He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/10/18

Scouts: Batten down the hatches.  A series, yes a series of hurricanes are headed this way.  Please be careful if you live anywhere on the East Coast, as it may get pretty ugly.  As a result, I expect a ton of baseball to get PPD, which will make things interesting as we are coming to the end of the road here.  Not a lot of off days and the schedulers and their assistants will have to get creative to get these game in.  Expect much team beef as someone invariably will be unhappy with how a game gets rescheduled.

Astros 3, Tigers 2Prof: Justin Verlander got the win at Comerica Park. How many times had we read that sentence over the years? However, this time, it was not for Detroit. Verlander is still beloved by the Tiger faithful and they cheered him even though he struck out ten of their own guys. That’s some Chase Utley-in-Philly type of behavior.

Dodgers 6, Reds 10Prof: The Reds have been eliminated from any playoff hopes, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t play spoilers. My small son Scooter Gennett went 4-5 with three RBI, Eugenio Suarez had a solo homer, and Joey Votto had an RBI double on his birthday. (Happy birthday to the World’s Sassiest Canadian!)


Spiders 5, Rays 6Scouts: The Rays who have nothing left to play for but pride, sure earned themselves some of that.  The teams are remarkably close in record, yet have a pretty different post-season outlook due to the nature of divisions in baseball.  It almost makes you think how different things would be if there weren’t divisions, and simply the top X teams get into the playoffs.  Oh well.  Ji-Man Choi smacked a two run homer in the 9th to walk this one off for the Rays.


Brewers 3, Cubs 2Prof: It’s a nailbiter in the NL Central. The Brewers and Cubs, longtime rivals, are within a game of each other for the lead, and this is their last series against each other. It’s possible that these games are the most important ones left in their schedules. This was a game all about small ball; sac flies and singles led the way until Carl Edwards Jr. had a wild pitch and caused Mike Moustakas to score the winning run in the sixth.

Yankees 7, Twins 2Scouts: Surprisingly, this game was scoreless into the 6th, when Gary Sanchez blasted an absolute bomb of a homer, 460 feet deep.  The blast woke up the Yankees who then rallied for 6 runs in the 7th.


White Sox 3, Royals 4 F/10Scouts: The Orioles get a half game closer to locking down that number 1 draft pick as the Royals walked it off on a Brian Goodwin double, and a throwing error on the ensuing bunt attempt.

Pirates 7, Cardinals 8Prof: It was a three run homer off the bat of Matt Adams that sealed the deal for the Redbirds.


Diamondbacks 2, Rockies 13Prof: Right now Colorado has the lead in the NL West, up on Los Angeles by a game and a half and Arizona by 3.5 games. This game of course helps the Rox with their cause, as an explosive sixth and seventh inning steamrolled the Gritty Snakes. Trevor “The Neverending” Story as well as David “No Nickname Yet” Dahl hit three-run homers.


Rangers 5, Angels 2Scouts: Mike Minor gave up 1 in 6 and the Rangers got a much needed win. It feels like they’ve had a pretty tough go of it lately.  They always seem to be on the bitter end of a brutal match-up.

Braves 4, Giants 1Scouts: Sean Newcomb gave the Braves 6 strong innings as the Giants reached a 9 game losing streak.

Nationals, Phillies – PPD

Marlins, Mets – PPD


15 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/10/18

  1. Word from Philly last night is that the weather was playable, but someone forgot to put the tarp over the infield at CBP on Friday, which left the infield in unplayable shape. The Phillies grounds crew tried propane-powered flame throwers to dry things out, and Bryce Harper even helped with raking (let the Harper to Philly rumors commence), but it still left things feeling like both “cake” and “pudding” according to Adam Eaton, so the game was called.

    Old-style doubleheader on the docket today, but the weather forecast is poor, so no telling how much baseball will be played.

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    1. Floridian here – survivor of Andrew, Wilma, Katrina and Irma. Lord of the Portable Generators! Chef to the Zephyrs! Default retrospective landscaper! Rayuela champeen of the downed power line!

      At your service.

      Whaddywannaknow about hurricanes (derived from the Arawak or Taino word huracan or storm but this is itself likely derived from the Mayan god, Huracan, star of the Popol Vuh, which I guess you could think of as an ancient Mesoamerican precursor to The Book of Mormon*)?

      Bold prediction: the northern South Carolina and southern and central North Carolina coastlines are getting kicked in the teeth on Thursday. Aside from massive loss of life as mother nature culls the weak and the too stupid to evacuate, there will be very little baseball along the east coast from Hilton Head to Boston for the next week or so. The Ancient Old Ones, in their bottomless mirth, not only created life on Earth as a joke but have conspired to deprive Beep Beep of a hundred loss season in his debutante year as owner of the Feesh and stall Lewis Brinson’s “comeback” in mid-stride. You can almost smell their breath as they cackle eldritchly saying things like “Ah, he finally went 0-4 again! Time to make it rain!”

      *I write this without caring much about whom I offend. Any book of scripture is just as ridiculous as any other one. Give me the Necronomicon any day.


      1. New England weather forecasters seem to think we will be largely immune to the effects. They must actually believe they are cities on a hill. I expect a great rain.

        It’s a bit surreal for me as I’ve been putting together a presentation that begins with the Galveston hurricane of 1900.


        1. My son left his family a few hours ago. My 12 year old grandson is in meltdown. god fucking damn mental illness


      2. I’m in Northern VA, far enough inland that my username here could be SomeGuyAlmostInWestByGodVA, and the forecast for us has never been for anything more than drenching rains for a few days, perhaps accompanied by 30 mph winds or so.

        The latest models show Florence heading west through NC/SC, and so they are getting even more conservative on the rain estimate for us, maybe a couple inches of rain (which has been basically most days ending in Y this year), and the weekend forecast is showing 50% chance of rain on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Nonetheless, some of my neighbors are engaging in full-on hurricane prep for a rain event that’s likely to be drier than the 5+ inches we got one day in July this year.

        My older daughter is away at college in Harrisonburg, VA, and they’re looking to get a bit more rain than we are, but nothing too terribly biblical, at least at this juncture. Of course, if they announce that they’re canceling classes, I’ll be making a beeline there to bring her home.

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        1. Don’t abandon hope on that yet. If you trust WaPo’s weather people at all, the forecast for OC right now is 40%-50% chance of rain for the weekend.

          Unless they’ve closed Ocean City already?

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        2. No, nothing is closed afaik. I’ve been keeping an eye on the Capitol Weather Gang’s Twitter like it’s church. The only thing is that if there is a storm surge it might be a problem as we have had rain for the last couple of days and still more to go, so things are saturated.

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  2. At one point during the broadcast, Shep said it was unfortunate that despite a good defensive play, the runner made it to base safely. The problem was that the runner was a Tiger. That’s how much we root for JV in the D still. Also, when Christin Stewart got his first hit, JV — out of habit — tossed the ball to the visitor dugout. He was trying to make sure the kid got it. It’s the little things that show where your hearts are.

    The broadcast crew is awkward — though paper says that cards fans on viva el birdos enjoyed listening to Gibby. I like Shep, but I can’t believe they couldn’t find a more practiced pbp person. Every night, paper asks me who Mario and Rod selected for pick the stick. Sigh

    We had chances last night and might have won, but they couldn’t seem to get guys home. Paper and I guessed at how many pitches it would take to strike Jones out. I generously gave him 4 pitches. It was a perfect 3, so paper won. Stop trying so hard, punks.

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  3. “They always seem to be on the bitter end of a brutal match-up.” We could say this about more than a couple of teams this season, but my first thought was that the Rangers have a brutal match-up whenever the schedule says they’re playing an “opponent.”


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