Moose and Doc, Enshrined at Last

As probably the person at this site who treasures the Hall of Fame most, I am pleased to say that I can finally say the following words:

Mike Mussina and Roy Halladay are immortal.

As you know, I have been employed Moose Watch since we started the site several years ago. Mussina is one of the best pitchers of his generation, and it wasn’t his fault that his peak corresponded with the likes of Roger Clemens, Pedro Martinez, and Randy Johnson – three of the most powerful, dominant pitchers of all time. However, Moose’s body of work speaks for itself, and if you ask any hitter worth his salt they will tell you that his knuckle curve is one of the nastiest pitches ever. When men fear your presence in a game, you’re doing it right.

On the other side of this is Roy Halladay. You may remember when Doc died, I wrote a heartfelt, personal tribute to the greatest pitcher I had seen pitch live (only got to see Maddux, Glavine, et al on TV). Doc should have been here to see this. We should have been able to hear his excitement and witness his huge smile upon receiving such a great honor. But we won’t, and it’s bittersweet.

Halladay is the first regular ballot posthumous inductee since Christy Mathewson. So while there have been dead inductees in the past – notably Ron Santo – this is an unusual situation. I can only assume that Roy’s widow, Brandy, will do the honors.

In case you forgot just how dominant, how very special Roy Halladay was, I offer this video:

To say that I cried when both of these men were called is an understatement. For Moose, it’s very much happy tears, as I honestly did not know if I would see this day. For Doc, it’s touched with sadness, as I wish he could have seen just how many people in baseball truly loved and admired him.

That being said, it’s a special day for our friendly neighborhood Prof, as two of my all time favorites will live forever, standing on the shoulders of giants, inspiring anyone who wants to play the game the best way they know how.

19 thoughts on “Moose and Doc, Enshrined at Last

  1. In 2014 my son’s travel team played at the Ripken tournament facility in Myrtle Beach and Doc was there to pose with kids in their team picture. While the schedule was tight, he took the time to say a few words to the kids and give them the thrill of shaking hands with a recent MLB player. Congrats Doc!


  2. Happy for you, Prof.

    I believe I mentioned it here before, but I got to meet Mussina once, and he’s a good guy, and I’m glad to finally see him get his due.

    And now to await the “Which hat will/should be on his plaque?” hot takes.


    1. My take is that he needs to go in as an Oriole. His numbers, especially his awards (AS selections, GG, CYA/MVP nods), favour his early career:

      BAL (10 years) – 5 x All-Star, 7 x CYA top-6, 4 x GG, 2 x MVP nods
      NYY – (8 years) 0 x All-Star, 1 x CYA top-6, 2 x GG, 1 x MVP nods

      As well, his ERA, W-L%, CG, SHO, and ERA+, WHIP, H/9, and HR/9 are all better as an Oriole than as a Yankee.

      As for Doc, I say he has to go in as a Blue Jay. Discuss…


      1. UPDATE: Doc will not have a team logo on his HoF plaque, per his family, because of how much both franchises meant to him.

        Wonder if Moose goes the same route.


        1. Not sure on that. Tom Boswell had a column up on Moose yesterday, and it included this nugget:

          “Yet after word hit the clubhouse that one of Mussina’s best friends, B.J. Surhoff, had been traded to the Atlanta Braves midseason, Moose called me to his locker — furious.

          The Surhoffs had a child they believed could get better medical care at Johns Hopkins than anywhere else, and B.J. absolutely wanted to stay in Baltimore. But Mussina, and other Orioles, believed he was traded in part out of spite after petty tiffs with a member of ownership.

          “That’s it,” spit out Mussina, who was in his free agent walk year. “I’m out of here.”

          The next year, he was a Yankee. Cause and effect?”

          Only Moose knows whether or not that resentment still lingers.


        1. I think this trend could be creatively revised. I care little enough for the Hall anyway so, Mephistophelian glint in my eye, I propose that all the major sports team logos – basketball, hockey and football included – be thrown into a hat and the inductee asked to pick one out while blindfolded. I’d love to see Mussina go in with a Colorado Avalanche logo. Shake up the Hall!


  3. Don’t forget Edgar, another player whose induction is WAY overdue. Now if we can only get the BBWAA to recognize that Larry Walker should also be in Cooperstown…

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      1. Naaahhh, I for Boris, would’ve wanted Jon Polito, the guy who so brilliantly played Johnny Caspar in Miller’s Crossing (RIP, sadly):

        I don’t to this day comprehend how he was passed over for a Best Supporting Actor nomination for that role.


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