I’m Bored. Let’s Argue.

There are reports that the players association is pressuring the league to institute the DH in the National League.  Nothing will probably come of it as the players have tried many times before to no avail. Personally I like the DH but would like things to stay the same because it so basebally that baseball is the only sport that has different rules for its two conferences.

You like see ball go far?

Stones > Beatles

Is this even an argument. I Wanna Hold Your Hand vs Satisfaction? Even if we forget that the Beatles only went on for a little over a decade while the stones went on, are still going on, for over half a century, and just compare their rookie years the difference is greater than the difference between…Star Trek and Star Wars.

Openers Do Make Sense – Get Over It

Presumably the opposing team’s manager will put three of his best if not very best hitters at the top of the order so as to give them as many plate opportunities as possible. If you have a guy in the bullpen who happens to match up well with them because of a lefty righty thing or whatever why is it so bad if your starter primary pitcher pitches the 2nd – 7th instead of the 1st – 6th? There’s very clear cut evidence that hitters do much better against the starter when they see him for the third time than then they do the first two times. Whether that’s because they know by the third time what pitches are or aren’t working for him that game and therefore what to expect or because of pitcher fatigue is arguable, but whichever, you still want to minimize the chances that their best hitters will get that chance against your guy.

But if you want to deny the unassailable, incontrovertible logic of this, I guess I don’t mind if you remain ensconced in your alternative reality. Just don’t smoke all the weed before I’m able to join you.

Thin Crust? Thick Crust? Stuffed Crust?

Definitely thin crust because my teeth suck.

Above could use some meat but I’m not sure which. Maybe ham. But for God’s sake, please no olives.

Oh, I suppose some of you like doing a face plant into a deep dish. Just don’t bring one to my house unless you’ve come to help shovel.


39 thoughts on “I’m Bored. Let’s Argue.

  1. I am also in favor of keeping the difference in the leagues. It gives us who root for the AL reason to mock the NL.

    You beat me to it, happy. I was going to make a post about the rule change.

    I’m in favor of the 3-batter rule proposal, though. The game moves too slow when they change pitchers so many times per inning and to face 1 batter — or none!

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      1. I’d like to see the decision about hitting left to the pitcher himself, in the AL I mean.
        I’m all in favor of expanding Medicare and Medicaid but I draw the line at desecrating to game to let slow, gimpy, over-the-hill ballplayers hang onto their jobs. Can’t run? Play first base. Can’t field? Hey, that was always part of the fun, as in “past a diving Jeter into center field!” If I gave a flying fark at a rolling donut, I’d even ban half-ballplayers from the Hall of Fame. But I don’t.


        1. But but but…..what about when it’s the owners/GMs who are the ones making the decisions about who “can still play” when it’s based largely on their supposed salaries?


    1. WAKE UP WAKE UP!!!

      I gotta tell you something.

      Did you know that sexually frustrated fruit flies sometimes drown their sorrows in the bottle just like me and you?!

      Fruit flies have only 250,000 neurons, and they too display complex behaviors. In lab experiments, when faced with dim mating prospects, some seek out alcohol, the consciousness-altering substance that’s available to them in nature in broken-open, fermenting fruit.


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        1. It’s a good thing not a bad thing. SURVIAL OF THE FRUITIEST!!!

          Yeah your right. Those guys with the brooms are funny as hell. As long as you been drinking like a horny fruit fly.


        2. Sorry, Twins. My opinion on the Stones when I was in college was heavily biased by “Beggars Banquet”, which was one of the best rock albums of that era. It’s hard for me to find a second that approaches that for overall strength (Make a case for “Sticky FIngers” or “Exile on Main Street”). By the mid-70’s I felt like the Stones had become the Band That Plays the Stones.
          Meantime the Beatles can stack up “Revolver”, “Rubber Soul”, “Abbey Road” and the White Album (for all of its inconsistencies, still really good). None is better than “Banquet” but all are about as good. And they were spared from turning into The Band That Plays the Beatles by breaking up in 1970.


  2. I’m for keeping DH unchanged.
    WTF with the fruit fly stats? Dude, I simpathize: your frozen but was stuck indoors under tons of snow. The internet is Windows ( see what I did there?) to the unfrozen world. You start at a reputable site, follow a link or two, and suddenly you’re at Fruit F’ing Fly dot com. This is when you get out of the chair and – and do ANYTHING other than studying up on the laments of sex starved insects.


  3. I’m an AL guy but I say keep the DH in the NL so we can see what an anachronism it is. Every other professional baseball league uses the DH with the sad exception of the “senior” circuit.

    Beatles, by at least a couple of parsecs. Fight me!

    Pitchers — I don’t give a rat’s ass who starts the game, as long as they help hold the other team to fewer runs than my boys score.

    Pizza is a tough one. I am not a fan of deep dish pizza… might as well eat lasagna in that case, and my wife’s lasagna kicks ass. Thin crust is okay if we are talking wood-fired oven, Italy-style pizza, but if the pizza joint loads on the toppings, then you might as well try piling them on a sheet of paper, for all the support it provides. I used to eschew stuffed crust pizza — I figure if you have enough cheese on top of the thing, you don’t need more in the edge of the crust, but then we had a new joint open up in town that makes a wonderful, medium crust pie with fresh toppings, and they offer a stuffed-crust version using cream cheese, which is phenomenal.

    With all the hopes of Spring, there is no sign of it up here. Today is wonderfully sunny, if you can get past the -20 Celsius temps. Tomorrow it is supposed to warm up to just below freezing… apparently to try and soften the blow from the foot or so of snow we are supposed to get. Welcome to Canada, eh?

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  4. Universal DH.

    The Rolling Stones.

    Openers are ok.

    Thick Crust (Deep Dish isn’t pizza; it’s a delicious casserole made from pizza-adjacent ingredients, but it ain’t pizza.)


  5. I’m tempted to insist that the Beatles and the Stones were both just trying (and failing) to be as great as Dylan, but then I’d have to go full contrarian and make a case for 8-hitter lineups, requiring relief pitchers to stay in the game as fielders, and calzones.

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        1. Yeah, that’s a wonderful version. Not sure I’d agree it surpasses Dylan’s, but it’s the full measure of the song, that’s for sure. There are a few out there, especially the later ones, where his recording instincts failed his songwriting. Like this: https://youtu.be/vACrQRyxN8E


        2. You’re right. Bobby Zimmerman of Hibbing, Minnesota, former denizen of Dinky Town, home of the best chocolate malt in the world served at Annie’s Parkour, is the premier songwriter of the 20th century. But he was more a poet than a musician and here’s one no one will ever be able to sing better than he did.

          Sundown yellow moon I recall the past…


  6. Since I’m a day late and more than a dollar short, I’ll get right to it: All DH, all the time (watching pitchers hit suxx); Stones: Deep Dish; openers might be OK IF we limit the number of pitchers per game; fruit flies >> house flies; and Montana >>> Brady.

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