Boston is Your 2018 World Series Champion!

David Price gets the stigma of postseason suckiness off of him.

Nathan Eovaldi has become a new Iron Man hero for the ages.

Steve Pearce goes from journeyman to MVP.

Alex Cora, a rookie manager, wins it all.

Congrats to the 2018 Boston Red Sox for sweeping the leg. They were the team to beat from day one, and it wasn’t because they spent so much money. There are other teams who spent ridiculous amounts of cash to create a super group, including the Los Angeles Dodgers. It was because of smart managing and a mix of stars and everyday Joes who made all the difference.

While guys like Price, Chris Sale, J.D. Martinez, and your eventual AL MVP Mookie Betts all played important roles in this victory, it was guys like Eovaldi, Pearce, and Joe Kelly who did yeoman’s work. They were the real heroes of this series.

Tomorrow, I will break down what went wrong with the Dodgers, but tonight belongs to Boston. Extra special congrats to one of my favorite baseball players of all time, Craig Kimbrel, for getting that hardware. You deserve it, killer.

19 thoughts on “Boston is Your 2018 World Series Champion!

      1. That hurts. Well, now they’ll face a future without prospects too. He’ll get all kinds of credit, but he had a bp that was not his doing. We would have won with a better bp too.


  1. Time to start getting ready for next year so let’s fire up our delusional thinking skills as we enter this historically warm, snowless winter.


    1. Be careful what you ask for. Pike tastes like the famous decaying organic matter (surely you’ve heard of the famous decaying organic matter?) when it’s pulled from warm water. You’ll need my Bubbie’s gefilte feesh recipe to do anything with it otherwise.

      Incidentally, even though Cleveland was eliminated so early, this was by and large a pretty dull postseason. Only one game – WS 3 – could reasonably be called epic, and even that one was boring.


    1. We are kicking off the off-season in style next weekend with a little home retreat. We are going to binge-watch tv and stay in our loungewear all weekend. Sleep lots and take a break before the holidays are the sole agenda items.

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  2. Chalk up another one for Dave Dombrowski. He’s given credit for the ’97 Feesh but not for the 2003 Feesh who were also, largely, his doing – but he smelled which way the wind was blowing over the landfills and escaped the Scrooge McLoria regime for Detroit. As far as I’m concerned, this is the third WS championship he built.


  3. Talk about unlikely heroes. Betts went 0-for-LA until that home run last night. Martinez was better but not by much. Price got booed off the field in the ALCS, only to handily outpitch Kershaw. It wasn’t even close. I think Price should’ve won the MVP and not Pearce (though it’s hard to argue against Pearce winning it), because nobody expected Price to pitch his ass off like this.

    And at times this season the Red Sox who later stepped up in the postseason had stretches where they were awful. Most notably, Kelly for about 2 months straight, and Eovaldi after his first 2 starts with the team.

    Can we talk about how great it was that Machado was the last out? Sale made him look absolutely clueless on the final out of the World Series. That’s a good deal better than throwing at him, as a HBT commenter thought he should’e done.

    And Calcaterra still thinks Kershaw is a viable pitcher in the post. He isn’t. He’s basically Peyton Manning when he was with the Colts.


        1. Each one has its own…eh…charms. Both versions were based on John Campbell’s 1938 pulp science fiction novella Who Goes There? BTW That’s James Arness of Gunsmoke fame as the ambulatory asparagus going up in smoke. Oddly enough, he didn’t win the role as Marshall Dillon for this performance. He won it for his role as a federal agent in the 1954 science fiction-horror movie Them!, the same film for which Fess Parker won his role in Disney’s Davy Crockett series.

          You really should watch the original version. It’s such a time capsule of McCarthy (Joe, not Cormac) era political paranoia (but it might feel contemporary, if you think of the alien being as an illegal migrant) and great old early sci-fi canards.


        2. I liked the Marshall Dillon version, Gator. But it bore precious little resemblance to the original novella. Almost everything Campbell did was pulp. Carpenter went back to the original; but the ’50’s one had a definite appeal to me. The shape-shifter stuff was a little over the top in the original.


  4. Did y’all see the tweet? Texas Rangers invited LAD to the back to back WS loser support group. I was having lunch in the back room and two of three coworkers wanted to know “What’s so funny?”

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