Bits and Pieces Better Late Than Never Playoff Weekend Edition

On a personal note this is the first good morning I’ve had in about a month. As I mentioned yesterday in Gator’s post my mentally ill son who’s been off the reservation for some weeks was taken to a psychiatric facility by the Minneapolis police. I learned this morning that he will be required to stay there until at least Wednesday. They are also initiating the court proceeding necessary to allow them to force him to accept his medications and to keep him there until his head can be gotten back on straight. Thank God.

On the other hand it’s fucking snowing outside.

Brewers 6 Dodgers 5  | Dodgers 4 Brewers 3

Game one: The mighty Kershaw is felled in three. The Brewers throw a bullpen game. The Brewers “starter” throws a perfect two with four strikeouts and goes yard against the humbled Kershaw. What a mensch! A euphoric mist descends on Beer Town.

Game two: The coastal elites reprimand the uppity Midwesterners. The Brewers hold down the Dodgers for the first six innings. The Brew Crew is sailing along up 3 – 0 and it’s Blatz Blatz Blatz beer wherever you go. Then the former Brooklynites touch our hero’s for two in the seventh and two in the eighth while the Brewer bats are done for the day. The Brewers gotta take two of three in Dodger Town. Not easy.

Game three: Monday 6:30 CT

Dog Damn it it’s still snowing and starting to accumulate.

Astros 7 Red Sox 2

Game one: The Astros take the lead in the second. The Dodgers tie it in the fifth. The Astros take the lead back in the sixth and pile on from there. YIPPI KI AI!!

Game two: Today 6:00 CT

My mom loved this song

I guess I should go and try to find and move my son’s car before it gets towed if it hasn’t already. Maybe while I’m downtown he’ll allow me to see him.

But I will be back here before game time.


8 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces Better Late Than Never Playoff Weekend Edition

  1. Good news! I hope long term improvement of your son’s life comes next.

    Here in Anaheim of Los Angeles (Or is it the other way at around? Geography was never my best subject.) we had a downpour Friday night. I went outdoors to experience this rare occurrence and I was personally struck by at least six drops. That’s life in SoCal – we’ll survive the earthquake but then dry up and blow away.

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  2. And does anyone have a Kershaw theory? Even after his best seasons he struggled postseason. I still believe he’s not just great but rather an HoF great, but his October record is spotty. Good game followed by poor game, as we’ve just seen these last two outings.


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