Bits and Pieces First Playoff Weekend Weekend Edition

Astros 7 Indians 2

The Astros pitch good. They hit good. They field good. They are good. The Astros are a 100 win team, the Indians are a 90 win team, the Twins are an 80 (almost) win team. It looks like the difference between the Indians and the Twins is about the same as the difference between the Indians and the Astros.

The Big V took a no no into the 6th inning whereupon the wheels came off. Whoopsie Doopsie. No matter because the Astros starting pitching is good, their bullpen is good, their pitching is good. The Indians threw their ace and got aced, the Klubot giving up 4 home runs in 4 2/3 innings.

They go back at it at 3:30 CT today

Brewers 4 Rockies 0

These Brewers are fun to watch and Christian Yelich is really good looking. They’ve held a decent hitting Rockies team to two runs in eighteen nineteen innings. Like the Astros they just look good overall, especially that bullpen which is really important in these all in games.

I’ve driven past Miller Field several times but I’ve never been in it. The inside of it I see on TV looks nice in a midwestern sort of way. If the Brewers win it all I’ll have to give some serious thought to driving over there to watch the Twins take on the world champs on their home turf next year.

Game three Coors Field:  Sunday 3:30 CT

Dodgers 3 Braves 0

Now remember Prof it’s not whether you win or lose it’s how you play the game. And you shouldn’t have to go against Clayton Kershaw again. He pitches 8 scoreless innings, allows only 2 hits, but only gets 3 strikeouts. What’s that about?

Game three Sunday 7:30 CT

Red Sox 5 Yankees 4

Don’t you love to watch these two torment each other? Chris Sale starts the Red Sox off with a nifty five run lead going into the six and all is well in Beantown. Then the Yankees come back step by step, inch by inch, run by run to pull to within one in the ninth, where they suffer three heart breaking strikeouts. Here’s hoping the next heartbreaking loss goes to the Red Sox. Somebody’s gotta lose.

The evil bastards resume hostilities tonight at 7:30 CT


12 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces First Playoff Weekend Weekend Edition

    1. A Red Sox fan. Let me re write this a bit.

      The evil bastards from the Rotten Apple surged forward but were told a resounding NO!!! by the brave boys of Beantown.

      Or if you prefer you can continue to revel in our envy.

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      1. Price got sheschmetered as my grandfather used to say. It’s going to be one ugly scene in the Borg Continuum on Monday night. Mothers, wax your childrens’ ears shut.


  1. If you think Yelich is good looking, you must love horses. I think he looks like Mr. Ed. On the other hand, he is better looking than Lewis Brinson. Too bad Mike Hill didn’t think so, but then he looks like the Michelin Tire man.

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  2. Looks like the Indians and Rockies will be easily dispensed.

    Aside: we saw a playoff ad with rap music and exciting game clips. MLB may have finally figured something out about marketing to younger crowds.


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