you suppose Jobu would loosen up to some rye whiskey?


  3. We just got another foot of the white crap dropped on us last night and schools are closed AGAIN due to horrible roads. On top of that, I have been sick all weekend with a sore throat and congested noggin, and am not going to work today, because my job involves talking to people (preferably in a pleasant manner) and I can’t do that right now.

    The only way that baseball makes me feel better right now is if the Jays fly me to Dunedin, plop me in a prime seat, and start pouring good rum into me until it kills this cold.

    Even Eric, the aforementioned neighbour who clears our driveway with his tractor, told my wife on Saturday that, even though he loves playing with his toy, he is “so done with this winter”.


    1. Our neighbor is Canadian. When it snows, he drives over on his tractor and plows our drive. We’ll see him out there in his snowsuit rocking out with his headphones on. Every once in awhile we give him a 6 pack to say thanks.

      My mom was visiting family in Florida (snowbirds) last week and they went to a spring training game Sunday. I was pretty jealous.


  4. I just saw, in a time many sexual predators are loosing jobs in politics and entertainment, a disheartening story. It started promisingly: a single A Red Sox affiliate will be covered by an all female broadcast team. Then I saw the “baseball card” for the leader of the group, including stats for games broadcast, # of hair flips… oh, well. Two steps forward, one step back.


  5. You may not know this, but it doesn’t snow in Key West, nor has it ever reached freezing temperatures, at least according to local legend. The router box is dead, so I dug out the old strat-o-matic to amuse myself. Still looking for Bum Farto, waiting on Conch Baseball, and of course life, liberty and always, the pursuit of illegal happiness!


  6. Heading down to Scottsdale on Saturday morning, catching 3 Giants games through Monday – aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…


      1. I have been wanting to “Bucket List” a trip to Scottsdale for decades. Finally, a buddy of mine and I went last year – and now we are trying to make it an annual thing. So far, two in a row! It’s a total blast! Old Town Scottsdale, bars, Segway tours, bars, Don and Charlies Sunday night – which I am really looking forward to, as it is getting torn down in May…
        Man – first I used “Bucket List” as a verb, then ended a phrase with a preposition – too early in the a.m. on the West Coast…


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