He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/12/18

Scouts: I suppose I feel this way every year around this time, but this season has felt exceptionally long to me.  Has it felt long to you too?  Maybe it’s just because my team of choice is having one of the worst seasons of any team in history, so I stopped watching months ago.  Maybe it’s all the rain.  Maybe it’s the lack of quality playoff races, as it seems like 90% of the spots are locked down at this point.  It just feels like it’s been dragging out and i”m ready for the playoffs to start already.

Nationals 5, Phillies 1Prof: SomeGuy, your boys are out here doing the Lord’s work in being spoilers for the Phanatic’s Phinest. Bryce Harper hit a two run homer in the first inning, Ryan Zimmerman had a solo in the fourth and Juan Soto (a strong candidate for rookie of the year) had his own solo dinger in the sixth. Takes a lot to take out the sneaky good Aaron Nola, but Stephen Strasburg had his A-game last night, going seven innings and striking out nine.

Brewers 5, Cubs 1Scouts: What a big win for Milwaukee, now just a game back from first place after taking the series against the Cubs.


Yankees 1, Twins 3Scouts: Maybe the Yankees just aren’t that good?  Seems everytime I turn around they are losing another game they should be winning.  This time, Jake Ordorizzi no-hit the Yankees through 7.1.

White Sox, Royals – Scouts:

Diamondbacks 4, Rockies 5Scouts: Colorado won a pretty big game, thanks to a Walk-off home run by DJ LeMahieu.  The win kept Colorado at a 1.5 game lead over LA, and Arizona fell to 3.5 back.


Dodgers 8, Reds 1Prof: The Trolley Dodgers must’ve read this here blog yesterday, because I asked why they couldn’t defeat the Reds. Sorry to have given out the bulletin board material, because LA didn’t just beat Cincinnati. They embarrassed them. Usually I praise my small child Scooter Gennett, but today I have to call him out for an error that caused Max Muncy to score in the fifth inning. Joc Pederson went 2-3 with a giant homer to center.

Astros 5, Tigers 4  – Prof: Alex Bregman. Lord have mercy. That’s really all I have to say about the matter.


Spiders 1, Rays 3Prof: Once again, I am concerned about Cleveland. They can’t roll into the playoffs playing like this. I know that the Rays are a pretty decent team these days; if they weren’t in the AL East where two juggernauts reside, they might have a chance at the playoffs themselves. A lot of that is because of Blake Snell, who is quietly making a real case for this year’s AL Cy Young. Snell gets his league leading 19th victory with seven innings pitched and nine strikeouts. On the Tragical Land of Cleve’s side, I see nothing but big ol’ goose eggs where hits ought to be. Come on, guys. You’ll be one and done in the playoffs if you keep this up.

Pirates 4, Cardinals 3Scouts: Jameson Taillon gave up just a pair of runs over 7.  St. Louis attempted a bit of a comeback once Taillon exited, but the bullpen was able to maintain.

Braves 2, Giants 1Prof: Allow me to speak on my Braves for a moment. Love ’em up. Brag on ’em. This team makes me so damn happy. Ten games is the magic number and they seem to keep on rollin’ along. It’s such a beautiful thing. A legitimate rookie of the year candidate (Acuña), one of the best pitchers in the National League for the year (Folty), and a possible comeback player of the year (my man Jonny Venters!) all on one squad, lead by forever Braves Country MVP Freddie F’n Freeman. This team has been steaming hot garbage for so long, I forgot what it was like to be proud of them and have a reason why. Makes me want to cry sometimes. Oh, and they swept the Giants, too!


Padres 5, Mariners 4Scouts: When you get swept by the Padres in middle September, you know your season is cooked.  Committing 3 errors sure didn’t help much.

Athletics 10, Orioles 0Scouts: Ouch.  You don’t often see a 10-0 game where all the runs were scored in one inning, but well, it wouldn’t be the Orioles if they weren’t banging out new pathetic lows.  Andrew Cashner who is now 4-15 was absolutely abused for 8 hits and 8 runs.


Blue Jays 0, Red Sox 1Prof: Boston has reached the century mark! David Price went seven shutout innings with seven Ks. Craig Kimbrel got his 39th save of the season, going a full inning and striking out two of his own. Aaron Sanchez – say it with me (Not the Taco Expert) – gets the loss. Not only that, it was a wild pitch from the Blue Jays hurler that allowed the winning Red Sox run.

Rangers 1, Angels 8Scouts: Francisco Arcia went yard twice, and Felix Pena threw 6 shutout innings and that’s about all I got to say about this one.

Marlins 0, Mets 13 (Game 1)Scouts: This was a complete whoopin.  Zach Wheeler went 8 dominant innings, allowing just 4 hits and no walks, while the Mets offense looked like a professional ball club.  By the time Jay Bruce crushed a grand slam in the 6th, they were just piling on.  I think the rain was just Mother Natures way of saying “Ok, they’ve had enough for one day.”

Marlins, Mets (Game 2 of the doubleheader) – PPD – Prof: You read that right. There was a weather delay of a weather delayed game. You can’t make this stuff up.

11 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/12/18

  1. Strasburg’s results were great last night, but he was a different kind of pitcher than normal. He doesn’t have his A+ fastball yet, sitting at only 92/93, but he’s locating, and making real good use of his other pitches, and he looked great last night. F.P. was comparing him to Tom Glavine, who could also throw the ball through a wall when needed, but relied much more on location and low 90s to get lots of guys out.

    Other than the current five game winning streak, what’s really got some people talking around here is this little nugget:

    See, Rizzo has always been very careful in his word choice when addressing the media, and the Nats have never talked publicly about ongoing negotiations, so his phrasing here has many hoping/wishing/praying that Harper may still be playing for the Nats next year and beyond. However things turn out, his contract status has to come to closure early so that they can build their offseason around it.

    74-72, tragic number is 9, makeup with the Cubs today followed by three in Atlanta this weekend, so things could be over or very interesting by Sunday night.


  2. To expand on a point that philiac started on yesterday, the Astros are rolling with Springer, Altuve and Correa performing well below their par for 2017. If any two of those three get hot, they could very well steamroll the playoffs. But I’m not sure whether they will come around for October or not.

    To address your point, Scouts, it has seemed like a long season. But for a different reason for me. I am developing a Yankeefan-like sense of entitlement about wins. I am ready for the Astros to lock it down and get to the playoffs. Expect me soon to start cursing at players who don’t have a .900 OPS and talking about how many of other people’s stars Houston can buy up in the offseason.

    Then you can shoot me.

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      1. I happen to love Dairy Queen stuff. It saddens me that they seem to be slowly spiraling out of business. It is a tradition for the wife and me to stop at one when coming home from any road trip.

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  3. I dunno, Scouts, has this been a long season? (Looks in direction of Macondo Banana Massacre field). Well, not really because I’ve been travelling quite a bit, doing a lot of writing, watching my magnificent wife remodel the kitchen – and I mean, by herself – and pretty much not paying attention to this volvox of a team this season. I don’t think I’ve watched an entire Feesh game. I’ve maybe watched two or three innings here and there, become nauseated, and went on to other things. I haven’t gone to a single game because I refuse to become an accomplice to Beep Beep’s debt service.

    Prof: you have a short memory:

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    1. I hope the rest of you don’t mind too much but I am revealing my identity here to my entire family. I want them to know who I really am so that maybe they can know who they really are. Grandpa Rick is going nuclear.

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