He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 10/17/18

Scouts: Another Boston win, and another themed header gif.  It’s starting to look like the big money is going to win out, and we are back to purchasing championships.  How exciting.  Is anyone looking forward to a Dodger vs Boston match-up?  You know, other than MLB and TV executives?

NLCS Game Five – Milwaukee Brewers vs Los Angeles Dodgers

Prof: The beef is real. The beef is 100% organic, free range, all natural. Rumors flew after the marathon game of Tuesday night. Milwaukee pretty much hates Manny Machado, with probable regular season MVP Christian Yelich supposedly calling him a straight up mofo immediately after a press scrum. Wow. Anyway, the Brewers started out with some trickery by pretending to start Wade Miley, but he really only faced one batter then sat down. What? However, the Dodgers showed them what was up. Specifically, Clayton Kershaw took the tired old worn out narrative of him pitching like crap in the postseason and turned that mother out. Kersh went seven innings, struck out nine, and only gave up one run. Work!


The Dodgers are one game away from going to back to back World Series, but first they have to travel back to hostile Miller Park to play game six.

Brewers 2, Dodgers 5


ALCS Game 4 – Boston Red Sox vs Houston Astros

Scouts: This one was back and forth until Jackie Bradly Jr homered in the 6th to give Boston the final lead of the game.  Neither Rick Porcello nor Charlie Morton were very effective in this one, and in the end, Houston’s bullpen faltered first.  Andrew Benintendi sealed the victory with a diving grab to save Craig Kimbrel’s ass in a bases loaded jam.


Red Sox 8, Astros 6


Tonight: Boston and Houston will face off, and it’s do or die for Houston who is now facing elimination with Boston leading the series 3-1.  Houston will have Justin Verlander on the bump while Boston will hope David Price can overcome his playoff struggles.

10 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 10/17/18

  1. Stick a fork in the Astros. I don’t think the series has been a totally accurate representation of their relative strengths, but here we are.

    They won’t win three, two in Fenway.

    And I will watch the World Series – unless I can find a park bench that the paint is drying on. That would be more exciting for me to watch.

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    1. The Astros are every bit as good if not better than the Red Sox. Of course the odds are against them taking three in a row but it could happen – every game is close to a coin flip and so far home field doesn’t seem to mean anything to any team.

      And don’t forget the Brew Crew they only need to take two – in Beer Town.


  2. With all the talk about surveillance in MinuteMaid Park, there wasn’t a good angle for the most important play of the series. Hmmmm. And about the pitching strategies, it sure was refreshing to see a starter go into the 7th, wasn’t it? I think some of the consternation over the weirdness is that the fans aren’t being clued into the reasons for it. Because of the surveillance. We would seem to have a Mobius loop of distrust here, which would be the same as it ever was. Ahh, humanity.


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