He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/27/18

Scouts: I will continue Prof’s Girl Power Friday tradition with a little Janis Joplin.

Yankees 12, Rays 1Scouts: New Yorks bats were hot last night!  4 homers!  Let’s count them.  There was Miguel Andujar in the 1st, Luke Voit in the 6th, Giancarlo Stanton in the 6th, and Giancarlo Stanton again in the 9th.  CC Sebathia threw one of the most expensive pitches in history when he got himself tossed for intentionally plunking Jesus Secure, leaving Sebathia just two innings shy of a 500,000 bonus for innings pitched.


Phillies 3, Rockies 5Scouts: Colorado wins another big one, again off multiple homers.  David Dahl has now homered in 4 straight games.  Also going deep were Trevor story and Gerardo Parra.  Colorado, who’s magic number has been reduced to 2, has now win 7 in a row, at the absolute most important time.


Pirates 0, Cubs 3Scouts: The Cubs really needed this one, reducing their magic number to 3, giving them a one game lead over the Brewers, who had the day off.  David Bote provided the runs with a two RBI triple, while Jon Lester shut the Pirates down over 6 solid innings.

Braves 1, Mets 4Scouts: Jason Vargas was dominant in his final outing allowing just three hits over 7 innings.  The Braves will have a few more warm up games, and then things will get very real, very fast.


Tigers 3, Twins 9Scouts:  Willians Astudillo and Tyler Austin provided most of the spark, combining for 7 of the teams 9 RBI’s.

Spiders 1, Royals 2 F/10Scouts: Salvador Perez walked it off with a single in the 10th.  Glenn Sparkman provided the the Royals the opportunity by allowing just 1 run over 5 innings.


Rangers 3, Mariners 0 – Scouts: Ariel Jurado shut out the Mariners for 6 strong innings, allowing just 2 hits, before giving way for the bullpen to come in and finish the job.

Houston, Baltimore – PPD

5 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/27/18

  1. So, paper and I have already started planning our post-season binge-watching. I’m introducing him to Mad Men and we are going to catch up on a few movies. Too soon?


    1. At least the Tigers play against a real team for the last 3 games, not a fellow AL Slumtral slappy (no offense, Happy). It could be nice seeing some talent on the field. Or maybe I’ll just work on the honey-do list and let the season slip away unnoticed…….


      1. They are so desperate for booth interviewees, I expect ol’ Bud to make an appearance. I mean that would really cap a pointless season.


  2. Yes we’re all looking forward to postseason play. Those of us without a finger in the postseason pie (like myself) must select someone to root for, if not too vigorously. Sadly, that appears to be lots of us. We can wish Prof well, but can any of us outcasts select Atlanta for temporary fanaticism? Not I. No, I tend toward low expectations (keeps me from being disappointed).

    So, shall we assimilate ourselves? I think we’re all well established Borg haters here. I dimly remember long ago when Boston finally won it all. Who couldn’t love the perennial not- good-enoughs finally reaching Nirvana? Followed by the Cubs and Astros, we no longer have a perennial loser to root for. And we’ve seen what happened to Boston – if NYY are Borg, the Sawx have become Species 8472. So we can’t really root for Chicago or Houston. We need to keep them human. I personally can’t root for the Dodgers. (Have I mentioned my F’ing roommate listens to the Dodgers on the radio EVERY DAMN NIGHT?) Who we got left? Plucky, overachieving A’s? Not for me. Oh my dear the selections just, just, gag me. I’ll choose a team on the fly, and drop them like a firecracker if they flame out.

    Which returns me to those low expectation. I don’t want to offend my favorite Scout, so I’ll report from an alternate universe. It seems a team called AltMore has sat down one of there players, name of Rhis Avids. The poor Borealis club signed Rhis to a 161-million gold-pressed latinum contract back when he was good. Mr. Avids has since become very, very bad. He now hold the record for the lowest season batting average EVER! HE’S #1! HE’S #1! Congrats to Rhis and AltMore for this record setting performance. But wait, there’s more! Mr. Avids contract will continue to reap him rewards well beyond his playing career. Yahoo Sports (sorry, alternate universe; I mean Hooya Sports) reports that our new record holder will have annual payments of 2.8 million G-PL per year for fifteen years after his career ends.

    Well. I’ve got my all-time record hero, I only need to choose a postseason team. Good luck to all you who still have your original fave to cheer on. For the remainder, choose carefully. You might accidentally select Rhis Avids.


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