Is Today The Day For Harper?

MLB The Show 19 chose Bryce Harper as its cover boy for their game packaging a while ago, which was a bit awkward because at the time it was unknown where he’d be playing in 2019, and so promotional pictures of him have him wearing a logo-free hoodie.

The twitter account associated with the game teased yesterday that they’d have a big announcement today, which has ramped up speculation that Harper’s finally going to sign somewhere.

There’s talk that it’ll be Philly, with anonymous reports that an agreement in principle had been reached, pending physicals.

I’ve also seen anonymous reports today that Harper was going to sign a one year $40MM deal with the Dodgers, which would mean that we get to do this all again next winter, I guess.

Fifteen days till pitchers and catchers report, at least for the Nats, so here’s hoping this drama comes to an end soon.

12 thoughts on “Is Today The Day For Harper?

  1. I can’t think of one single sane reason for Harper to sign a one year deal. Not one. Unless he plans to score $40 Brobdingnagian ones and then retire to a stud farm.


    1. I’d love to see Bryce announce by setting out an entire table full of major league caps, then toss them away one by one (with varying and appropriate degrees of disgust) until we’re left with two finalists, only…..TO BE CONTINUED! Same brat time, same brat channel!

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      1. That’s modern MLB logic for you. Stage a one-time orfseason event that will appeal to children, then lose them all the following season by scheduling most of your games too late for them to watch.


  2. The really exciting news is that now it’s one day later than yesterday! Woo-hooo! Which means….we still don’t have any real baseball news to discuss, do we? Can’t wait for the collusion formalities to get started.


  3. Day 4. Still no Harper, Bro. I’m ready to read he’s going to Japan because he skipped his Mormon mission to play baseball and he wants to evangelize the heathen Shinto.


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