2018 World Series – Game 2

Scouts: And so we march one day closer to the long winter off-season.  There is only 2-4 possible games left in the season, and the Dodgers seem unable to stem the tide that is the Boston Red Sox.  I can’t recall a time when a team was so thoroughly dominant in every aspect of the game, to the point where they seem completely unstoppable.  They completely dismantled the Yankees.  They tore apart the Astros, and now the Dodgers seem to be no match for the Red Sox.  Boston did not back into the playoffs either, they crushed everyone and everything in their path.  And every step of the way, they faced to top dog and absolutely picked them apart.  They are unmatched on offence, unrivaled in starting pitching, and the one glimmer of a weak-spot, the bullpen has been more than solid.

Red Sox 4, Dodgers 2

Hyun-Jin Ryu did not have his best stuff, allowing 4 runs and 6 hits over 4.2 innings, with all of the damage coming with 2 outs.  Ian Kinsler got the Sox on the board with a two out single in the second.  The dodgers took a temporary lead in the 4th, on a Matt Kemp sac fly, followed by a Yasiel Puig single.


However, the Red Sox will not be denied, coming right back in the 5th, with Steve Pearce drawing a bases loaded walk, and J.D. Martinez singling in a pair immediately after.  David Price and the Sox bullpen was able to hold on to the lead from there, giving Price another key playoff victory.


The two teams will have Thursday off, while traveling to L.A.  Rick Porcello is scheduled to start for the Sox, while Walker Buehler will get the nod for the Dodgers.  The Sox are now up 2-0 in the series.



24 thoughts on “2018 World Series – Game 2

    1. Kinsler — thanks, autocorrect.

      Unrelatedly, the Illitches are looking at creating a sports network for their teams and dumping Fox Sports Detroit. More money, more money.


      1. I think that sports network thing was the big incentive to get the Pistons to leave the wonderfully comfortable Palace and move to Little Cramped Arena where the seats are narrow and leg room is non-existent.


      2. I read “kinder” as das Kind (child) or kindergarten (children garden) instead of being more kind. What’s happening to me? Am I devolving as Tom Paris did when he exceeded warp 10?

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        1. Remember how Tom and Captain Janeway devolved into reptiles and mated, but were restored to their previous genetic state by a brilliant, bald, photonic doctor?

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        2. To really blow your mind go back to the planet periodically. Send an interstellar PBS team for a new 7 Up series. The offspring wouldn’t be bound by millennial evolution timelines. What will you find at year 7, 14, 21?


        3. Dude, it’s in the Delta quadrant. The PBS crew would have to exceed warp 10 to get there and back, in which case they could devolve into…Fox News.

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  1. I’m glad Kemp got to the WS and even contributed just a little bit. I recall Toaster days and some of the drama surrounding his early Dodger career, gratifying that he’s transcended that in some small way.

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    1. I find it enraging the the spread of soccer has caused English verb conjugation to infiltrate our sports pages. Teams are SINGULAR (unless it’s a plural). Argh!!!!


    2. Hey man, don’t you be dissin’ Canadians or Hockey Night in Canada, or someone will come to your house and light a paper bag of moose poop on your front step and ring the doorbell. Then when you come out to stomp on it, they will apologize you into submission and offer you poutine and Timbits. You have been warned! 🙂

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      1. Timbits? Did somebody say Timbits? Count me in. I love Canada, the birthplace of my grandma and the only place in the 80’s & 90’s I could get good beer (Brador & Carlsburg Gold). I grew up in Detroit which is really North Windsor. And if you are reading this, Steve Perry, there is no South Detroit.


  2. How much longer will this silly tradition of leaving the starting pitcher in the game past the second inning continue? The championship is on the line! Throw harder/faster and then get the hell out of the next guy’s way! But it’s not your fault if you get taken out just because the next guy doesn’t bat from the best side. And oh, better pray your arm doesn’t fall off until December. When will we see Kershaw in relief, shall we have a pool? Betting is a type of fan interference, right?


  3. When I’m not interessed in whoever is competing (for the same reason I’m going to skip the new WWWF version of Godzilla this spring) I usually default to my cookware and did so this afternoon, roasting an organic pasture raised chicken (375 ̊ F) for an hour, basting every ten minutes with a mixture of butter, garlic, salt, pepper and dry vermouth. The sublime Jim Harrison had recommended this basting mixture several times in his culinary writing so this seemed like the right time to try it out. After finishing orf my quarter-chicken, I mashed some roasted green plantain in the juices. Nothing rounds orf a lipsmacking protein binge like a resistant starch.
    Oh boy.
    If you ever wondered if your dog would enjoy vermouth-basted chicken, the answer, based on my recent experience, is yes indeed.

    But that was only a prelude. In the mail today arrived two pounds of dried Tarbais beans from Rancho Gordo and a new cookbook devoted to cassoulet. Yes, cassoulet. It’s as French as the bas relief of nipples through Bardot’s camisole. This book has several ancient recipes in it but any of them will necessitate gathering and confitting duck breast, duck skin, pork loin, hot french sausage, pancetta and an assortment of cooking spirits, herbs, spices, seasoned bread crumbs and vegetables. The prep is spread over three days. I consider this my end-of-season spasm of madness, but it will be good. Since I’m going to Santa Fe on Monday to deliver a paper on the culinary iconology of place – terroir (pronounced ter-wahrr, if you’re a wine snob) – in the writings of said Harrison and M F K Fischer, I will consider my talk a ritual of self-purification before returning home next weekend and commencing the divine project of assembling the ingredients.

    Two baseball points having nothing to do with this most irrelevant of fall classics: (1) the anti-communist outrage of the pre-irridium layer Cubans against Beep Beep and the Feesh for signing the Mesa boys continues to make the kettle scream, and (2) I wish the Boston Police Department good hunting when the fans gather in the streets at the end of the series. Keep those beanbag guns at the ready, boys!


    1. I’m impressed by your research into K9 culinary sophistication yet the small sample size is problematic. Definitive statements are premature.

      Besides, he’s YOUR dog. I’m certain you’ve raised him to know the difference between roast Florida snake and the Louisiana variety!


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