Social Media as Tea Leaves

In a story that reads like every moment of middle school that both my daughters experienced, we get word that Bryce Harper has unfollowed many Washington Capitals players on Twitter:

I guess he’ll be Bryce Harper of the San Francisco Harpers or, perish the thought, the Philadelphia Harpers before long…

13 thoughts on “Social Media as Tea Leaves

    1. Russian Machine Never Breaks dot com is the number one (in my opinion) website for Washington Capitals news, a credentialed blog site that’s a must read for any fan.

      It takes its name from something that Alex Ovechkin said in 2006 (that’s him in the avatar, sort of). He was hit by a puck in either practice or a game, and a member of the media asked him if he was okay. He replied:

      “I’m okay; Russian machine never breaks.”

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  1. The Giants have a looooong history of dipping a toe in the water on top FAs. Then, once they have engendered an appearance of serious pursuit, they gingerly withdraw said toe.
    They usually end up with the Gerardo Parras instead (no offence intended, Gerardo)…
    I think the Giants are marginally better than the prognosticators think, but I smell a 77-82 win team coming along. I am heading down to Scottsdale next month to drink beer (and check on how the Giants look close-up).
    Would not mind seeing Harper in a Giant’s uni, but it wouldn’t be enough by itself to get the Giants to the playoffs.


      1. eck,
        I am trying hard to be patient, and would love it if Parra helps the team, but the picking and poking and dabbling is exhausting sometimes…

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