She Said (because he’s still on vacation) – Scores and Highlights for 9/4/18

Prof: I’m so, so sorry about the mix-up yesterday. I feel terrible about it. I actually had done my part of the recap, and then forgot that I had to do the whole thing. Oooof. What an embarrassment. Anyway, I hope that I’ve made it up to y’all today with this recap. Leggo.

cap jaws of death

Cardinals 11, Nationals 8 – Much like when I have to talk about M-tt H-rv-y, having to praise St. Louis is likely to break me out in hives. However, a Redbirds win against Washington is good news for my Braves, so I will swallow it. It was what the kids call a “big mood” last night, as Marcell Ozuna hit two homers and Yadi Molina had a grand slam.

Reds 3, Pirates 7 – My small son had two homers last night, but alas. Even the Mighty Scooter could not defeat the swashbuckling boys of Pittsburgh. It was a bases cleaning affair for the Pirates, multiple RBI all around. No one Buc did it alone. Starling Marte had a two run homer of his own in the fourth inning.

Orioles 5, Mariners 3

Rays 4, Blue Jays 0– The Rays’ cast of characters was at it again; a grab bag of pitchers averaged two innings a piece and the winner by default was a fellow named Hunter Wood, from Rogers, Arkansas. I find that interesting because the “starter” (also, by default) was Ryne Stanek, who attended the University of Arkansas. Your friendly neighborhood Prof is an Arkansas native, not unlike Cliff Lee or George Kell, except for absolutely no athletic prowess. Basically most of the damage was done in the seventh inning off the Sea Creatures’ bats, notably Tommy Pham and Matt Duffy.

Royals 3, Spiders 9 – What a difference a day makes. On Monday, the Tragical Land of Cleve was in attendance at the ballpark, looking rust and crusty and all kinds of musty. Tuesday, it was the return of the AL Central leaders in their glory. As on Monday, delicious Francisco Lindor truffle hit a solo homer, but unlike Monday this was not the only score of the night for the Tribe. Mike Clevinger earns the win handily with only one earned run and 10 K for the night.

Padres 0, Diamondbacks 6 – 10 strikeouts and only three hits for Robbie Ray as the Gritty Snakes are now tied with Dodgers for second place and only one game out of first (Rox).

Yankees 5, Athletics 1Voit? More like Volt, am I right?

Tigers 8, White Sox 3 – Oh brother. Lucas Giolito, what happened, man? I remember when you were the number one stud pitcher in the Nats farm system and now… four earned runs in less than two innings in last night’s game. Yikes. Shoutout to Mikey Mahtook who hit a two run homer in the eighth to be the icing on the cake for Detroit.

Cubs 1, Brewers 11 – Milwaukee is gaining ground on the Cubs for the NL Central lead the best way you possibly can – beating them fair and square. Chicago played some sloppy ball. There was a wild pitch from starter Mike Montgomery which lead to a Ryan Braun score; there was an error from Victor Caratini which caused Travis Shaw to score; there was a passed ball which allowed Orlando Arcia to score. Jesus Aguilar was hit by a pitch which caused Domingo Santana to score. That’s four runs gift wrapped for the Brew Crew. The Cubs can’t afford to play like this going into the stretch.

Mets 4, Dodgers 11

Twins 2, Astros 5 – Alex Bregman did not hit a home run, breaking his fun mini streak. Alex Bregman did, however, hit three doubles and drove in two runs. Alex Bregman did it all while being pretty, which is more than I can say about me. Let us all be more like Alex Bregman.

Angels 2, Rangers 4 – Adrian Beltre hit a homer last night. It’s pretty cool to see a guy like Beltre continue to be awesome day in and day out, and every day that he goes out there and plays well we are reminded that one day he’ll probably make the Hall of Fame and we can all say “we watched him when.” On the other side of the coin, Shohei Ohtani hit a homer last night, too. I don’t know what the future holds for this kid, but I commend him on living his dream of pitching and hitting and doing both in a professional fashion.

Giants 2, Rockies 6Coors.

Phillies 9, Marlins 4 – It’s a cutthroat world out here in the NL East, and it’s basically going to be a fight to the death between the Phillies and the Braves. The Braves aren’t doing so hot because they are playing against Goliath (more on that in a moment), but Philadelphia is gutting Feesh and helping their chances. Poor unfortunate soul J.T. Realmuto put up two homers, but the Phillies were on phire. To add insult to injury, Miami pitcher Ben Meyer plunked Rhys Hoskins with the bases loaded to run up the score thanks to an automatic walk.

Red Sox 5, Braves 1 – Goliath won. Boston is now 96-44 and steamrolling everyone in their path.

5 thoughts on “She Said (because he’s still on vacation) – Scores and Highlights for 9/4/18

  1. “a Redbirds win against Washington is good news for my Braves”

    Under ordinary circumstances, the above would be true; however, since the Nats have raised the white flag, Washington’s losses from here on out only impact the Braves if they’re playing the Braves or a team that’s actually involved in a race with the Braves. Seriously, the Nats are starting to hold open auditions for the 2019 team already, so it’s almost like spring training in September.

    To wit…

    Erick Fedde got the start last night, and he had four real good innings (1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th) and one poor one where he gave up all four runs that he’d give up. He’ll be given a few more chances to show he’s worth considering for a rotation spot next year.

    Austen Williams followed up a nice MLB debut on Sunday by yielding three solo HRs, another hit, and a couple of walks in only 2/3 of an inning; the damage was kept to three runs because Jimmy Cordero got out of a bases loaded jam.

    Koda Glover and Matt Grace both threw 1-2-3 innings with two Ks each; it’d be nice to have them as reliable 6th/7th inning guys next year.

    Sammy Solis walked a guy, hit a guy, and gave up two hits, one on a sac bunt attempt where Wilmer Difo didn’t cover first in time, the other a grand slam to Yadier Molina. Solis is clearly broken right now, and may require a change of scenery to get better.

    Despite all the above, the Nats managed to close the gap in the 9th from 11-5 to 11-8 and get the tying run to the plate, but Jordan Hicks slammed the door on that, and now the Nats are 69-70, and their Tragic Number is 16.


    1. Oh yeah, forgot about this little nugget from the 1st inning last night, which may or may not qualify for TOOTBLAN status:


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