He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/6/2018

Scouts: So I made the executive decision to give Prof the day off today.  Partially as a thank you for covering during my mini-vacation, and partially because there’s literally four games to cover, only two of which are of any interest at all.  I will try my best to continue her tradition of Girl Power Friday…with a twist.

Marvel released the first shots of Captain Marvel yesterday.  It’s now 100% official.  Scott Pilgrim is that guy who used to date Captain Marvel, and had to take out Captain America, and then Superman because of it, with an assist from The Punisher.  It’s in Captain Marvel’s honor that we celebrate the music of a great love story.


Padres 6, Reds 2Scouts: Francisco Mejia smoked his first two dongs in his first two at-bats to power the Padres over the Reds.  That’s quite an impression sir.  Hunter Renfroe also hit a homer for Los Padres.  Schott Schebler and Mason Williams went yard for the Reds.


Cubs 6, Nats 4 F/10Scouts: Well, at least the Nats probably won’t be looking at .500 anytime soon.  After doping another one to the Cubs, the Nats are looking up at that magic number.  David Bote doubled to drive in the winning run and then scored the bonus run to put this one to bed.


Spiders 9, Blue Jays 4Scouts: Francisco Lindor went yard twice as part of a 4-5, 4 RBI evening.  The Spiders lowered their magic number to lucky number 7.



Braves 7, D-backs 6 F/10Scouts: Atlanta bounced back from a three game sweep vs the Red Sox to take one in extras against the very hot D-backs.  The Braves bullpen continues to disappoint, blowing another late lead, but were bailed out by a wild pitch that allowed Dansby Swanson to score.


4 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/6/2018

  1. The Tigers begin a homestand against the Cards. If we were better, this could mean paper has to sleep on the couch. Unfortunately, the big news tonight will be who’s in the booth. Man, the Tigers are making all kinds of bad news this year, and it’s not even the players. I love Rod and Mario, but I think Rod will be gone. You can’t tolerate that. But, even though I really like Mario, he’s smooth and bland…and so so white. They need someone to liven things up and C-Mo is not it.

    Paper and I had a conversation last night about broadcasting and we agree that part of the reason the announcers are so bad is that women are largely excluded from booths. The default is a bland homer and an ex player. For a woman to succeed, she would have to be much better than the men, which would raise the performance bar generally. At least expanding the competition would spur new approaches than what we have now. Also, maybe only use broadcasters and not ex players (unless they are Jim Price).


    1. It’s really interesting, because by and large studies have shown most people would most often want to listen to the sound of a woman’s voice over most men. There’s a reason 99% of car GPS devices and personal assistants like Alexia, Cortana, Siri are female. Plus, a woman and a man can bring a different level of chemistry to the booth. And it’s not like woman have some inability to describe play by play or break down strategy. I get wanting an ex player for the experience, and some ex players are really good at that, but it’s not like radio broadcast schools are devoid of women or that women are in-cable of comprehending the sport. It’s just that when they get to sports, everyone turns into Roger Sterling.

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    2. OK, I’d love to see them give Jess Mendoza a try, she’s pretty good already (and she has to put up with A-Roid)! But alternatively, howza bout Julie Foudy, could she make the transition to baseball? She’s got the verbal skills but she might get bored with this slow sport of ours. And could you imagine Doris Burke announcing baseball? That would get the listener’s attention! Or perhaps something softer, like Jennie Finch? Who else’s name can we throw into this expanding hat?


  2. Ok, so Rod & Mario are both done for the season, and new information suggests that the chair at issue was for Rod’ s medical condition. If Mario was messing with an accommodation for Rod, that’s no bueno. I really hate that we have devolved so terribly this year. I expect better Detroit. Sheesh, we’ve already gone to shit without Aretha.


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