He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/24/18

Prof: Starting today, I’m going to be on yet another business trip. This one is out west! I’m very excited; this will be to a state I’ve never been to before. Because of this, I’m going to choose the music again today since Scout will be doing a few of these solo this week. I’m choosing tunes from one of my all time favorite bands, The Who.



Yankees 4, Rays 1Scouts: New York still has to fight for home field advantage in the Wild Card game, so here they are.  Brett Gardner won it with a single off the bench, then a nice catch at the wall.  Didi Gregorius seems to think he’ll return before the season ends.


Marlins 3, Nationals 7Prof: Rejoice, SomeGuy! Bryce Harper has hit the RBI Century Mark with a sac fly to left which scored Adam Eaton. Anthony Rendon had four RBI, including a home run. Juan Soto and Matt Wieters also hit solo dingers.

Astros 5, Blue Jays 3Scouts: Houston lowered their magic number down to 2 after back-to-back homers by Brian McCann and Josh Reddick and a solid performance by Dallak Keuchel.


Orioles 2, Red Sox 6Prof: Boston has broken their long standing franchise record of wins for a season. The previous record was 105 wins held by the 1912 Red Sox. This victory over league worst Baltimore gives Boston 106 wins. Dylan Bundy had been all right, but then he decided to flirt with disaster with a fastball served up to Brock Holt which started the whole shebang.

Pirates 5, Cubs 1Prof: Bless his heart, Cole Hamels tried. He gave up two in the first innings, but took one back in the third with a solo home run off of eventual game winner Jameson Taillon. It was that Hamels’ teammates let him down, with no other Cubs getting on the board.

Spiders 4, White Sox 0Prof: The Klubot currently sits at 20 wins for the season. He also had eleven punch-outs in this game. I’m sure you’ve seen this already but the Magical Land of Cleve have made history by being the first team to have four pitchers strike out 200 in a single season. Those pitchers are – the Klubot, Cookie Carrasco, noted drone enthusiast Trevor Bauer, and my favorite hippie Mike Clevinger. That’s a mighty fine staff they’ve got there in Cleveland.

Brewers 6, Cardinals 4Scouts: The Brew Crew lowered their magic number to 3 after a costly error in the 8th, was followed up with a terrible pickoff by Bud Norris, allowing Eric Thames to score the winning run.


Phillies 1, Rockies 10Prof: The Phillies fell so far. With this loss, they are now at .500. The Rockies, however, keep chasing the carrot, and this win helped a little bit. Of course, they are hoping the Diamondbacks help them on the journey. More on that in a moment, but let’s talk about this win. This game was so bad for the Phillies that they walked a run in, with the bases loaded. Twice. Once was the pitcher. Woof.

Dodgers 7, Diamondbacks 4Scouts: Manny Machado drove in a pair of late RBI’s to give the Dodgers the lead for good in the 9th, and to move LA a little bit closer to the playoffs.


Rangers 4, Angels 5 F/11Scouts: Jose Briceno walked it off with a homer in the 11th to put a end to this one.  Shohei Ohtani also homered for the Angels.

Athletics 7, Mariners 3Scouts: Oakland clinched their first playoff berth since 2014 when the Rays lost to the Yankees, but the A’s went out and put up a win anyways.  Oakland is now 61-26 since June 15th and should have a lot of teams very, very concerned.


Padres 5, Giants 0Yuck. Nothing exciting happened. Pretty much all I can say about this matchup between two bottom dwellers.




4 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/24/18

  1. Yeah, Harper made it to 100 RBIs, which means that Alex Rodriguez will have to find something else to talk about next season when Harper’s team appears on Sunday Night Baseball, because it was A-Rod’s favorite talking point.

    Last night’s game marked the 30th time the Nats have entered a game with a .500 record this season, and the win pulled them past the Phillies into 2nd place in the NL Least. Wheeeee!

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  2. It was maudlin enough watching the Feelies implode as all those horrible horsemeat and Velveeta™ sandwiches finally got to their arteries and brain/blood circulation. I was counting on a nifty, down to the wire contest with the Barves. But even worse was watching (well, checking up on) the Reds who scored, what, one run in twenty seven innings against the Feesh over the weekend in front of minuscule crowds at Macondo Banana Massacre Field. If Marge Schott were still around she would have deserved it. Unfortunately, my beloved Over the Rhine deserves better than this wimparoonie team. I’ll be in Cincinnati in December for the annual OTR Christmas shows and it’ll be interesting to see if the goetta is still curdled with humiliation.

    Speaking of humiliation, the Feesh wound up the 2018 season drawing barely 10,000 per game on average. Their best days and nights were, predictably, when the New York, Boston, Chicago and west coat teams came in. The Feesh nonetheless drew 811,00 for the season, a drop of 770,00 from last season’s execrable totals. They trailed the next worst team, the Tampax Bay Razed, by 271,000 and over 4000 per game on average. Conratulations to Beep Beep on a well played first season of (despite all appearances) amateur ownership.

    The baseball season has drawn to a close for all intents and purposes here in Macondo (though many would argue it shut down here when Beep Beep began demolishing the team). The Feesh. like the US troops in Bataan, will finish on the road.

    The next season of any significance here begins on October 15. Stone crab.

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    1. Are there even any crabs left after the green slime attack? And I was wondering what is up with the Phreakin’ Phillies but now you’ve graciously (and picturesquely) explained it us. And it seems there’s not been any “Kill Kapler” talk of late, though I imagine the Philly newsfolk aren’t being too kind. Fun fact for the day: Moustakas and Markakis each had 93 RBIs at the end of the day, although the former has twice as many HRs as the latter!


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