He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/9/18

Prof: The other day I posted some traditional classic rock. Today, I’ve chosen music that is now considered classic rock but is all stuff I listened to when I was a teenager or young woman. It’s still very much my favorite kind of music – I’m sure it comes to no surprise I was a Cool Britannia person. I don’t succumb to snobbery very often but I honestly believed that my high school/college musical taste was a lot better other people’s so it didn’t matter that I was part of the in crowd. Oh, the folly of youth.


Phillies 4, Mets 6Scouts: What happened to Philladelphia?  It feels like just last week they were crusing along in first place, and now they are 4.5 games back in both the division and wild card chase.  And here you are losing a series to the Mets of all people?  Just.  So sad.

Orioles 3, Rays 8Prof: Dear lord, Jimmy Yacabonis is turrible, as Charles Barkley would say. I just looked at his ERA and it’s 6.66. AAAAHHHH THE DEVIL HAS COME TO BALTIMORE AAAAHHHH. OK, I’m sorry, deep breath, Prof. Anyway, taking a look at the Oriole lineup for this game I saw a bunch of has-beens and never wases (if you have ever watched NASCAR, you might remember that phrase from when Kurt Busch openly trolled Jimmy Spencer after a race yeeeeeears ago, before Kurt pinned his ears back). When Jace Peterson is your go-to guy, there’s something wrong. I say this as someone who had Jace Peterson playing every day on my beloved Braves during our dark times. Anyway, enough about Disasterpiece Theatre over there, let’s talk about the Sea Creatures. Did y’all know that Tommy Pham is hitting .312 and has a slugging percentage of .558 right now? I think this speaks not about the Tampa organization but how dysfunctional St. Louis was there for a while.

Cubs, Nationals – PPD

Angels 1, White Sox 0Prof: News over the weekend is that Chicago’s rookie pitching sensation Michael Kopech has to have season ending surgery. I’m by no means a White Sox fan, but I am a fan of Kopech, so that is disappointing. Of course, this comes on the heels of the Angels announcing that Shohei Ohtani also has to have major surgery. These two snakebit teams are just one hard luck story after another. A positive for Los Angeles of Anaheim of California of North America is that Andrew Heaney, the pitcher of record, went seven with no earned runs and had 12 strikeouts. Pretty darn good.


Giants 3, Brewers 6Prof: This game gave me a moral quandary – when an a-hole does something a-hole-y to another a-hole, who is the bigger a-hole? If you aren’t aware, Madison Bumgarner hit Ryan Braun with a pitch in the sixth inning and from my vantage point it sure looked intentional to me. Now, ever since Braun threw everyone and their mom under the bus after his cheating scandal, I have not been a fan of his and generally don’t care what happens to him, but you guys know about my supernova loathing of MadBum. What’s a hater to do? In the end, it didn’t matter, because Jonathan Schoop hit a grand slam and the Brewers came out on top.


Royals 1, Twins 3Scouts: Willians Astudillo picked a hell of a time to crush his first career walk-off homer.  With 2 down in the 9th Astudillo smoked a two-run shot that ended in a Gatorade bath and a series win over the Royals.

Dodgers 9, Rockies 6Scouts: The Dodgers are one of those teams that will go on very long streaks.  When they are up, man they look unbeatable.  And when they are down, my god they are terrible.  Well they are on a up-swing at just the right time, taking two of three against the Rockies, pulling just a half game back in the division.  The two will meet once more before season’s out, and at this point, it’s anyone’s bet who will end up taking the crown.

Spiders 2, Blue Jays 6Prof: It seems a tad unfair to saddle Michael Clevinger with the loss. I mean, I get it, Cleveland was losing when he left the game after six innings, but relief pitcher Jon Edwards also gave up three runs in the eighth, and by that time it was difficult for the Tragical Land of Cleve to get hot against known weirdo Ken Giles. It was the Justin Smoak show for Toronto: 2-4, with 3 RBI including a two run homer.


Cardinals 5, Tigers 2Prof: John Gant is finding himself out there on the mound lately. Detroit’s Michael Fulmer? Not so much. His ERA has ballooned to an unhealthy 4.69 (nearly a full run above his career average) and he just can’t seem to get outs these days. Historio, Sparty, is this because of the upheaval in pitching coaches from earlier in the season, or do you guys see something wrong with Fulmer’s mechanics?

Yankees 2, Mariners 3Prof: It could have gone really rough for Seattle, but Mitch Haniger happened. First, he had the go-ahead run in the eighth inning, and in the ninth…well…


Rangers 3, Athletics 7Scouts: Oakland just keeps on keeping on.  Steady as she goes.  Franklin Barreto sparked a 5-run fourth with a two-out RBI that fueled the completion of the series sweep against the Rangers.  Oakland holds a commanding 7.5 game lead over the Mariners for the final Wild Card spot and is just 2.5 back of the division against Houston.

Padres 7, Reds 6Scouts: It took 92 minutes for the rain to stop, so Eric Hosmer took little time to send the crowd home for the night with a homer to left-center.


Braves 9, Diamondbacks 5Prof: AYYYYYYYYYYYYE! When the Braves win the World Series in a few years with this core group of dudes I want Atlanta to send a ring over to former Gritty Snakes GM Dave Stewart, because without him none of this would have been possible. An absolute banger of a ninth inning for the Bravos which saw three home runs, including an Ender Inciarte three-run no-doubter with an eff you bat drop that was just beautiful. Remember, the Braves got Ender, Touki Toussaint (1-2 at the plate, 5 and 2/3 innings pitched with two earned runs) and Dansby Swanson (0-4 but his glove made up for it) from Arizona in the worst trade of my lifetime that I still am giddy about up to three years later.


Astros 5, Red Sox 6 – Scouts: In a potential AL Championship preview, the Red Sox were able to stave off a sweep with a 9th inning walk-off.  With two down, Mitch Moreland flared a ball into left for a single.  Marwin Gonzalez misplayed the bounce, allowing Tzu-Wei Lin to score the game winner from second.

Marlins, Pirates – PPD


14 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/9/18

  1. When I was younger and still cared enough about the NFL to root for a team, I was a fan of the Miami Dolphins. Having grown up in north central PA, there was no geographic logic to it, merely a long-standing place on a bandwagon that I jumped on early, during the 17-0 season. I jumped off a few years ago, when I decided that falling asleep stone sober during the second quarter of a 1PM kickoff was probably an indication that money spent on the Sunday Ticket was money wasted. If I were still a Dolfan, however, it would’ve been some kind of ironic I guess to see them yesterday go through, in microcosm, what the Nats and Cubs went through this weekend, enduring interminable delays due to Mother Nature. (For those who ignore the NFL entirely, the Dolphins/Titans game took roughly seven hours to complete, start to finish, due to two long-term lightning delays.)

    To begin with, we had a game start late on Friday night, go for an inning or so, and then came the deluge that resulted in a three hour rain delay before the game was finally postponed. That meant a Saturday pay one price doubleheader, scheduled first pitch at 3:15PM for game one, but pushed back a couple hours due to more rain. The wait for that one was worth it, though, as we got to witness a Max Scherzer complete game, which included a “Get the fuck off my mound” moment in the ninth, when Davey Martinez came out to see if he wanted to finish, and Max told him yes, in no uncertain terms.

    The second game was delayed twice, first due to a scheduled “Induct Jayson Werth into the Nats’ Ring of Honor” ceremony (yes, really, because intangibles), and then an 89 minute delay in the 8th inning that led to a 1:42AM finish, with the Nats winning 6-5 thanks to a Bryce Harper home run. The game also finally saw the initial use of the Nats new bullpen cart, which had been put into service a few weeks ago, but hadn’t had its first rider until Sean Doolittle, who’s kind of responsible for its existence, rode it to the mound in the 8th.

    Yesterday’s game was supposed to start at 1:35PM, and after waiting three hours to see if the rain would go away (Narrator: It didn’t) they postponed the game till Thursday, which is the only date available for both teams to play. It will necessitate the Nats stopping off at home on their way from Philly to Atlanta, and the Cubs to fly into and out of DC in the middle of a homestand to get the game in, and Cubs Twitter is salty as all get out about the circumstances, to which I say, tough.

    Oh, by the way, Hurricane Florence may be dumping copious amounts of rain on the DC Metroplex by Thursday, so we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.

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      1. His pitch count was at about 110 when Davey went out to chat, but it was a cool day/early evening, and they’d been mostly low stress pitches up till then.

        Nats entered the 9th up 10-1, and though the Cubs got to 10-3, none of the balls were hit especially hard.

        This, from last year, is the best Max:

        The “him”, by the way, was Manny Machado, and yeah, Max got him.

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  2. Only a person who looks at the box scores and doesn’t watch the game could think that the Tigers game was about anything other than the broadcast. Hello. Gibby & Dan. Gibby & Shep. It probably gets complicated from here. I think it put a damper on the 1968 memorial festivities having guys in the booth who were not the leads. I did enjoy Gibby’s story about making Tom Selleck shag balls in the outfield. And taking 2 from the Cards was weird (except paper wanted them to lose all of them because they suck @#&%<=[$&!!!!).

    Like a lot of guys, Fuller just hasn’t come back right from surgery and I’m wondering at this point if that just finished the best of him. That or effing Kate Upton ruined him too by dragging JV off to Houston. That hag.


    1. Was hoping to read about a high-stakes household bet between you & Paper on this series with the loser maybe having to do all the laundry (or some other chore) for the rest of the year. But I’m guessing you wouldn’t have had the confidence (and rightly so) to do that.


  3. Fulmer has become one of those guys you have to limit to 2 times through the batting order. His stats for this season:
    1st time facing batters: .230 BA, .303 OBP, .390 Slugging
    2nd time: .238/.309/.384
    3rd time: .300/.361/.533

    Yesterday he had a perfect game through 5 innings. 6th inning he gave up a walk (caught stealing), another walk then a single but got out of it. 7th inning it all fell apart.

    For a guy who a couple years ago looked like the next staff ace or at least a really good # 2, he’s now more likely a # 4 or 5 guy on a playoff contender.


  4. I missed the Twins game because thanks to my son in law from heaven I was able to watch the Vikings game with my son. The game went well, the rest was mixed. I still have no idea what’s going to happen. But I have decided that me being miserable won’t help him.

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  5. Feesh rained out again and what with Florence bearing down on the mid-Atlantics likely not to play until after the weekend. It’s not a loss, even if the storm will be.


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