Delusional Thinking Spring Training Camp 2019

Catchers are catching. Pitchers are pitching. Players are hitting, catching and throwing the ball. At least most of them anyways.

Time for us to start stretching our neurons. I’ll start.

Bryce, Manny and company will manage to catch on with a MLB team before the start of the season. I have to believe this. It would be such a drag to see these nice young men forced to stock the shelves at Walmart or move back in with their parents.

Now, before I go see how the salt is working on my back steps, let me remind you that this means spring is here.

I don’t know which I believe more. That the Twins win the world series because it would be so incredibly bitter sweet for them to do that in the first year of Super Joe’s retirement, or that they ruin the season in the wild card playoff of a 100 plus win Yankee team because God is watching.

That was exhausting. Good thing it’s only pre season because I’ve got a ways to go before I’ll be in game shape. Time for a break. Let’s catch our breath while watching an instructional video.

We watched this in our 2018 Delusional Thinking Spring Training but let’s watch it again because it so wonderfully confirms our thinking.

Okay now lets finish our first day by setting some goals. We will sharpen are delusional thinking skills so that our minds are capable of believing (not limited to):

  • Each of our teams will spend whatever it takes to get the players they need to go all the way because WTF it isn’t our money.
  • Your state will legalize pot (our PED) so you can sharpen your delusional thinking skills even more.
  • Mine eyes will see the glory of the coming of the Lord
  • All the teams will lower the price of hot dogs to 99 cents
  • Although it didn’t happen last year like we hoped species 8472 will devour the Borg. BTW there’s a Borg-athon on BBC tomorrow.

Now let’s get to work with a song in our heart.

Now show me wach ya got!

19 thoughts on “Delusional Thinking Spring Training Camp 2019

  1. I’m all for going down a white rabbit hole (especially if Grace is on the other end), but that first video was baffling. Why do northern people from really cold places have to speak funny languages? Perhaps his medium was the message. (See? I don’t have anything to say about baseball yet either!)


        1. Well, politicians tell us what we want to hear even when they know that what we want to hear don’t make no sense. So, yeah that is like saying something when you don’t have nothing to say.

          Got my vote!


  2. Dear Buddha but that woman still makes me heart flutter. I sat in the first row at the Fillmore East for an Airplane concert oncet when she was wearing a black lace miniskirt. I was bleeding from my pores. Now she looks like Jabba the Hutt, Paul is gone, Marty is gone, Spencer is gone. Jack n’ Jorma still seem to be going strong.

    Ah well. The Feesh are schooling up the coast and I can’t in all my lifetime remember the curtain going up for a spring training that interested me less, except maybe last season. I’m wondering if The Bust can find himself this year. He’s a good kid, but I have a feeling he’d better start learning Japanese.

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    1. I ain’t so pretty no more either, and I bet neither are you. But that’s okay. We can always remember. And if our delusional thinking skills are sharp enough we can even imagine that what we remember is how things still are. Pour some wine and hit the weight room!!!

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      1. Pretty is as pretty does. I met her a few years ago at the art gallery that reps her paintings in Bal Harbour down here in Macondo and she was very friendly and funny, still has that edgy sense of humor. Her art is very interessin’ too:


      2. I have to concur, Twins. Gracie didn’t age well, but neither did I. Glad to see Jorma is still kickin’ – he did some great things with that guitar. But I will get on board with Gator. I saw Gracie in concert circa 1969 and she brought out some ungentlemanly thoughts in me. She was amazing on stage. The video clip was great, too.


  3. Pot is already legal nationwide up here, Happy… but we’re just a bunch of damn socialists anyway.

    The pre-season state of the Jays is thus: Most of our sluggers have departed, our manager has changed, the pitching is highly suspect and we’ve lost Russell Martin back to La-La Land, but we have a great crop of young’uns, including some great young catchers, so there is cause for optimism. But one thing and one thing alone has me very pumped about the upcoming season…


    ‘Nuff said.


    1. Yeah, the Jays have the future the Feesh pretend to have. I gotta connect with Mike T about hitting some games at the Rogers this summer.

      Incidentally, the Baseball Prospectus PECOTA rankings came out yesserday. PECOTA stands for Player Empirical Comparison and Optimization Test Algorithm. It projects the Feesh will rank 29th in batting average, 29th in on-base percentage, and last in slugging percentage and score the fewest runs in MLB in 2019.

      Sounds pretty optimistic to me.

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      1. Your Feesh are predicted to win 68 games playing in a division where the other 4 teams are all predicted to finish over .500. The Tiggers are predicted to win only 67 games playing in a division with 2 other teams predicted to lose 90 or more games. That’s a completely different level of suck. See, things could be worse.

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    1. You must be having one hell of a dream. Did Boog Powell just go deep?

      After I go to bed tonight I expect Buxton will steal home.


  4. Bruce Bochy says this will be his last season. Will he be the last manager to enter the Hall of Fame, given the increase in analytic, formulaic field leadership? Are today’s managers still “running the show” or is it the front office? Is the manager of today’s MLB more properly referred to as the “field supervisor”?


      1. It says something about a decade in San Diego! That will ruin any manager’s win percentage!
        I was there for a season and watched the immortal Tony Gwinn and former California Angel RoY Wally Joiner in 1997. Mostly following on tv, that old stadium was not a great place. My best memory of San Diego: end of season, Dodgers and Padres in the running for postseason, and the headline the day after the regular season was “Dodgers Lose!!” The mismatched rivalry of LA, which couldn’t care less about Padres baseball; and of SD, unable to measure any success objectively instead took pleasure in the Dodger’s failure.


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