Quick Programming Note

Hello everybody!  I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but I haven’t been very active on the site recently.  I’ve been enjoying a MUCH needed vacation, as well as gotten swept up in holidays, sickness, and a crazy work schedule.  I did want to pop my head in real quick and assure you all that we are not going anywhere anytime soon.  In fact, I just renewed the site for another year, and this year I upgraded our WordPress plan off the free tier and onto the paid tier.  What does this mean for you?  Well, probably not much, but you may notice there are no more advertisements.  The site should run quicker and smoother.  We also have some additional space for the uploading of additional gifs and have premium support in case anything goes wrong.


I hope everyone is having a good off-season, and are enjoying the holidays.  I’ll be back writing in regular when the hot-stove starts to heat up, and well, anytime I get a little motivation.  In the mean time I wanted to say thanks to everyone else, Professor, Happy, Gator, SomeGuy, Histo, and (Hey I See you there NBJAYS)!  Thanks for keeping the lights on and the articles going, and most importantly, the conversation flowing.  And finally, thank you to everyone who reads and comments and keeps us afloat.

Much love, happy holidays!

7 thoughts on “Quick Programming Note

  1. Thanks for everything Scouts. Posting here has been a therapeutic relief which has kept me going, along with the support of my digital family.

    BTW my sources tell me that a scenario is developing within which Chris Davis might be put to death. Stay tuned.

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  2. Thank You, Scout. You have my best wishes (but no money, sorry!)

    And Happy, we’ve had rain most of the last 24 hours here in SoCal. Two accidents of consequence and a dozen fender-benders in my neighborhood (we don’t drive well in “stormy weather” down here). It amounts to nothing compared to your snow, but we welcomed our first storm of the season.

    Better days are ahead for all of us, and maybe for our teams, too… Santa may deliver a pitcher or two to Los Angeles of Anaheim (and maybe St Nick will fix that stupid name, too).

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    1. Tell me about not driving well in bad weather. At least you guys have an excuse, as it isn’t all that common down there, but it has been nuts here as well.

      We get probably 8-10 FEET of snow in total over the winter… for EVERY DAMN WINTER in recorded memory. Anyone who has had a driver’s license for more than a year here has had to drive in snow and slush, yet every year, we see what I call “seasonal driving amnesia”, where almost everyone “forgets” that snow and ice on the roads mean SLOW THE HELL DOWN! It’s maddening, to be honest.

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  3. Thanks Scouts! Take your time to recharge batteries and enjoy the holidays with family. We really appreciate the leadership and examples that you and Prof have provided here, and it looks like we have a good solid batch of other regular posters now. I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like, but I’m hoping that can change.


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