Bits and Pieces Wishful Weekend Edition

We Shall Overcome

Let’s start out with some good news that puts things in perspective in the scale of things. I came across this yesterday and it reminded me that all is not black. It’s from Andrew Sullivan’s weekly column over at New York Magazine. You’ll have to scroll past about the first thousand (well worth reading about a less happy topic) words to get to it.

To read India’s media on the decriminalization of gay sex in that country this week is to re-experience a revolution. For 158 years — barring a four-year period in which the law was temporarily overturned — Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which imported a colonial Victorian ban on sodomy, had loomed over India. It had even been upheld by the Supreme Court as recently as 2013. And then, in one ruling on Wednesday, nearly a fifth of all the gay people in the world were liberated from being deemed criminals by the state

Reds 12 Padres 6 | Blue Jays 3 Indians 2 (F/11) | Cubs Nationals PP | Pirates 5 Marlins 3

Four More Bite The Dust

Six teams have been mathematically eliminated from post season play and three of them are in the AL Central. Chances are the Twins will become the fourth in about a week. The only reason all five AL Central teams can’t be mathematically eliminated is because that is mathematically impossible.

To All The Fans Of Teams With No Hope

  Astros 6 Red Sox 3 | Tigers 5 Cardinals 3 Phillies 4 Mets 3 | Rays 14 Orioles 2

Fall Spring Training Delusional Thinking Thoughts

Since more than half of the teams are using the remaining games to evaluate prospects more than trying to win games, I thought I’d take similar advantage and a get a head start on getting my delusional thinking skills up to snuff for next year.

  • Clayton Kershaw signs with the Twins because he’s always wanted to build a snowman.
  • Too bad for Clayton because climate change brings a snowless winter.
  • Dr. McCoy arrives here in a time traveling accident and is flabbergasted by the horrific impact of ineffectively and non treated delusional mental illness on the victims and everyone close to them and impetuously tells us how to cure it since Spock isn’t there to stop him from corrupting the timeline. He also realizes after reading a post on a certain baseball site that time doesn’t exist.

Lets get wishful

Angels 5 White Sox 2 | Brewers 4 Giants 2 | Twins 10 Royals 6 | Dodgers 4 Rockies 2

Sometimes You Gotta Make Yourself Feel Good

The human family

Diamondbacks 5 Braves 3 | Athletics 8 Rangers 4 | Yankees 4 Mariners 0

4 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces Wishful Weekend Edition

  1. Box scores this season aren’t rightseeming. Increasingly, the team with more hits is the losing team. And teams score a lot more runs with less hits than they used to. All of which is about the increase in homers and pitch velocity and launch angle, blah blah blah. But the Tampa Bay Madonnas had an interesting way of exposing the already overexposed Borioles yesterday: 14 runs on only 10 hits. How? The Orioles pitchers, despite being backed by errorless fielding, issued no less than 11 walks. The Madonnas staff issued none, while striking out 15 Boring Birds. Yikes.


  2. I’ve been buried alive with writing and editing projects for the past couple of weeks and I doubt if that’ll change much through the beginning of November. However, I do have a smidgen of Feesh news. With today’s 5-1 loss to Peetsburgh, the Rainbow Warriors now sit at 56-86. Thirty below. Is this Macondo in September or Fairbanks in January? The Feesh need to win seven more games to avoid 100-loss ignominy. They could ackcherley get away with it, but I wouldn’t take the over.

    Also, Lewis Brinson, who had been riding an eight game hitting streak since returning from the DL and his subsequent rehab games in the minors, took the collar today for the first time in a week and a half and is slipping back towards his Mendoza Line natural habitat. We can look at this two ways. One, after five months of Feesh observers (“fans” is too optimistic a description) saying he ought to be sent down to work on his plate discipline, he got sent down – albeit with help from an injury – and finally came back with some comprehension of how a strike zone works. The other, I’m afraid, is that his past week’s performance was just a statistical blip and he’s returning to his baseline .186-.190-ish average. Time will tell.

    I’ll say this much for the kid: he’s been carrying the weight of Beep Beep’s ego on his back all season with dignity and perseverance. They wouldn’t do for him what they’d’ve done for any other rookie because Jeter was so desperate to show the fans even one of his salary dumps had borne fruit. If Brinson manages to blossom even this late it’ll be terrific for his battered confidence, and more power to him. He might even become good enough to trade by the time he’s eligible for arbitration.


  3. Quick note: it seems the ‘comments’ feature on’s team pages has either imploded again or been nuked for some reason. At first I thought the Feesh front orifice might have taken it down but after checking it looks like all the teams have lost it. They’ve had problems with that feature before. Ah well.


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