Bits and Pieces Last Weekend Weekend Edition

That was pleasant. And the White Sox still have a shot at becoming the third team to lose a hundred. The commies in the National League have let us down. It’s up to you Mighty Whities! And is also up to you Astros, two more to go and for the first time since 2002 and then about 9000 years before that we finish with three 100 game winners and three 100 game losers.

But is this weekend so long to Super Joe.

Twins 2 White Sox 1 | Twins 12 White Sox 4

If the Cardinals win their last two and the Dodgers lose both of their games they would both finish with 89 wins and in a tie for the final wild card. They would then play each other on Monday. I figure the odds of that are about the same as winning four coin flips in a row which is 6 1/4 %. Since they would then have to win a fifth coin flip on Monday the odds fall to 3 1/8%. And…since the Cardinals would have to win the wild card game itself in order to become a full playoff participant the chances of getting to and winning a sixth coin flip are 1.526%. Taking it further if we give the Cards a coinflip chance of winning each of the three playoff series they would need to end as world series champions the final odds are .1953125%. So Histro you can tell Paper that things aren’t nearly as bleak as he thinks.

Cubs 8 Cardinals 4 | Pirates 8 Reds 4 | Yankees 11 Red Sox 6

None of these games meant a damn thing except that the worst team in baseball nearly beat the arguably best team in baseball, because that’s baseball

Astros 2 Orioles 1 | Braves 10 Phillies 2 | Marlins 8 Mets 1

I think I’ll put this here for tonight

Good for the Brewers. They’re one game out of first with two to go. I always like to see the team from Eastern Minnesota doing well even though they’ve fallen in with the commies in the National League.

Blue Jays 7 Rays 6 | Indians 14 Royals 6 | Brewers 6 Tigers 5

And good for the Rockies. They’re one up on the Dodgers with two to go and worst case scenario they get the first wild card.

Rockies 5 Nationals 2 | Angels 8 Athletics 5 | Mariners 12 Rangers 6

Lucky for the Padres and Diamondback bullpens that in just two days they get a 200 day break in the schedule. Will the Dodgers tighten up when they realize that they only have a 96.875% chance of at least winning the wild card?

Padres 3 Diamondbacks 2 (F/15)  | Dodgers 3 Giants 1

It’s possible that the Dodgers and Cardinals tie for the wild card and play on Monday.

It’s possible that the Brewers and Cubs tie for the division and play on Monday.

It’s possible that the Dodgers and Rockies tie for the division and play on Monday.

Here’s hoping for a three day weekend.

5 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces Last Weekend Weekend Edition

  1. If the Dodgers are involved in a tiebreaker, I think they ought to let Billie Jean serve. And when did they rename Wisconsin? I mean with Scott Walker as their Wanna-Be Dictator, I can see how the people of that state would want to change their name entirely, but truly what’s wrong with Northern Illinois? (Wait, don’t answer that.)


  2. Two outs already in the seventh. The Twins up by 8 to 1 as the White Sox drive for number 99 and number 100 tomorrow. Super Joe flies out to deep left right instead of bouncing some thing off the wall by about ten feet. So Joe.


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