Weenter Meetings HQ

Here’s your all-purpose trade or fade headquarters for the Weenter Meetings. I rarely venture out into that unnatural meteorological aberration meself, being a tropical creature and all that, but there are presumably great doings being planned, executed and abandoned out there in frostbitten Las Vegas so we ought to provide a place to discuss them.

My primary innerest in all this, of course, is whether J T Realmuto can escape from Stalag Macondo Banana Massacre Field and find happiness with a contender. Udderwise, it’s nice to see Andrew McCutcheon back in Pennsylvania, having signed a three year, $50 million deal with the Feelies today.

What’s on your personal agendas this week? We’ll entertain input from fans of teams with hopes and fans of lost causes alike.

7 thoughts on “Weenter Meetings HQ

  1. Wonder if that Cutch signing is a sign the Phillies don’t plan to offer stupid money to Harper.

    As for the Motor City Kitties, my one big hope is that someone offers a prospect with a temperature, a pulse, and maybe even an OPS over .700 in exchange for #Blastellanos. There was talk in the local rags that the Barves might be interested which would be great considering they have one of MLB’s best incubation systems.


  2. I hope Tommy escapes the wrecking ball, Gator. My latent love of perverse imagery would be crushed by his absence.

    As to Realmuto, I would love to see the Astros follow up on that semi-mythical deal they had last year and pick him up. But I think the signing of Chirinos (what were they thinking?) and the general weakness of the Astros outfield preclude that. You would be looking at Tucker or Springer or Reddick, I don’t think the right deal will happen.

    For the Astros elsewhere, they need a center fielder (get Springer out of CF, please!), a starter – preferably lefty (hmmmm, I wonder if they have thought of Dallas Keuchel), another reliever, and Realmuto (oh, I repeat myself).

    I lean to AJ Pollock, but I wonder if the Astros might be the dark horse for Harper?
    It broke my heart when Goldschmidt got away. That was a dream scenario. A local boy, too.


    1. Tommy has been disassembled and is going to be reassembled outside the stadium in the main plaza on 14th Street. Jeter hated Tommy from the outset because…well, because Jeter is so boring.

      In Tommy’s place, Jeter has decreed the construction of (get this!) two tiers of “standing room only” decks….when he can’t even barely fill the lower tiers of seats as it is and often has to close orf the empty upper deck!

      Welcome to the days of wine and (hic!) roses, folks….


  3. Agree with you on Cutch. A class act; I hope he finds the next three years in Pa productive. And I do think that rules out Harper to Philly. Redundant money.

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  4. It’s been reported that the Twins are talking to Nelson Cruz, but given that the president is going to “shut the country down” a week from Friday can they get a deal done in time? Ditto for all the other free agents. Will the democratic house be able to reopen the country before spring training? I suppose that this really cuts into the leverage of players.

    Wow a hand grenade in the middle of everything. It’s gonna be fun to watch. Hopefully the internet being an international thing won’t shut down too.


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