Miami Burns

Hey, did you want fireworks for Christmas because former President of the Miami Marlins David Samson went on the “Dan Le Betard Show” and dropped bombs.

Whew, do you have any hair left after that Roman candle???

I couldn’t find a link to the full interview, but we’ll update if found.

Merry Christmas to douches everywhere! Life would be so much less exciting without you.

5 thoughts on “Miami Burns

  1. Samson’s always been a loose cannon. This was ackcherley pretty tame compared to some of his comments. My favorite will always be his calling the Macondo mayor and city council gullible and stupid for accepting the Macondo Banana Massacre Field stadium deal after the Feesh told them their financial records were private.


  2. I don’t doubt his comments about playing ARod against Jeter for personal profit. But, DAMN! That dude is a serious asshole. Her reminds me of the current president.


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