Bits and Pieces Stretch Run Numbers Weekend Edition

While looking for clues in the scores as to how the stretch playoff run is going to go the first thing I noticed is that 7 of the thirty teams scored exactly 3 runs. The fewest runs scored was 0 and the most was 10. That means that there were 11 possible individual run outcomes and almost half of them were 3. If the number 3 had average luck the number of teams scoring 3 should have been…my god…3. The Gods are up to something, but what?

So I did a little research.


Mets 4 Nationals 2 | Brewers 8 Pirates 3 | Rays 11 Blue Jays 3


As noted above the number of teams scoring 3 was not 5, 6, or 8 but 7!

The lucky number, or is it?


White Sox 10 Cubs 4 | Red Sox 7 Indians 5 | Yankees 10 Orioles 8

Our Alleged Reality

The only remaining playoff  question in the dignifiedly organized American League is will the wild card playoff be played in New York or Oakland, with the Yankees holding only a 1 1/2 game lead over the Athletics. Meanwhile things are a good deal more up in the air for the disheveled commies in the “National” League.  The Braves pretty much have it in the bag in the NL East but in the Central and the West the Cubs and Brewers and the Dodgers and Rockies are both just 1 1/2 a part. The chase for the two wild cards is a barn burner too, The Cardinals lead the way with 88 wins, the Brewers are sitting at 85 and the Rockies have 83. Of course if the Cubs or Dodgers slip out of first they are in the thick of the wild card.

I’ll put this here for the fans of the odd teams out, and for myself.


Royals 4 Tigers 3 | Marlins 1 Reds 0 (F/10) | Braves 6 Phillies 5

Capitalists VS Commies

The American League doesn’t just have a greater disparity between its best and worst teams than the National League is also enjoys a greater disparity between its worst and best players. Khris Davis leads the American League with 45 home runs. Matt Carpenter leads the National League with 35. RBI: J D Martinez 124 / Javier Baez 107. Saves Edwin Diaz 56 / Wade Davis 40. Season WAR: Mookie Betts 10.2 / Lorenzo Cain 6.6.

Rangers 8 Mariners 3 (F/7) | Astros 11 Angels 3 | Cardinals 5 Giants 3

Stat Head Numerology

The stat heads over at fivethirtyeight employed some statistical modeling to ask how the Orioles and Royals would do  if they played in the AAA leagues. The answer was probably pretty good but not real real good, and maybe not.

The Orioles And Royals Could At Least Still Beat Triple-A Teams … Right?

Rockies 6 Diamondbacks 2 | Athletics 7 Twins 6 (F/10) | Padres 5 Dodgers 3

5 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces Stretch Run Numbers Weekend Edition

  1. Please join me in a bit of excited happiness – my Atlanta Braves have clinched the NL East Division! We are the champions!!! For the first time since 2013, we have the crown. I cried a little, I’m not going to lie. It’s been a long five years of some of the worst baseball I’ve ever watched, with some of the worst everyday players taking the field. Through it all we had our guy Freddie Freeman. He never gave up. He never lost faith. And I want to thank him for pulling all of Braves Country through; for putting us on his back and carrying us to this moment. I want to thank Folty for finding his inner Maddux-Glavine this season and getting to that next level. I want to thank Ender, Dansby, and Charlie. These guys who had their ups and downs and still did the damn thing, especially Dansby, with people cursing their names and saying they had no place on the team every other week. They kept going and kept believing and the Braves couldn’t have done it without them. I want to thank Ozzie, RAJ, and the CamarGOAT for breathing new life into this ballclub and being the face of the next generation of proud Atlanta Braves. Wanna thank Newk and Julio, Anibal; Soroka, Fried, Touki…every guy who came up, took the mound and got us a W no matter what. Special love goes to Jonny Venters who came back home and has been so important to this team, and can now enjoy it with us all over again. Love you Jonny, you’ll always be part of the best three headed closing monster this franchise has ever seen, O’Ventbrel forever.

    I’m sorry, I am really just fangirling here, but I can’t help it. This team means so much to me, and it’s so special to see these guys, this team that has gutted it out so hard this season reach this point. This feels so much like 1991 to me. I love this group of guys and they will always have a special place in my heart, no matter where we go from here.

    I’m so proud of my guys. I am so proud of my team. Go Braves!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Today was a hard day for me and my son, but Trevor May, the only active Twin who publicly supported the Twins Designated Sexual Assailant’s accuser, Trevor May, just got his first career save on his 29th birthday.

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