He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/18/18

Prof: Hey, fam. I’m back! Did you miss me? My vacation was woefully too short, if I’m honest. I came back home on Monday actually, but on Tuesday, I had a long put-off trip to the DMV along with other assorted appointments set up. Of course, next week I have a business trip to Salt Lake City for work smack in the middle of the week, so I will miss a couple of days then, too.

It didn’t rain once on me during my trip until I started home. It was beautiful! Now, it was a bit windy at times, overcast on Saturday, but still warm and blue skies most of the time. I spent plenty of time on the beach and read the dumbest book when I wasn’t looking for shells (I found one that wasn’t broken).

I spent most of the weekend unplugged, but I did get to see that Christian Yelich hit for the cycle again (is it a dumb notion to think he might be a good candidate for NL MVP?), the Braves keep losing at home (why?), and this morning I saw that Trevor Story has somehow injured himself and no one knows what his status could be (if he’s done, so are the Rockies).

Let’s see what happened in last night’s games, shall we?



Angels 9, Athletics 7Scouts: Kaleb Cowart hit the first Angel grand slam of the year last night.  I can’t decide if it is hard to believe or not, that the Angles have gone this long without a grand slam.  I’m going to say yea, it’s pretty unexpected.

Rockies 2, Dodgers 3 F/10Scouts: The loss of Trevor Story is going to be a pretty big problem for Colorado who have just been barely holding on.  LA isn’t sending him any get well soon cards, but is instead focused on the party at home plate when Chris Taylor ended the 10 inning affair with a walk-off homer, giving the Dodgers a 1.5 game division lead over the Rockies.


Red Sox 2, Yankees 3Prof: The excitement never ends between one of the most heated rivalries in all of sports. Boston, with their gaudy W-L record, was barely beat out by New York because of two pretty cool things – a Neil Walker three run bomb in the seventh, and a Zach Britton double play in the ninth.


Blue Jays 6, Orioles 4Prof: In “DUH” news, Dylan Bundy got the loss in this game against Toronto. I’m going to assume that he loaded the bases full of Blue Jays when he finally left the bump, but he was only charged for two earned runs. Not quite sure what happened there (I obviously didn’t watch the game). Also, this might be awful but I am rooting for Chris Davis to defeat the smedium prince himself, Dan Uggla, for worst batting average of an everyday player. Uggs rocked a .179. Crush currently has a .171. Come on man! You can do it! Make history, bro!


Mets 2, Phillies 5Prof: STEVEN MATZ DID IT AGAIN! The Mets pitcher hit another home run! Now, it was much ado about nothing, really, since they lost by three and Matz got a no decision. For Philadelphia, some timely hits from my main man the Big Buckin’ Chicken, Jorge Alfaro, Wilson Ramos, and Carlos Santana lifted up the Phightins.

Royals 1, Pirates 2 F/11Scouts: Jameson Taillon struck out 11 Royals over 7 shutout innings.  That helped setup a second consecutive walk-off when Ryan Lavarnway singled in the 11th.


Rays 4, Rangers 0Scouts: Blake Snell went 5 scoreless to pickup his 20th win and his 200th strike out.  It’s a shame he pitches for the Rays, or there would be some real noise for him in the CY Young.

Twins 5, Tigers 3 – Prof: This was a kind of run of the mill type of game between two AL Central teams that will not make the playoffs. About half the pitching staff came out for Detroit, while Minnesota somehow decided to play Mighty Max Kepler as a bench guy? Of course he didn’t do much on his one and only at-bat but still. Dude’s hitting over .400 right now, you’d think he might be a decent guy to pencil in. Anyway, I want to talk about Jim Adduci. Our friend CC at the other blog apparently has a thing about Jim Adduci actually being from the 80s and I….kinda agree? Wikipedia says he was born in 1985 but there’s no way. Jim Adduci time traveled here from 1985, let’s be real. He looks like he’s my peer. He looks like a sensible dad in Dockers. He looks like a fellow who came in seventh at a Jim Thome look-alike contest. I’m obsessed.

Nationals 4, Marlins 2Prof: Stephen Strasburg was on point last night. Eleven strikeouts in six innings, only two earned runs (one of which was a solo homer). The Feesh were spooked by ol’ Royce Harpler, who was walked five times. Really, Miami? Really? You gave him the Bonds treatment? That was ridiculous, considering that most of the damage was done by singles, bunts, and errors.


Cardinals 8, Braves 1Scouts: Um, things aren’t looking so swell in Atlanta at the moment.  They’ve lost 4 in a row, and still have one more against St. Louis, followed by a 4 game set against the Phillies.  The bullpen blew it again allowing 6 runs over the final three innings.

Reds 3, Brewers 1Scouts: Michael Lorenzen in his first start since 2015 lasted 4 strong innings allowing just one unearned run, one hit, and one walk for the Reds.

Mariners 0, Astros 7Scouts: Josh James shut down the Mariners over 5.1, striking out 7 to pick up his first career victory.  Congrats!


White Sox 3, Spiders 5Prof: The Magical Land of Cleve had a bit of a top-heavy game, scoring all of their runs by the fifth inning. The Klubot stayed in until the eighth, and gave up three to Chicago before relinquishing the mound to Andrew Miller.

Cubs 9, Diamondbacks 1Scouts: Javier Baez and Daniel Murphy each jacked two-run homers, and Anthony Rizzo drove in a pair of his own as the red hot Cubs are starting to look like the Cubs of two years ago.

Giants 5, Padres 4Scouts: Hunter Pence, who I have not thought of in like 25 years is apparently still playing baseball.  He had a nice 3 RBI day, including a two-run homer in the second.




13 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/18/18

  1. Actually the Jim Adduci narrative has him as a player in the mid ’60s with references to Look magazine, Nash Ramblers, PanAm and Northwest Orient airlines, and his career finally coming to an end in 1969 when he was cut by the Seattle Pilots in spring training. It’s been one of the few fun things about the Tiggers this season.

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    1. At the end of the Adduci interview they played last night, Shep said something about his work ethic, and I said which is what he brings every day to Adduci Ford.

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  2. Have to give the Feesh a little credit with Harper; none of the five walks were intentional, and none came on four pitches, so let’s just say that they pitched him very carefully

    Four of Harper’s walks happened with at least one guy on base already, and putting more guys on base is usually a bad strategy for the team in the field. However, as I’ve joked on Twitter this season, Fangraphs’ Expected Runs for various situations are doubtless suppressed by at least a tenth of a run due to the Nats’ season-long ineptitude in taking advantage of such opportunities.

    That aside, the best part of last night was the fact that Trea Turner escaped injury after getting hit in the helmet with a slider. He stayed in the game, immediately stole second base, and said afterwards he felt no pain.

    Wild card tragic number is 4, division tragic number is 5.

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    1. I am not a fan of the Bonds treatment. A few years ago I was at a Brewers/Braves game, when they were both kinda garbage, and the pitcher kept trying to walk Chipper. Everyone booed. One guy, in a Brewers jersey about three rows behind me, screamed, “Pitch to him! We wanna see it go yard!” I agree.


      1. The way to eliminate the Bonds treatment is for the guys behind Harper to make the other team pay. Last night, those guys were Rendon, Soto, and Zimmerman (in that order) and while Rendon went 2-4 with a couple RBIs, the other two were 1-10, and the Nats left a ton of guys on base, as they’ve been wont to do all year.

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        1. The Feesh owe a billion and a half to their bankers and investors. Nobody is going to give them any more credit.

          The Bust took the collar again last night with four strikeouts and is back to his little raft on the Rio Mendoza. Thanks to his California wind turbine impersonation, no one had to listen to Jar Jar Baseball gibbering about how much his plate discipline has improved.

          Incidentally, I see the “comments” section is still AWOL from the MLB.com team sites. Anyone have any idea what’s going on there?


        2. I can only imagine the script issues they’ve had are not fixed yet (as far as comment sections). MLB seems to have a glitchy site at best? Not sure why that’s so.


    1. What a coinkidinkie. They’re having a cross promotion over at the local Bible emporium. It’s non-denominational so you can get one with or without a suffering maquette.


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