Is Your Team on the Naughty or Nice List?

All in all, it’s been a rather slow hot stove season so far. The Braves have made a few big splashes with Josh Donaldson and Brian McCann; the Phillies and the Mets are wading out into deeper waters as well with recent acquisitions (hi Robbie Cano!). However, the big fish are still out there: Harper, Machado, Corbin. What will the Land of Cleve do with Kluber? Where will J.T. Realmuto end up? Is anyone crazy enough to give Craig Kimbrel a six year deal? Who is getting the Other Seager Brother? Will the Gritty Snakes actually find someone to eat part of Zack Greinke’s contract?

Now’s the time to be honest with yourself. When it comes to free agency, or making some blockbuster trades, do you think your team is on the Nice List, or the Naughty List?

I think the Braves are on the Nice List at the moment, but there’s still some needs and wants that the front office could pursue from the old Wish Book, if you know what I mean.

What about YOUR team? Does your fanbase expect a shiny new toy, or a lump of coal? Tell us in the comments below.

29 thoughts on “Is Your Team on the Naughty or Nice List?

  1. My team is downright scummy. Just read a piece – Craig Mish reports the so-called “extension” the Feesh offered J T Realmuto was about half his market value, insultingly low. No wonder he told them to shove it. I would guess the whole point of this exercise was a smokescreen to leave fans thinking they made a good faith effort to keep him and that JT was the one pushing them to the wall with his refusal to consider staying with the team.


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  2. There’s more than one way to look at naughty and nice. The Astros scored quite a deal getting Osuna in as a reliever. But not many people thought that was so nice.

    As to other deals, I think the Astros are about to break out “nice”. Corbin, Pollack and Realmuto are clearly on the radar. And it wouldn’t stun me if they made a run at Kluber and Wilson Ramos. I’m not sure why they haven’t moved to lock Morton in, but they may just not be in a hurry. Consider Marwin Gonzalez and Keuchel to be history. No one would mind having them back, but I think the Astros are moving into a realm where they have to make choices about who is indispensable and who isn’t.

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  3. Things are looking pretty grim in Detroit these days. It’s a belt-tightening hand-me-down holiday. McCannon and Willie got cut from the good list, but that just leaves empty roster space for whatever Avila can pick up in the Dirty Santa game at the Winter Meetings. If any of you take it upon your hearts to select the D for an Angel Tree gift, we could use work for anyone who can manufacture runs, cars, hope — basically any tool players. Thank you and God bless us, everyone.

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      1. I don’t know. I’ve always been bullish on Corbin, for years now, and there’s another former Gritty Snake there in DC. I think he’ll learn much…


      2. Hard to predict pitchers. Last year was clearly his best year since 2013, which was his last season before his arm exploded and he had to get TJ surgery.

        I find his K/BB rate last year quite appealing (246/48), and if I understand FIP correctly, he was quite unlucky, posting a FIP of 2.47 against an ERA of 3.15.

        Nats don’t need him to be their ace, just their #2 or #3 starter, depending on whether or not Strasburg is healthy.

        Maybe he finally trusted his arm to stay intact last year, maybe he figured something out, or maybe he just got lucky. No player on a nine-figure contract is really worth it in the end, but it ain’t my money, so I’ll sit back and enjoy watching him till I don’t any longer.

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      3. Corbin showed some promise before his surgery, so you can take either side and have a good chance of being right. I think I lean a bit towards Ecx’s position. He struggled with consistency even when he was good. And when you look at stats, he had all the look of a career year last year.


  4. With a pretty fair amount of payroll available I expect the Twins to do some shopping but I don’t see them being able to make themselves any more than about an 85 win team if that. The question is if the Indians decide well that was fun but time to get back to reality by letting Kluber go etc., is going all in for winning the division with 85 wins worth it.

    Of course it would be a dream come true if the Twins made a few small pond splashes in the free agent market and then won the AL Central with a 80 – 82 record and then ruined the season of a 110 win Yankee team.

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  5. And then came the Padres….bringing up the rear as usual. What crazy and uselessly temporary big-splash maneuver will Herr Preller come up with to coax the “fans” in SD to come back to the park for still another year of dullness and ultimate failure? Time will tell. Maybe he’s counting on the SABR convention in June to boost the team’s cache 😉

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  6. It’s gonna be a GREAT year in ’19! Cancel any depression until next April!

    I just read a story that the Astros are willing to trade the entire team for any other team. They want to prove that they can build a great team again, from scratch! Line forms to the right, Scout and Gator at the front.


    1. Hope springs eternal; at least until the regular season starts. On Day One anyone can win the World Series.

      As to the Astros, don’t scare me. Even this build has had its share of stinker deals. Don’t underestimate luck and serendipity in any team championship.

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