He Said, She Said – NLDS Edition for 10/4/18

Prof: Your friendly neighborhood NL Expert Prof is here! It’s Girl Power Friday, so I’m posting songs from one of my favorite musical ladies. Also, it’s my birthday! The last time the Braves played on my birthday was the infamous Infield Fly Rule Fiasco. I’m hoping that they avoid a redo of that hellish experience.

We had two division games. One was super exciting. The other? Not so much. But we’ll dive into the action in today’s recap!

GAME ONE: NLDS – Colorado Rockies vs Milwaukee Brewers

This was a nail biter, even though it didn’t start out that way. The first playoff game played in Miller Park in nearly a decade began with the Brew Crew first on the board. In the third inning, eventual NL MVP Christian Yelich hit a two run homer. Then, Milwaukee cruised, looking like they didn’t have a care in the world…until relief pitcher Jeremy Jeffress lost the plot. Jeffress usually is money in the bank for the Brewers, but nerves must have gotten to him, because the Rockies roared back in the ninth to tie it up, capped off by a sac fly from Nolan Arenado. Onto extra innings, where Mike Moustakas’ single brought Christian Yelich home and bagged game one for the Brewers.


Your Score – Rockies 2, Brewers 3 F/10

GAME ONE: NLDS – Atlanta Braves vs Los Angeles Dodgers

The young, inexperienced team from Atlanta was just frankly outmatched by the Dodgers last night. Mike Foltynewicz just didn’t have the stuff, giving up a first inning homer to Joc Pederson and then a three run blast off the bat of the deadly Max Muncy before getting the Vaudeville hook.  To add insult to injury a solo shot from Kike Hernandez in the sixth inning and a David Freese RBI sac fly in the eighth put the Dodgers over the top. Hyun-Jin Ryu went seven innings and pitched a very clean game.


As you know, I’m the resident Braves fan here, so please allow me to vent a smidge. Folty might have crapped the bed, but Max Fried was doing pretty good work. And then Brian Snitker decided that Fried did enough, even though he didn’t look fatigued. Just willy-nilly pull a dude who is dealing for…what? A bullpen that is off as much as it is on? It’s not like the Braves have the Rays, As, or Milwaukee relief pitchers. I’m not saying this cost Atlanta the game, but this is a bad development moving forward.

Your Score – Atlanta 0, Dodgers 6


  • Cleveland (Kluber) vs Houston (Verlander)
  • Colorado (Anderson) vs Milwaukee (Chacin)
  • New York (Happ) vs Boston (Sale)
  • Atlanta (Sanchez) vs Los Angeles (Kershaw)

22 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – NLDS Edition for 10/4/18

  1. Of note, we’ve had 2 solid nut shots so far this postseason. Yea! AJ’s commentary on the money shot last night was funny in its restraint. I really like him as a commenter — he doesn’t talk too much and doesn’t get all back in my day, but he does offer insights and in a way that’s not as stupid and cloying as A-Rod. He actually comes off as the more mature observer. His no BS attitude serves well for commentary. It’s not the hyperbole you get elsewhere.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Happy, you’re giving me #47 as my birthday present? You are a true friend! 😛 lolololol


    1. My life now is better than my life previously, and I’m prettier than I’ve ever been, so I’m good with 39.


        1. Obviously my hopes for the playoffs and my real world picks are different, as I want the Braves to win but I don’t think they will. That being said, I look forward to an Astros/Brewers World Series. 😀


        2. Also, I actually AM 39! lol There’s nothing to gain from lying about one’s age unless you’re a pitcher from a foreign country, a kid playing Little League getting a kickback, or a Hollywood actress trying to score ingenue parts. I am none of those things.


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