He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/20/18

Prof: It’s your friendly neighborhood Professor here. I gave Scout the day off. It’s Friday, and you know what that means. No rhyme or reason for these Girl Power tunes, except that I love all of these songs. Hope you enjoy at least one of them.

White Sox 5, Spiders 4 – First things first, the Cleveland Browns football team actually won a game for the first time in roughly twelve centuries. Of course, this means the Cleveland baseball team would get the Browns’ losing mojo transferred over. The White Sox won despite a starting performance from James Shields. He wasn’t even the worst pitcher in the stadium, believe it or not; that dubious honor belongs to Josh Tomlin, who allowed four runs in four innings as opposed to Big Lame James, who only gave up two in six.

Phillies 3, Braves 8 – THE MAGIC NUMBER IS FOUR. With this crucial win over divisional rivals and the only competition to the NL East crown, the Braves have dropped the magic number to four. Glorious! It started out a bit slow but then the Atlanta offense got really hot, really quick. It started with a Dansby Swanson bases loaded walk, and ended with an Ender Inciarte single bringing Dans home. It also helped that the bullpen held up their end of the bargain this time around, with Chad Sobotka throwing eleven pitches in the ninth and nine of those pitches being strikes. Hot dog, this is fun!

Red Sox 11, Yankees 6 – A come from behind victory on enemy soil and Boston clinches the AL East crown. Luke Voit continued his Hercules in New York impersonation by hitting a two run homer, but the Yankees could not stop Mookie Betts. Actually, very few people can stop Mookie Betts, so there you go. Betts went 4-5 with five RBI on the evening.

wtf blond dudeAngels 3, Athletics 21 – I love this gif, as you know, and it accurately illustrates my feelings about this game once I took a look at the box score. This is what my dad would have called a “behind the woodshed whoopin'”. I mean, peep this – Marcus Semien had three hits and five RBI. Stephen Piscotty hit a three run homer and an RBI single. Oakland left fielder Nick Martini (fun fact – Mr. Martini comes from Crystal Lake, IL. Wonder if he goes camping with Jason Voorhees?) went 3-6 with 2 RBI. Matt Chapman had 2 RBI. Your mother could have suited up and gotten 2 RBI. Lost in all of this was a Mike Trout home run. Poor lamb, can’t even win for losing.

Reds 4, Marlins 2 – MY SMALL SON, EVERYONE. The man of the hour, the myth, the legend, Scooter Gennett. 2-3, including a home run, with all four of Cincinnati’s runs.

Rays 8, Blue Jays 9 – Rowdy Tellez is something else, y’all. Toronto’s rookie first baseman went 2-4 with 3 RBI, including a second inning home run. The kid is currently hitting .385 and making waves in the American League as one to watch.


Royals 8, Tigers 11 – A big night for El Tigres. Christin Stewart, a young left fielder for Detroit so fresh that he doesn’t even have a photo up on the ESPN player site, mashed two dingers and had six ribbies. Wow!

Mets 5, Nationals 4 F/12 – BONUS MUSIC – not a girl power tune, but related to this game.

Do you never rest 
Fighting the battle of who could care less 
Unearned unhappiness 
That’s all right I guess

About a dozen pitchers, give or take, took the mound for each team last night. Max Scherzer went seven innings, struck out thirteen. However, he coughed up back to back homers (one of them to Michael Conforto – someone please save him from this miserable fate). Jay Bruce was the other tater masher, and he also hit an RBI single in the eighth. Bryce Harper was ejected from the game for arguing a called third strike. Apparently it was so egregious that Mets radio announcers were peeved for Harper’s sake. Um. That’s no bueno.

10 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/20/18

  1. Harper’s ejection (his first of the year) came in the 12th inning, and I confess that I’d fallen asleep, only to be awakened by the commotion.

    There appeared to be two levels of egregiousness here – First, the called third strike looked to be off the plate (inside), but second, Harper was tossed as he was walking away, with the ump believing he heard Harper say something, and Harper claiming tht he’d said nothing, and that whatever the ump heard apparently came from the Nats’ dugout or the stands.

    Scherzer’s strikeouts allowed him to break his own record for most Ks in a season by a Nats pitcher; he’s now at 290, and could start two more games, which would give him a chance to catch Pedro (305) for the franchise record; however, he’s sitting on 17 wins, so won’t achieve the 20 wins/300 Ks pairing, something only a couple guys have ever done.

    It’s all pretty meaningless at this point, obviously; Nats’ tragic number for the division dropped to two, and three for the wildcard, so I expect they’ll be eliminated from both by Monday morning.


  2. The Feesh (59-93) can lose 100 games if they only try. They have the time. They have the won’tpower. Even though they look to be finishing the season a few games short thanks to rainouts with the Mutts, they can do this.

    Bustwatch: 0-3 with a walk. Now batting .199. Below the surface of Rio Mendoza again, and back to breathing with a straw. No further gibbering from Jar Jar Baseball about how his plate discipline seems to be improving, which is a blessing.

    Cluelesswatch: Beep Beep held court yesterday – much the way the Dalai Lama does – and averred “We have a plan and we’re sticking to it.” It has been rumored, though, that the “plan” involves evacuating Macondo Banana Massacre Field TVA-style, which has been mostly accomplished, and using the stadium for a freshwater reservoir to help orfset saltwater incursion into the Macondo aquifer.

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    1. Poor Lil Beep Beep, in over his head like a mouse trying to swim. Do you think they try to sell off Realmuto to someone during winter meetings? Leaving Los Fishes was the best thing that ever happened to Christian Yelich.


      1. Since the bedrock hereabouts is primarily karst, a form of fossil coral limestone, the aquifer is pretty alkaloid, but it is also highly filtered by veins of sand. Karst, unfortunately, also has a tendency to dissolve into the aquifer so streets, cars, homes (with an occasional resident or two) and parking lots allasudden fall into big holes. We’re used to it.

        It ain’t the best tasting water on the planet, so most people who comprehend such things have rock salt water softeners and Brita-type filters at home. Since most Republicans don’t believe in fossils anyway, they just drink the stuff. They figger it’s like a highball with a twist of limestone. Ah well.

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    1. Paper asked: isnt that the vampire movie girl’s name? So now we root for Team Vampire Girl! (Obvs, we have not seen this movie and don’t know what we are talking about.)

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        1. Owww. I’d let loose a bloodcurdling scream, but there’s apparently nothing left to curdle. Maybe the Feeesh could donate some curdled phytoplankton, it wouldn’t need to be processed a bit.


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