He Said, She Said – NL Division 10/7/2018

Scouts: Prof is off being a professional business adult once more, so you have just me today to start off your week.  Yesterday was a fairly exciting day as we have one team going home for good, and another living to fight another day.

Dodgers 5, Braves 6 

Atlanta is out of second changes.  This is it for them.  The young, talented team ran into a brick wall in LA, but returned home with one final chance to make good on a season very few people saw coming.  Last night was a pretty good start. Atlanta jumped out to a 5 run lead in the second inning, gained primarily off a grand slam by Ronald Acuna Jr, the likely NL Rookie of the Year.


Unfortunately, Sean Newcomb, Kevin Gausman, and Max Fried were unable to hold the lead, as Chris Taylor homered in the 5th, followed by a pinch-hit home run by Max Muncy, also in the 5th.


But Freddie Freeman would not be denied and hit the game winner in the 6th, and the bullpen would hold the lead from there.


Brewers 6, Rockies 0 

Wow, this one included much less excitement and drama.  That is unless you are a Brewers fan.  Milwaukee is riding a 11 game winning streak, and have shut out the Rockies in two consecutive games to kick Colorado out of the playoffs.


Defensively, the Rockies didn’t perform much better, giving up runs on both a balk and a wild pitch in the 6th, and allowing homers to Orlando Arcia, Keon Braxton, and Jesus Aguilar.



Milwaukee now gets to head home and enjoy a day or two of rest while the Braves and Dodgers finish off their set.


Astros – Dallas Keuchel v. Indians – Mike Clevinger: Houston leads 2-0 – 1:30 PM EST

Dodgers – Rich Hill v. Braves – Mike Foltynewicz: LA leads 2-1 – 4:30 PM EST

Red Sox – Nathan Eovaldi v Yankees – Luis Severino: Series Tied 1-1 – 7:40 PM EST



6 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – NL Division 10/7/2018

  1. I’m hoping Keuchel flattens the team from the most boring city in America (especially since the river stopped exploding). Then, I’ll be able to stay awake for the league championship series.
    Kudos to the Brewers, and to impending AL MVP Christian Yelich, another fine product of America’s Farm Team. Condolences to the Wiccans in Manitou Springs whose charms and amulets couldn’t do squat for their Rocky Mountain Oysters.


    1. Have a heart and let them win a game or two. Imagine waking up in the morning and thinking “my team’s last winning season for the next decade or two just ended with a sweep…and I live in Cleveland”.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No joy in Cleveland. With the most boring of the playorf teams gone, I can cut back on my caffeine consumption and stay awake for the rest of the postseason.


  2. Nicely done Scout. With the months-long season down to its final weeks, can I guess off subject and ask WHY EVERYBODY ALLS YOU “SCOUTS”? It seems to me that your name, separated into its elements, reads “scout says…” unless Fonzie from Happy Days is the speaker, tossing in a random “ay”.

    Please. Clarify.

    P.S. LAD lose out Atlanta as I’m are bing home from work. I hope the rest of your day went better, Prof.


    1. Basically, poor reading and habit. We cut it off where we recognize the first word ending without reading on, and once it was scouts, it stuck,

      Liked by 1 person

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