Bits and Pieces Family Weekend Edition

As many of you know my son’s family is going through an excruciating and in too many ways impossible to understand time. It’s very hard for those of us close to it to not constantly think about it as we pass through these days and nights. That is soul crushing, so we must find other things to think about. I choose my entire family.

Okay family, both digital and real, I’m spilling the beans

Something about myself. A girl named Brenda asked me to dance to this in junior high. My first and last dance.

White Sox 8 Orioles 6 | Yankees 11 Blue Jays 0 | Phillies 14 Marlins 2

Tony’s Kids

Chloe has done great in school and is looking forward to college. Her younger brother Mason is also doing well. And they’re doing well in spite of having had to switch schools several times. Most importantly they are both kind and considerate.

Mets 8 Red Sox 0 | Tigers 5 Indians 4 | Athletics 2 Rays 1 (F/10)

Tanya’s Kids

Britt devours books like I devour ice cream. Plus being around her is just plain nice. Will is a pill. He has a great sense of humor and if he’s around you can count on there being some fun going on.

Braves 10 Nationals 5 | Dodgers 3 Cardinals 0 | Cubs 3 Reds 2

Leann’s Daughter

Christine must have rubber bands in place of muscles. She can perform gymnastic feats that would put me in the hospital. Like all of her cousins she is kind and considerate.

Brewers 7 Pirates 4 | Diamondbacks 4 Astros 2 | Royals 8 Twins 4

Kara’s Daughter

Hailey shares Christine’s gymnastic talent. Just watching the two of them doing their flips, stretches, leaps makes me dizzy. Hailey lost her mother in her first year of life but that has not stopped her from also being kind and loving.

Mariners 5 Angels 0 | Rangers 4 Padres 0 | Giants 2 Rockies 0

I used to sing this to Eric’s cousin Ralph when he would hold me in the fall and winter of 2015.

Now it’s everybody else’s turn. Let’s hear about your kids, grandkids, siblings, parents, grandparents. Even if they’re gone, everybody got somebody.


6 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces Family Weekend Edition

  1. As always, your sweet touch comes out. I have the feeling from what you’ve posted that you are kind and loving also. Could it be that these apples did not fall far from the tree? My best to all the families of our baseball buddies.


  2. Again I read of the Orioles demonstrating inclusive, forward thinking. Braille symbols on uniforms this week. Someday Star Trek-ish eyes will be in use and those fans, limited now to radio baseball, will remember Baltimore.

    Point number two: Pete Rose, attempting to reduce spousal support to his previous wife (who he left so he could pimp his current wife in Playboy), claims injury and age have left him unable to work and reduced his income from $1 million annually to half that amount.

    Poor fella. He may be able to get another job, as the poster boy for bad karma.

    P.S. my dislike of this asshole has nothing to do with the fact that the Big Red Machine used to beat LA like a drum during my misspent youth as a Dodger fan.


  3. No grandkids to brag on. Yet. My son married in May, He ages out of our health plan in Nov, so I (cagily) asked if he was going to a self + 1 or a family plan on his new job’s insurance. Too subtle, or not subtle enough?

    Also, in a base ball related thingy, he graduated from SFSU a couple of years ago, (proud) and the commencement was held at phone co. park. Bitterly disappointed to find that the graduates didn’t get to run the bases and slide home to get their diploma.


  4. Naw. I really did need to know the insurance info. My wife may feel otherwise, but I feel it’s their decision to make unencumbered by our opinions. They have one income stream, and that, with the astronomical rent, doesn’t provide good economics for kid-raising.


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