If You Can’t Beat Him, Sign Him?

Nats inked a deal with Anibal Sanchez on Thursday. 2 years, $19 million, plus an option in 2021 (when he’ll be 37) but $6 million of the money is deferred until 2021, so he only counts $6 million this year against the salary cap Competitive Balance Tax limit. He’s slated to be their fourth starter, hopefully soaking up the innings that Tanner Roark used to soak up, but for less money.

There’s a lot of wishcasting here, since Sanchez hasn’t been nearly as durable as Roark the last few years. He has enjoyed quite a lot of success against the Nats during his career; 10-1 lifetime in 25 starts with a 2.08 ERA, but he obviously won’t be pitching against the Nats this year or next. It’s also been noted that he’s 4-1 lifetime in 10 starts at Nats’ Park, with a 2.11 ERA, but again, that was all against the Nats, a team he won’t be facing. Baseball Reference projects him to put up semi-serviceable numbers, but only 136IP, so right now this seems like a moderately expensive lottery ticket for the Nats.

He’ll get every chance to be the 4th starter, though, and hopefully will be pushed by Joe Ross, Erick Fedde, and Henderson Alvarez, and oh god why are you all laughing right now?

3 thoughts on “If You Can’t Beat Him, Sign Him?

  1. Is this the same Anibal Sanchez who was really good for the tigers, for a while. Then went down the tubes. The same Anibal Sanchez who the Twins took an unsuccessful flyer on last year?

    Like my kindergarten teacher (lying bitch!!!) told me, we’re not laughing at you we’re laughing with you.


    1. After starting his career with the Marlins 2006-2011) he pitched for the Tigers from 2012-2017, but his only really good year there was 2013.

      He pitched for the Braves last year, not the Twins, and put up a 3 WAR season in only 136 IP.


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