Time to wake up!  We FINALLY have some solid free agent deals.  It looks like Manny Machado has proven you can go home again.  And you can still get paid.  Machado signs a reported 10 year, 300 million deal with the San Diego Padres.  A deal in which includes an opt-out clause after the 5th season.

Personally, I wonder how long before he’s begging out of San Diego, but well he played in Baltimore for so long, maybe he’ll be happy there?  Still, gotta hurt Yankee and Philly fans.  No let’s go ahead and talk about how you really didn’t want him all that much anyways.

ScoutsEdit: I don’t know why I thought he was born in San Diego.  Maybe I have him confused with someone else.  Maybe it’s because I just really wish I was somewhere warmer now.  Maybe it’s just been a really long damn winter and I’m ready for it to be over.  Either way, updates.

25 thoughts on “WAKE UP!

  1. Machado was born and raised in Florida, not sure how is San Diego going home again. I guess if you want a lot of money and a low pressure situation, might as well go where the weather is nice. There’s worse witness protection programs out there.

    Does this put pressure on the other SoCal team to sign the over rated Harper? Do the Feelies decide to spend their stupid money on him? Or does The Borg open the wallet and decide to try to score 8 runs a game?

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      1. Shoveling? Not me… I have a 20 year old son living under my roof and eating my food… any shoveling that needs to be done is HIS job, not mine. As for the driveway, my young neighbour two doors down is a firefighter who owns a Kubota tractor with a bucket on the front and a snowblower attachment on the back, and he clears us out every storm. I guess it doesn’t hurt that his father-in-law lives on one side of me and his brother-in-law lives on the other side, and he includes us when he clears snow for the entire street. There are fringe bennies of living in the middle of a small family settlement, I guess.

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  2. Low pressure? I don’t think so. I presume that he will be tying up a substantial part of the Padres payroll limiting their ability to extend those hot young prospects they are said to have. Unless he plays like Honus Wagner the whole way through he will be blamed by Padre fans for every ill their team encounters during those ten years as things do or don’t work out.

    Good to have you back Scouts. I was considering titling my next post as

    But it might have been fun. You know, Freudian dream theory and such.


    1. But then, we are talking about San Diego, which is the laid-backest version of laid-back SoCal. Many here won’t/don’t care either way. It’s a nice park and people will come to a few games, but unless the franchise becomes a perennial contender (which it never has been), I wouldn’t expect any sort of Mannymania.


  3. This deal makes no sense to me. The Padres now have monster contracts for Machado and Hosmer (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha), and they aren’t contenders. They are going to eat some money, long term. And given Preller’s past issues with recruits in Latin America, I think there’s no way he doesn’t get dinged in the DOJ’s human trafficking investigation — and maybe screwing the Padres on that too. So, where are they going with this signing?

    And, I’m super disappointed that when Machado had his chance to stay with a winner, he went for the money instead. He was wasted in Baltimore, but he was stuck there. Now, he’s limiting himself by choice. It makes me sad because he’s a talent. I hate to see him end up like Cano, where he becomes irrelevant playing for a crappy team.

    AND, I don’t think Manny will look good in brown. But, I guess, go play for the poop emojis.

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  4. Brooklyn/LA Dodger great Don Newcombe dies at 92. Accomplished the rare CY/MVP combo. Terrific career, and perhaps Hall of Fame worthy but for two seasons in uniform during the Korean War and a poor season coming back.

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    1. Cold?


      (switches to Jack Nicholson voice) YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE COLD!!!

      By my calculations, 45°F is +7°C, which is downright balmy to any Canadian who doesn’t live in Vancouver or Victoria. This morning here in Eastern Canuckistan it was a slightly nippy -25°C, which translates to -13°F. This is the temperature at which I debate whether to wear a winter jacket rather than my usual leather one. This is also a temperature which would apparently kill most Americans that live anywhere south of Omaha, judging by the talk.

      Pro tip: don’t whine about the how cold your winter is where a Canadian can hear you. To quote the very first drill sergeant I had when I joined the military some 38 years ago “You want sympathy? I’ll tell you where you can find sympathy… it’s in the dictionary, somewhere between shit and syphilis.”

      NOTE TO SELF: Don’t bitch about the heat this summer when it reaches above 85°F.

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      1. We all joke to each other about any (and every) body we know (farther north variety) who laugh when we say it’s cold. But our weather is a curse in some ways. A slight drizzle can cause muti-vehicle pileups. At work last week, a day we had about half an inch of rain, I assured a disbelieving caller that yes, we WERE open, despite the biblical downpour!

        I hope you got a laugh that helped generate a little body heat.

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        1. I no longer complain about -25 C after spending 17 long winters stationed in Cold Lake, Alberta, where we saw -40 to -50 every winter, and wouldn’t see anything above -30 for weeks on end.


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