Bits and Pieces Stream of Consciousness World Series Weekend Edition

And loss of consciousness. If anybody here was able to stay awake for the whole thing please step forward to receive your award while telling the rest of us what happened.

Pre Game Bits and Pieces

The Red Sox were the best in baseball when hitting with two outs and runners in scoring position – the dodgers 23rd  Looks like the Dodgers emphasis on elevating their swings to win with the long ball has its down side which showed up in game one and game two.

The Red Sox think that Manny Machado was relaying the catchers signals from second base to the hitters in game two and they’re pissed. How does the enforcement of the unwritten rules work in the world series? You don’t wanna plunk a guy and put him on in a do or die championship game. Does it carry over to next year? Maybe they could throw a rock at him in the parking lot.

Non World Series news: The Twins now have the youngest manager in the league and he has a really cool name – Ravishing Rocco. Jealous Histro?

Stream of Consciousness

This should keep us awake for a while

Top Of The First

Strike one 98. Strike two 96. Strike two foul 99. Then he missed a breaking ball. 3 and 2 99 foul out of play. Strike three 98. Was that a changeup? Second at bat he hits 100 then 99, then gets him out with a 95 changeup – cutter. Third hitter hits a 100 again. It’s 3 and 2, pop fly on a 100 mph fastball. All this took 25 pitches.

(Editor note: we’re talking about the Dodger’s Ferris Buehler)

Bottom of the first lefty heavy Dodgers

Wimp Ricky P is throwing low nineties, but he gets through it.

Top of the second

More off speed stuff. A beach ball. An out. Cheese. On we go.

Bottom of the second;

Crafty Ricky I guess. On we go.

Top of the third

Base running blunder, thank God. One out. Au gratin. Defense matters. Pitcher bunts. No matter.

Bottom of the third

Nice defense. The elevated swing thing from the lefty heavy Dodgers and we see first blood. A double second time through from another lefty. Are the stat heads putting the keyboards aside to jerk off? Better hurry up, inning over.

(Editor note: yes he has been drinking the entire game and he started in the pre game)

Top of the fourth

Processed cheese. One out. A little cheddar we’ll see. Sharp cheddar. Two outs. Extra sharp cheddar with jalapenos. You go Ferriss! WWWWEEEEE!!!!.

Bottom of the fourth

Oh shit. I wanna see this thing go at least five.

Getting tired? Maybe this will help

Top of the fifth

Ferris got an arm hanging off his right side. One out. But there’s a little bit of suffering doubt in his face. Nonetheless on we go.

Bottom of the fifth – come on west coast mutants – time to break this thing open

Runner on. Ferriss throwing too well to take out but can’t bunt. Still crafty Ricky P is taken out. Premature? Arrogant east coast mutants?

Top of the sixth – We’ve seen your arm Ferris now show us you heart

98 mph on pitch 92 and on we go.

Bottom of the sixth

Machado did not run hard. Elevated swing, pop fly. Inning over. Is it genetic? Has Ferriss got more?

Top of the seventh

100th pitch, 98. Martinez out on a 98. Crab fondue. Here comes Ferriss!

Bottom of the seventh

Cheesy reliever, of course. High chopper reaches. So cool. Kemp gets a shot. Too bad.

Top of the eight – Kenley Jansson I got a bad feeling, hope I’m wrong

Pop fly one out. Out 2. Shit.

Bottom of the eight – Dodgers are three outs ahead

An out. A hit. An out no double play. Sorry, but the TV is on mute and I can’t watch no more because the shit hurts really bad tonight. They let Tony out and I have no fucking idea where he is.

An older Arlo once said you can make the world a better place just by feeling good when you don’t feel like feeling good.

Loss of Consciousness

Woke up in the 14th inning

Tied at 2, are you kidding.

Your turn. Tell me what happened next.



10 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces Stream of Consciousness World Series Weekend Edition

  1. I don’t do night games in excess of twelve innings. Back in the time when triceratops roamed Wyoming in vast herds like bison, I stayed up all July 4th, 1985 night – or most of it – to watch an absurd 19-inning game between the Mutts and the Barves. The Mutts went ahead in the 18th inning but the Barves tied it in the bottom of the 18th on a solo home run by reliever Rick Camp. Mutts outfielder Danny Heep watched the ball carry over the fence and then turned back to the infield with his hands over his head. “Look at Danny Heep,” Ralph Kiner howled. “He can’t believe it!” It must have been around three in the morning by then. But the Mutts took revenge, scoring five runs orf Camp in the top of the 19th (though the Barves got back two in the bottom of the inning and I’m pretty sure they had men on base when the last out was recorded).

    That was it for me. Danny Heep became my icon for the preposterousness of staying up that late to finish out a ballgame. And that was a team I cared about (there were no Feesh; they weren’t even a gleam in Wayne Huizinga’s eye yet). Ergo, there was no way I was gonna stay up to watch two teams over whom I wouldn’t trouble my hemorrhoids.


  2. Well, being out here on the Left Coast, I was able to make it til the 18th began, but even I had to wait to wake to the eventual result…..This game should be called “The Nunez Game.” Or maybe the Muncy/Nunez game. The Eovaldi Game? Oh Jeez…..So much happened, and yet so little. Game time in just four hours. Gentlemen, pop your greenies, here we go again!


    1. I think you’re going to win the award for watching the most of it. You got me beat by about 10 innings, and I felt a duty to watch it closely enough to actually be able to say something about this morning, instead of dreaming whatever it is I dream when I dream. I never remember. I think I go to that place where the Borg resistance meets every night when they regenerate.

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    2. I’m a Left Coaster too but I need my beauty sleep (FYI it ain’t workin’). I had to turn on my fan because my roommate and neighbors both had the game on. It was just loud enough to drown out the noise.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I made it to 1:30am, and it was the 13th. I figured it would only be an inning or 2 more but i was too tired and had things to do today. I guess i missed the best part.


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