Bits and Pieces Game Seven Playoff Weekend Edition

Game Six

Brewers 7 Dodgers 2 !!!

Oh those wily Brewers. First they “start” Miley to get the Dodgers to stock their lineup with righties so after one hitter, a lefty, they can bring in their bedtime for righties guy. What do the Dodgers do the second time the Wily Brewers “start” Miley? Do you fall for it again and select your starters based on the assumption that you’ll be facing a lefty for about half the game, or do you follow the fool me once shame on you fool me twice…rule?  You go total counter intuitive and lead off with a slow running power hitting lefty who starts the game with a me make ball go far stroke sending tears into the beer.  Trouble is that’s your high point as doom marches towards you in the very next half inning.

Don’t out smart yourselves tonight Brew Crew.

Is the game changing in a way that makes post season games, especially do or die ones, a different animal than regular season games? The Wily Miley thing makes sense in a post season series but would be prohibitively disruptive to the rotation in the 162 game grind, assuming that in a few years hence there still is such a thing as a starting rotation. BTW the Brewers are going to do the ‘opener’ thing tonight.

Have fun tonight. I think I’ll go join Sparty in watching a certain college football game if that evil weather in Lansing subsides.


15 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces Game Seven Playoff Weekend Edition

  1. Puke just went yard making it a three run game. I’m changing channels to independence day resurgence. It’s got some fairly nice special effects stuff along with an elderly gay Data character subplot. And tomorrow morning I must get up early enough to attend church with my grandchildren while hoping that my son might be there to.

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  2. Bad Brad formerly of Tigers named LA A of A manager. An analytic tipe, could not be more unlike Mike. It will be interesting. Can he keep ownership out of the way, or will we mortgage the future to get another aging star at the winter meetings?


    1. If he can stay out of the way decision-wise (meaning he shouldn’t expect to actually make any himself), then all he’ll need to do is get along with and somehow occasionally motivate his charges. It’s all about personality and communication nowadays.


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