Dozier? I Barely Know Her

Word comes today that the Nats have signed Brian Dozier to a one year deal ($9MM, with $2MM of that deferred, and no option years) to man second base for them during the upcoming season.

This signing means that, barring injury, the Nats won’t be relying on some combination of Wilmer Difo and Howie Kendrick (still recovering from a torn achilles tendon) to play there this year.

It also means that they also won’t be rushing Carter Kieboom, who’s a natural shortstop who will need seasoning this year in the minors to learn how to play a new position, but it also tells me Kieboom is penciled in to be the Opening Day 2B in 2020.

Dozier’s got a history of being a power hitter, albeit one with a fair to poor batting average. Last year was execrable for him, however, so here’s hoping that he bounces back this year, or that young Mr. Kieboom learns how to play second base quickly.

7 thoughts on “Dozier? I Barely Know Her

  1. Dozier has always been a streaky hitter. Here’s hoping he gets hot for you and your boys about next July. And sometimes his D is fun to watch.

    What do you think of his hair?


    1. I didn’t have any impression of his hair, because initial Google searches for him all show him in a cap or helmet.

      Digging deeper, he does appear to be someone who knows his way around the hair care products aisle, and a cluster of related images for one of the pictures turned up in a Google image search is of one Mr. Bryce Harper, so make of that what you will.

      Speaking of Harper, there’s still a belief that he might re-sign here in DC, but there are also rumors floating that the Phillies trip to Vegas this weekend to “negotiate” with him is really a trip to get him to put pen to paper on a contract offer. See, we shall…


      1. If that’s what you’re hoping for I hope you get it, but I think whoever signs him is going to get a short term sugar high followed by years of a celery and radishes diet.


        1. I’d rather Harper sign a bad contract with my team than see him earn every penny of a large contract with another team, especially one in the same division.

          I know that it’s possible, even likely, that he ultimately won’t be worth the full value of the contract he’ll sign, and that my team might be better off in that case letting someone else pay him, but I don’t want to see him beat my team for the next ten to twelve years.


  2. The NL East is going all out in beefing up their infields. Barves got Josh Donaldson, Gnats got Dozier, Mutts just signed Jed Lowrie to a 2-year deal to go along with Cano…. Feelies are still in the running for Machado.

    And then there are the Feesh…


    1. This offseason (and last offseason, and probably next offseason) will doubtless be major talking points during the next baseball work stoppage, what with so many teams seemingly sitting out the proceedings.


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