Too Much Information

This isn’t too imaginative but its the best I can think of.

How stupid – smart will the front offices be this off season? How far will they go each trying to be the next wunderkind that nobody saw coming? A bunch of new things were tried last year some showing signs of success. Will the composition of rosters to facilitate in game tactics become so complex that it starts to be boring?

Elite Rotation Or Elite Bullpen

Was Clayton Kershaw so easily and quickly extended by the Dodgers because he knew that nobody was going to give him the big glamour contract because, you know, ‘their fans deserve it’, and besides everyone noticed that he’s lost a tick or two off his fastball? The percentage of innings thrown by the bullpens continued to go up and was starting to get ridiculous in the play offs.

With the advent of openers, bull pen games, six man rotations and ever earlier exits for the starter primary pitcher, will teams be more concerned with depth and reliable loogies than the prime time starter. And will the selection of the bullpen guys trend away from the God like closer towards having enough lefties and flame throwers good for 10 to 20 pitches a game?

This is exhausting

Regular Season Roster Versus Playoff Roster

This one might have the nerds scratching the lice out of their hair. Do you build a roster which might get you through the 162 game grind well enough to make the playoffs, but doesn’t have the weapons you need to get the matchups you want in the do or die payoff games? Do you want a dragster or an Indy 500 car? Do you want a rotation good enough to keep the bullpen from wearing down or do you want to be able to changes pitchers in the playoffs more often than a beer drinker has to pee? Do you want guys that are really good but are prima donna pricks who are hurt half the time or do you want guys that are only pretty good but are on the field for 140 games so your manager isn’t a drug addict by the all star break?

Too many questions.

Market Value Minus Market Value

Of course this all comes down to getting the biggest player value for the buck. Is having lots of quadruple A guys playing for the league min, whom (did I get “whom” instead of “who” right?) you can move on and off the big league roster during the season the answer to choosing between a Indy 500 racer for the regular season and still be able to fire up the dragster in the post season? How far do you go? Do trade your 10 mil a year regular for three or four near MLB ready prospects? How much is that superstar in the window? Will Bryce Harper have to settle for a one year, let’s wait for next year’s market, in February contract? It’s not the player, it’s the contract stupid?

Oh and of course, will the trust fund pukes still operate on the basis that the 83rd win does nothing for their bottom line? Well that’s one question that isn’t a question.

Is it too soon for Christmas music?

11 thoughts on “Too Much Information

  1. Hiya Fam – I’ve been sick as a dog for the last two weeks, very tired and super overworked. I’ve been slacking on a lot of fronts, and to be honest I’ve been so doped up on cold medicine that I forgot about most of the awards until the day they were given out. 😦 I’m really sorry, everyone. I feel like a total loser. I wanted to write a big post about the Cy Young Awards – you guys know how much I love pitching – but I was so tired and out of it that basically my post would have been nothing but “Jacob deGrom, bitches” and that was it.



      1. I’ve missed you guys!!! And end of the year awards are some of my favorite things – I hate that I got sick right at this time of the year, really puts a cramp in my style.

        But hey! I bet you’re thrilled about Ohtani!


    1. The %#$!&^ who didn’t sign with the Twins because boo hoo the plane ride from Japan to Minneapolis takes about 3 hours longer than the plane ride to Anaheim.


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