THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE – The 2018 World Series Pre-Game Post

Prof: We interrupt our usual He Said, She Said to discuss the upcoming 2018 World Series. Returning NL Champion Los Angeles Dodgers will meet up on Tuesday with young whippersnappers Boston Red Sox. Game one is at venerable Fenway Park, with Chris Sale and an undetermined Dodger pitcher starting.

So, let’s talk about the what abouts and the possibilities.

First, we can celebrate history being made on either side, as Dave Roberts and Alex Cora can become either the second African American manager or the second Latino manager to win a World Series. For Roberts, he would be the first since Cito Gaston nearly forty years ago, and for Cora, he would be the first since Ozzie Guillen in 2005.

Clayton Kershaw, who is universally considered one of the finest pitchers in the history of the sport, would cement his status as an all time great with his first World Series title. While not having a championship under his belt does not hurt his Cooperstown chances, having that ring puts him in fine company.

In Boston, we can have the closer version of the Kershaw narrative in Craig Kimbrel, a man who was among the very best at his position but has been struggling as of late. A dominating performance in the playoffs would put Kimbrel back into the hushed tones of the masters, and redeem himself in the eyes of a certain subsection of fans who think he has lost his touch. (Also, it would give him a chance to finally pitch against the Dodgers in a high stakes atmosphere, robbed from him by Fredi Gonzalez so many years ago.)

Both teams feature young, phenomenal players; both teams have wily veterans who inspire those same young bucks to bigger and greater things. For Boston, there’s the injured Dustin Pedroia, who is still in the hearts of the Sawx players and the voice of reason for a group of actual kids (the second longest tenured Boston player is Xander Bogaerts, who is only 26). In LA, there’s Chase Utley, whose been there before with the 2008 Phillies. He is the unofficial dad of many of the younger players, including Enrique Hernandez.

These two teams have not met up against each other in the World Series in over 100 years, so no matter what, we’re looking at a history making series that is sure to have some fiery performances and outrageous defense from guys like Yasiel Puig, Jackie Bradley Jr., Cody Bellinger, and Mookie Betts.

16 thoughts on “THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE – The 2018 World Series Pre-Game Post

      1. Kershaw does seem like a legit good guy( ) and if you ever are unfortunate enough to watch a Detroit Lions game you may have heard he grew up with Matthew Stafford. One of my ultimate sports heroes, Magic Johnson is an owner of the Dodgers. And between the Sawks and Patriots, Boston has won enough championships the last few years. Go not Sawks team.


  1. We do have at least one Red Sox fan here, Sabitimus, and I bet at least one silent Dodger fan. They should go at it while the rest of us are eloquently envious.

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    1. I forgot S. was a Sox fan lol. Ugh, these long days at the office is eating away at the important things, like who our FI fam roots for.


  2. I like the Sawx meself too, as well and fer shure. They’ve a very talented group of position players. I’m hoping that Boston evens out its Mookie ledger. A Mookie took one away from them back in ’86, so I’m hoping that this Mookie gets them a ring this time! (There may never be another Mookie, after all.)


  3. As stated previously, I have more of a like for the game than any particular team. My younger self was disapointed by the bullshit spewed by incompetent management. My boyhood pro teams, Dodgers, Lakers, and Rams found ways to disappoint (trading all time greats, losing there focus on fans, and moving out of state respectively). As a resident of Southern California, however, some things are inescapable. The Dodgers will ever match or beat the Angels for coverage in local broadcasts and newspapers. The Lakers will always select the celeb over the real fans, and are so overpriced it shocks an ex-Showtime season tix holder. The Rams! I don’t give a shit just like I don’t care about the HS girlfriend who broke up with me.

    But the Sawks. Boston. Great player history! Early Babe! The tin can crushed into a corner stadium! Oh, and the relentless arrogance that came with money, and with finally ending the drought.

    And did I mention the Angels? BRS &NYY beat the Angels like a drum for years.

    I can’t say I’m disinterested in the World Series cuz I am. But I tell you it’s a Faustian choice. A team I HATE for breaking my heart (LAD) v. a team I DESPISE for becoming an evil empire of the Dark Side.

    So I go back to my likes- I like Kershaw. He’s one of those rare people who turn the unlikely talent we chear for into good. I’d like to see him get his ring, he’s got all the individual awards already.


    1. Root for Kershaw. And then root against whichever team you despise the most. It’s a lose lose proposition that’s way less bad than a lose lose proposition that i’m dealing with right now in my family life. Chin up dude and enjoy that’s what’s baseball is for.

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