He Said, She Said – Two More Down, One To Go

Scouts: Another wild day in playoff baseball.  No close games here, just a lot of decisive wins.  Two more teams got sent home, and as the league championship matchups are starting to finalize.  Let’s dive in shall we?



Astros 11, Spiders 3

Let’s be honest, the team from Cleve never really deserved to be in the playoffs anyways.  They did not have a particularly good year, but benefited from being in the absolute worst division in baseball.  Houston handed them a mighty sweep and gets to rest up to see which evil empire they will get to face next.  George Springer went deep twice, and with that, became the franchise leader.  Which is crazy to me, because the guy is like 23 or something right?  Carlos Correa also went deep, the final gut punch in the 8th that sent Cleveland packing.  Cleveland’s three runs were only matched by their three errors, and only Andrew Miller who pitched to two batters escaped the game without giving up a run.



Dodgers 6, Braves 2

Well, there goes my favorite team to win it all.  The last underdog hope left in the playoffs.  Now all that remains is three of the 4 richest teams, and Houston, which won it all last year.  Former Oriole Manny Machado smoked a three run homer in the 7th that pretty much sealed the game.  Atlanta fought valiantly, but was just not able to step up when they needed it most.  Don’t fret Braves fans, this team is incredibly young, and has many years of team control, so they will almost certainly have many more shots at glory.


ScoutsEdit: Crap, I forgot about the Brewers!  I don’t know how I forgot about the mighty Brewers.  But there is still hope for under-dog fans everywhere.


Red Sox 16, Yankees 1

Oof.  Boston flexed some muscle Monday and really bitch-slapped New York around.  I honestly don’t know of any better way to describe a 16-1 drumming in front of Yankee faithful.  Somewhere there is an Athletic fan doing a little dance, after drying the beer out of his hair.  Believe it or not, but with 16 runs scored, it took until the 9th for the Sox to hit the only homer of the game, a two-run shot by Brock Holt.  The homer was the last piece Holt needed to complete the first ever post-season cycle.  Now that’s an action star name if I’ve ever seen one.  Hold went 4-6 with 5 RBIs on the day.  Every single Red Sox starter had at least one hit, and everyone except J.D. Martinez scored a run.  Luis Severino, who the Yankees absolutely had to rely on entering the post-season, entered with a lot of question marks, and only lasted 3 innings, allowing 6 runs on 7 hits.  His ERA now sits at 18.00.



Upcoming Games

Tuesday, October 9th – 8:07 PM EST

Boston Red Sox, Rick Porcello v New York Yankees, CC SabathiaBoston leads 2-1

6 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Two More Down, One To Go

  1. At risk of exposing myself as a cynic, I can’t help chuckling over the whuppin the Beanbags put on the Borg last night. It’s not so much anything I have against the ballplayers, but anyone who’s ever attended a game at the Borg Continuum knows what a bunch of vulgar slobs, boors, goons, poltroons, degenerates, clotpalls, smellsmocks, runagates, sots and archsots, lowlives and knuckledraggers and various and assorted debauchees those east coast sophisticates so roundly resented out there in Middle America become when they pass through Steinbrenner’s metal detectors. It’s like watching a sports fan version of Venom. Hell, if some of those cracker alt-rightists with all their resentment of the East Coast spent a couple of hours at a Borg game, they’d come away with the feeling that, “hey, those coastals aren’t that different from us after all.” Even midwestern Evangelicals, if they took the broad view, would find a common wellspring of ignorance and stupidity to share. So, to see them humiliated like that brings a smile to my eyes.

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      1. That sentence slept in my keyboard for centuries. Before there was Borg or Beanbag, that sentence was. An evil husbanding itself, waiting for the precise moment in history when it would be material to an adequate field of human suffering and disappointment.


  2. My Borg fan comment deserved its own post but I feel I must also comment on the elimination (appropriate term!) of the Cleveland twenty five. I pretty much slept through the ALDS because, well, Cleveland has that effect on me, but, in the immortal words of Raymond Burr in Godzilla, King of the Monsters, “But the whole world could wake up and live again!”


  3. Inning one. Here’s hoping that the Yankees win 25 to 24 in 25 innings to force a game a game five. For Sabtimus’s sake I hope the Beantown boys win that one 25 to 24 in 25 innings.


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