He Said, She Said – Stupid Boston Edition

Scouts: Whelp, the World Series just got 50% less interesting.  As expected, Boston is your AL Champions, proving money can buy all the things in the world.  Excuse me while I go pout in the corner.  It’s going to be a short post today, because well, there isn’t much to talk about, so help us out in the comments will ya?

Red Sox, 4, Astros 1 


David Price picked now of all times to pickup his first career post-season victory.  He’s now 1 out of his last 12.  Price allowed just 3 hits, while shutting out the defending AL Champions across 6 innings and struck out 9.  J. D Martinez and Rafael Devers both hit homers, while Jackie Bradley Jr. was named ALCS MVP.



LA, up 3-2 in the series will look to clinch the most terrible World Series ever.  To do so however, Manny Machado and company will have to head into Milwaukee to face (maybe?) Wade Miley.  Hyun-Jin Ryu will get the nod for the Dodgers.  Unless, they change their minds 3 pitches in or something.

9 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Stupid Boston Edition

  1. Alex Bregman said it overnight. This was a better Astros team than the World Series winner last year. But the Sox were even better.

    Congratulations to them and wait till next year.

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  2. The NBA-ing of MLB continues. Small market teams may get lucky with draft and development but can’t compete in the free agent market. The richest teams have twice as many wins as the poorest. Nobody plans for tomorrow, it’s win today or tear the building down completely for the rebuild. Long time presence in Baltimore counts for nothing as the league sells half the territory to a team moving in. You end up with some really crappy teams, some great teams, and a whole bunch of teams in the middle. Rich teams get tired of giving money to poor teams (who’s sin is existing in small markets) so the league extends the playoffs another level. The regular season becomes meaningless. High level teams need multiple season-award winning players while the small market teams tout their single all-star. And worst of all, EVERYBODY IS HAPPY! Bad owners unwilling to actually create a saleable product are profitable through revenue sharing. Bad owners who want a ring for themselves are happy to buy it. TV is happy as long as the ratings justify the payout. The fans are happy because… Oh wait, the fans are not so happy. Oh well.

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    1. I mostly agree, except I think the main driver in MLB is the new perception that the only way to compete—if you’re not already competing, and competing well—is to tear down and rebuild. Which, as you allude, the fans are seemingly happy to let them do and so the team makes even more money, presumably, during their “rebuilding years,” due to low payroll. None of which should make the players’ union very happy. But at least our Happy is happy.


  3. Saw where Altuve had knee surgery today. Heal fast, Jose. You are probably more the leader of the Astros than even you know.


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