2019 Forecast for Atlanta — Plenty of rain.

So the Barves just went out and made the first move on a big name free agent for this offseason, signing Josh Donaldson — The Bringer of Rain — to a one-year, $23 million make-good contract.  I suspect that our beloved Prof will be on-board with this move.

Check out the following post on MLB.com, where Will Leitch lays out seven take-aways from this signing, from how it affects the Barves’ chances in the 2019 post-season, to how it affects other NL East teams (especially the Nats and Phillies), as well as other free agents (from Harper to Moose).


All I will say is that Freddy Freeman has to be ecstatic at having Donaldson potentially batting behind him in the lineup.  As the title of this post says, I expect to see some rain being brought down in Georgia next season.


5 thoughts on “2019 Forecast for Atlanta — Plenty of rain.

  1. I figure a season of Donaldson is about as safe a bet as there is on the market right now. He does not seem to be aging particularly well from an injury viewpoint, but he is a force when he is healthy.

    On a tangential topic, I note that the sheriff is back in Dodge City. Thanks to McCann for his contributions in Houston, but I think he has pretty much played out the string. If this knee repair gives him another year or two, more power to him. But the bat speed is down and the arm is suspect. Probably best as a backup at this stage of the career.


    1. As far as JD’s injuries go, I suspect getting the hell away from the turf in Rogers Centre will work wonders for his rehab.

      As for Sheriff McCann, he certainly isn’t an every day backstop any more, but then neither is Tyler Flowers, really. Maybe Alex Anthopoulos can summon up some voodoo and lure J.T. Realmuto away from Beep-Beep’s ongoing farce down the road in Macondo. If that happens, the Barves will be scary good.


      1. I suppose what he could do is arrange a three-team round robin trade without Beep Beep knowing what’s going on until it’s too late. I’d love to see the little bastard get taken like that.


  2. That was the second major signing of the orfseason but I don’t see an avalanche starting downhill quite yet. Only the Realmuto situation concerns me and even that, not much, really. When the wreckage of your team is pre-ordained to dwell at the bottom of the divisional coal chute, it’s kinda hard to care, you know?


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