He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/23/18

Prof: The season is winding down and we look back with wistful nostalgia and longing at the loss of summer, while looking forward to a postseason where anything is possible, and every game is a new and joyous experience. This weird mix of emotions, the old and the new co-mingling, makes me think of a genre of music called electro swing. As a person who loves both EDM and swing/big band tunes, electro swing is an absolute delight. I’ve chosen a few fun songs that are either electro swing or reworkings of newer songs in a vintage style. Give a few of them a try; if you only want to listen to one of them, definitely do the Bryan Ferry Orchestra version of Roxy Music’s “Avalon” – recorded on vintage equipment with period instruments for a ragtime feel.



Mets 8, Nationals 6 Prof: Michael Conforto hit a bases-loaded triple in the fourth inning, while rookie Jeff McNeil went 4-5 and Kevin Plawecki drove in two runs as well. A whole bunch of guys I don’t know – except for Koda Glover – took the bump for Washington. Perhaps SomeGuy can tell me why the Treat Urner only showed having two at-bats for the entire game but I don’t see that anyone else played at short? My mind does not compute.

Twins 5, Athletics 1Scouts: Kyle Gibson shut down the “I still can’t believe they are this good” Athletics, holding them to just a single run over 7.1 innings.  Ehire Adrianza had himself quite the day at third.


Padres 0, Dodgers 14Prof: An absolute rout of the cellar dwelling Padres was in full effect on Sunday in Los Angeles, in a game where nearly every Dodger, including winning pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu, had multiple hits. Manny Machado, Matt Kemp, and Matt Barnes all mashed taters.

Rockies 2, Diamondbacks 0Scouts: Arizona just can’t seem to get the job done in big matchup.  I have no hard data or anything, but it feels like they have lost 90% of their division matchups the last two months.  I suppose that’s why they are now 8 games back of both the division and the final Wild Card spot.


Red Sox 3, Spiders 4 F/11Scouts: Boston is in full on “Just don’t get anyone hurt” mode, with over half their roster on the bench for the day.  Still, Mookie Betts almost single handedly won the game going 4-6.  But all he could do was help keep it close until Greg Allen walked it off with a single in the 11th.

Orioles 6, Yankees 3Scouts: Alex Cobb left the game after 4 pitches with a blister, which perfectly personifies the Orioles’ season.  What’s new was the O’s winning, mostly of the pair of homers by Tim Beckham and a bullpen that actually kept things together once they finally got Mike “All I do is give up 4 runs a game” Wright Jr. out of there.

Rays 5, Blue Jays 2Prof: As we’ve discussed, the Tampa Bay Sea Creatures currently have a record that, if they weren’t in the AL and especially in the AL East, would have them in the playoffs. But they are in the AL East, and as a result they are going to be watching the playoffs at a Buffalo Wild Wings. Blake Snell – who is getting more and more support for a Cy Young Award – had eleven strikeouts and won his ninth straight, the 21st win of the season.

Royals 3, Tigers 2Scouts: If you are a Tigers fan who loves watching your team run the bases, well, you probably want to skip this game.  Brad Keller held Detroit to three singles over 7 innings.

Reds 0, Marlins 6Prof: The Feesh showed some life. Too little, too late. The game itself means nothing. Miami has a rookie catcher named Chad Wallach who hit a home run. Is he any relation to our beloved Old Gator? He also looked like a guy I went out with for several months, only taller and beefier, and his teeth are better. Like I said, this game means nothing.

Phillies 1, Braves 2Scouts: Instead of taking a mental day off after clinching the NL East, the Braves decided to go out there and further twist the knife by completing a sweep against the Phillies.

Brewers 13, Pirates 6Prof: Christian Yelich is making the case for MVP seemingly every game these days. The Brewers left fielder went 2-3, had three RBI and crushed an absolute no doubter in this butt kicking of Pittsburgh. Travis Shaw and Mike Moustakas also hit home runs for the Brew Crew.


Angels 2, Astros 6Prof: It started out kinda rough for Orbit’s boys, as Justin Upton scored off of a Charlie F’n Morton wild pitch. You don’t want to see this first thing. Morton was pulled from the game early and it wasn’t looking too great. Thankfully for Houston, they did their best Chumbawumba impression, as in they got knocked up, but they got up again. Yuli Gurriel has been a machine lately and was highly effective on Sunday as well; a two run homer started the rally off. Evan Gattis went 3-3 and drove in two runs as well.

Cubs 6, White Sox 1Prof: This was the last game for legendary announcer Hawk Harrelson. His beloved White Sox was dismantled by the team he hates the most (thanks to a three run first inning, the Mighty Schwarb with a two run double and a solo homer, and Kyle Hendricks striking out five in 7 3/4 innings). YOU CAN PUT THAT ON THE BOARD. YES.


Giants 2, Cardinals 9Scouts: The Cardinals have 6 games left against the Brewers and Cubs that will determine if they reach the playoffs this year or not.  They go into it hot, fresh off a sweep of the Giants.  At the moment, they are 4.5 games back of the division and 1.5 games over the Rockies for the Wild Card.

Mariners 1, Rangers 6 Prof: The Banny Rooster has been fired by Texas. Seems harsh and really cold to fire a guy with only days left to go in the season. The Rangers don’t seem to care, they beat the hapless Mariners, who once again go forward into October waiving goodbye at any playoff hopes. Seventeen years the Mariners have been closing up shop early. I really thought this season they’d turn the corner…but then Oakland happened. I feel bad for Seattle, honestly. It’s kind of sad. Oh, I almost forgot – Joey Gallo, a man who is absolute feast or famine, hit a two run dinger in the eighth. Feast.




9 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/23/18

  1. As I wrote on Friday, “I expect [the Nats will] be eliminated from [the post-season] by Monday morning”; as it turned out, I was being optimistic, as the final shovel of dirt was thrown on their chances about the time they took the field late Saturday afternoon.

    So, between that, and our first day trip to visit SomeDaughterInVA1.0 at her place of higher learning, and Tiger Woods being on TV, I didn’t watch the Nats game at all on Sunday, but a quick check of the ESPN box score shows young Mr. Turner having 2 ABs, 2 hits, and 3 BBs, so I hope that answers your question, Ms. Prof.

    It’ll be a bit odd this year to not have a reason to fear the playoffs, knowing that the Nats had a better record than their opponents, but somehow feeling like they didn’t necessarily have the better players, or at least the best player that was going to define the series. No worries about “Is X healthy enough to help the Nats win this series?” or “Can the Nats play any tighter than they’re playing right now?” or “What weird circumstance will befall them and cost them yet another Game Five loss at home?” Only questions left for the Nats this week are will Harper finally get to 100 RBIs for a season (he’s at 99 for the second time in his career) and will Max get to 300 Ks (he’s at 290, and could start twice more).

    Finally, congrats to Prof and Braves fans everywhere for winning the NL East, and good luck to those of you whose teams will be playing in October.

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    1. Thank you, SG. I promise we will represent the NL East proudly.

      Max can definitely get to 300 K. A typical Scherzer outing has him at about 7 usually, and I think his season high was 15? I would feel comfortable betting on it if I were a gambler.


      1. If he gets two starts, yeah, he’ll make it without question. If he’s limited to just one more start (they finish on the road in Colorado, and there’s no reason to run him out there other than to chase 300 Ks) then it’s not guaranteed, although that start will be against the Feesh and 10 Ks is not an unusual Max start.


  2. If the Tigers could shed their sorry sack skins for a few games against the Brewers, I might be able to get some goodies from paper. Yes, I need to be bribed to watch our pathetic defense. Get over it. I’m already ready for the post-season broadcast booth drama.

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  3. Speaking of wistful nostalgia, I avoided the VMart farewell hullabaloo this weekend and headed to the sunset side of the mitten state to channel my inner proto-punk and see Brother Wayne Kramer on tour with his homage to the 50th anniversary of the MC5’s debut album, Kick Out the Jams. While I was about a decade too young to see the original MC5 in action, the group Kramer has put together (including Kim Thayil of Soundgarden) brought tremendous energy and gave me a taste of what I missed. This clip is from a few days prior since I don’t know how to upload the video I shot.


  4. I know I often refer to Jeff Passan on yahoo sports. This week’s ten degrees argues that today’s 25 year old ballplayers are better than any previous class of 25 year olds.

    But! Right in the middle, around the four and a half degree he veers off to recognize Adrian Beltre and Victor Martinez. Good job, Jeff.


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